Sandisk Extreme SDXC 64GB Media just $39 RAW on BMPCC

So I ended up ordering some additional SDXC cards during the #BlackFridayDeals. Originally I just wanted some spare cards to use with the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera to shoot ProRes HQ. To my surprise, the SanDisk 64GB Extreme SDXC - UHS-I Memory Card -80MBS/sec, U3 Card is totally capable of RAW on the BMPCC! Granted I have only been able to shoot around for a few minutes, but so far everything looks perfect with absolutely no dropped frames.

Now I was able to grab this card for $39 Dollars on Amazon (now back to $79 seen here), but unfortunately that price is no longer available. Even at B&H this particular card still retails for $75 dollars (seen here).

But lucky for you, Adorama still have this exact card for sale at $39 Dollars. Keep in mind this is the 80MB/s card NOT the 60MB/s card. I'm not sure if they are just a little late to update their prices back, but now is a good time as any if you're looking for a fast Sandisk SDXC card that you can shoot RAW with on your new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. (Find it Here).

sandisk 80MBs raw bmpcc sdxc card
find-price-button Sandisk Extreme SDXC 80MB/s Media

I hate to break it to you guys who just bought the Pocket Cinema Camera, but a 64GB Card with RAW will only get you 13 minutes of video, so you'll really need to stock up on cards for RAW. This is a great deal to do so. For everyone else shooting with a GH4, Sony A7s, or even Canon 5D Mark III that are worried about speed in an SDXC card this is an awesome deal! Grab before the price changes back. I just ordered a few more for myself...

Adorama has brought the price back up, but thanks to some comments, you can still grab this deal from BestBuy via eBay. Normally I wouldn't suggest buying SD cards on eBay as there can be counterfeit items, but Best Buy is a legit retail chain store. Grab the Deal while you can on these Sandisk Cards for just $39 bucks (click here).

find-price-button Sandisk Extreme Gold 80MB/s SDXC Card

20 thoughts on “Sandisk Extreme SDXC 64GB Media just $39 RAW on BMPCC

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan Keeble - I was able to fill up this entire 64GB Sandisk RAW at 24p, and even tested at 25p. No dropped frames. When I switch to 29.997/30p then it starts to detect dropped frames. So my final conclusion, "Can you shoot RAW on this card?" - "YES at 24p and 25p" (which is all I use on this camera).

    If you want to shoot 30p RAW you'll still need the fastest Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC. For any flavor ProRes this card should be able to handle it no issue. I'm uploading a video now on my tests.

  2. slid in on the sale at adorama - got it before it was out of stock, but not fast enough to not be on backorder. I have 2 of the 64gb 95m/s cards so I'm good at the moment. Hope it gets sent out in the next 2 weeks.

    man Emm, you are hell on my wallet this week.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan Keeble - Well I just tried mine 24p indoors for several minutes RAW no dropped frames. Granted I haven't done every test possible, most of the chatter about 80MBs cards was a year ago before at least 3 firmware updates on the BMPCC. Prior to these updates it wouldn't even see any other card - very picky. So more tests to do, but regardless this was a dam good deal on cards that are more than capable of the highest ProRes setting in the BMPCC which I use more than RAW.

    I'll shoot a bit longer and use different framerates to see what I come up. As for my few minutes I did not receive any errors on the BMPCC about dropped frames, and I looked at each DNG filename and saw no drops. Like I said, I'll try to do more with these cards but the few minutes of RAW worked well and wanted to make sure people had a chance to grab the deal on these cards even if it's just for ProRes. Too late now though, everyone bumped their prices back up just hours after this post.

    I don't have my camera on me until tomorrow to test, but check out this comment on a NoFilmSchool article (here) immediately after the latest firmware update that allows formatting in the camera (which is what I did too).

    "I've been testing out RAW with my Pocket for the past month and just shot my first project with it and I love it. Of course I used the 95MB/s SanDisk card because that's the only one that really works. I tried using the 80MB/s card and when in RAW mode it didn't even show that there was a card.
    But after updating and using the in camera HFS+ format, the 80MB/s cards do seem to record RAW without dropping frames. I haven't done a lot of shooting with it yet to really test it out, but it does seem that the in camera formatting with HFS+ is the way to go to maximize the power of your SD cards. This could really save people a lot of money.
    October 11, 2014
    Reply Share Julian FarasEditor, Cinematographer, Director"

    Like I said, i'll do more testing when I get the chance but i'm curious if the latest update just weeks ago made anything different.

  4. Derek

    I have a Nikon D5200 - will this benefit any with recording just 1080p at 24p ? I currently have a 32GB extreme @ 45 mb/s

  5. Sam

    I just bought two 32GB versions of this card on Black Friday, arrived 2 days ago, hadn't had chance to test them, but now I'm curious. They're only 32GB, so can't tell you if it drops after like 10 minutes, but I imagine at that point it's probably a safe bet anyways.

    Recording at 23.98fps on firmware 1.9.9, I was able to fill my card without dropped frames it seems! And got far more than the supposed 6 minutes of raw, got around 11 minutes.

  6. VFM

    @Jacob Thanks! Just ordered one so we'll see if the BMPCC likes it or not. Been eyeing the metabones and really should get that one. What about any of the photodiox ones?

  7. Jacob

    @VFM If you want a super awesome one, the metabones one is great, it's pricey but worth it if you have the money (660) there are also dumb adapters where you can't control apeture. I tried a 20 dollar one and it was too cheap, but found a good one for around 35.

  8. Jacob

    On the BMPCC since it's compressed raw the amount of record time will vary on what you are shooting.
    It says 13 minutes of record time, but I usually average around 25.

  9. VFM

    ARG! Sorry, couldn't add to cart
    Item - IDSSD64GA46 exceeded the warehouse quantity limit!

    I just got the BMPCC over the weekend in the DVE sale! Oh well. What are some good EF to MFT adaptors?

  10. krys

    60MB/s card version is still ok for just a7s right? i already ordered some of the 60's on black friday X_X

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