Sandisk Media – Huge Deals!!

Amazing deals on Sandisk media that's hard to resist. In fact, the price break brings the super high speed, undoubtably reliable Sandisk media smack down in Transcend price territory. We're talking about 400x on CF and Class 10 on SDHC media. Sandisk media is often counterfeited, so watch out for things that look too good to be true. Over at B&H you'll know you've got the real deal and warranty to back it up.

It might not be incredibly obvious but all you need to do is add at least (2) two of these items into your shopping cart to qualify for the discount. Available in select Compact Flash and SDHC media. Your chance to stock up while it lasts. A very rare deal indeed..

Sandisk 16GB 400x Compact Flash
find-price-button 16GB 60MB/s Extreme CF Media $94.95 buy 2 or more pay $59.99

Sandisk 8GB Compact Flash 400x 60MB
find-price-button 8GB 60MB/s Extreme CF Media $54.95 buy 2 or more pay $37.49

Sandisk 16GB SDHC Class 10
find-price-button 16GB Class 10 Extreme SDHC $46.95 buy 2 or more pay $32.49

Sandisk 8GB Class 10 SDHC Speeds
find-price-button 8GB Class 10 Extreme SDHC $24.95 buy 2 or more pay $19.99

15 thoughts on “Sandisk Media – Huge Deals!!

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  2. I picked up four of those 16 gB SDHC from B&H the day you posted it and today I though I'd pick couple a couple of more, but nope, they're gone.

    Thanks for the tip, dude.

  3. @Apostolos. I have a couple of those Indian matte boxes, they work well for what it's supposed to do... Block out the sun.

    The issue with them are you constantly have to move them on and off your rig when changing lens.

    Here is a video from Darren Levine that could come in handy.

  4. Thanks a lot!
    I was waiting for some kind of deal... just ordered 4x 16GB 60x

    59$ comparing to 120€ where I live... that a bargain. 🙂 I will have to pay taxes but it will still work out much cheaper.

  5. Dan

    Thanks! Got 2 16 GB SD cards! These should work well for higher bitrates on the t2i #magic lantern!

  6. Hey Emm:

    Thanks for the great tip. Just as I was looking to pick up a few Class 10 card that can deal with the higher bit rates of the hacked GH1.

    I had a question on matte boxes, btw. I asked you before and you said Cinevate, which unfortunately are out of my reach at the moment. So, I noticed those Indian Proaim, have matteboxes (metal ones) under $300, and complete rigs, shoulder mount, rail, follow focus and mattebox in the $750-800. I saw some Youtube reviews on them and people seem to think they are of decent quality and build. Any experience with those?

  7. Kyle

    hey Emm thanks for the tweet. been mulling over settling for the transcend, but now this makes a no brainer!

  8. Danny

    Hey, I am skeptical of the 16GB 30MB/s Extreme SDHC cards. According to SanDisk's website, they don't exist. The fastest 16GB "Extreme HD Video" cards they make appear to be 20mb/s. Please tell me if I am wrong.

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