50%-60% OFF Samsung PRO or LEXAR SDXC microSDXC Media Deals

Originally I had all types of media issues in my GoPro HERO4 until I upgraded to these Samsung PRO media cards. They are definitely fast, and i've been using the Samsung 64GB microSDXC in my HERO4 for a few weeks in every framerate and resolution - no issues.

These fast cards are also offered in full size SDHC and SDXC with Up to 90MB/s read speed, 80MB/s write speed. Currently a Black Friday Deal cuts these PRO cards down about 50% OFF via Amazon which ENDS TODAY (find details here).

samsung pro micro sdxcsamsung pro media cards
find-price-button Samsung PRO SDXC and micro SDXC 64GB / 32GB / 16GB

If you're into the Lexar Brand Name, there is up to 60% OFF normal retail price on various CF, SDXC, and Flash Media found over at B&H (click here).

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5 thoughts on “50%-60% OFF Samsung PRO or LEXAR SDXC microSDXC Media Deals

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Buffaluffasaurus - The Pocket Cinema Camera has seen several firmware upgrades in the last few months and handles most cards pretty well now in ProRes. I use different cards for ProRes on my BMPCC cameras. If you are shooting RAW you probably want to stick with the Sandisk brand.

  2. Buffaluffasaurus

    Will either of these cards work effectively in the Blackmagic Pocket Camera? I've heard conflicting reports about every brand except for SanDisk, but I'd rather avoid paying the premium for those cards.

  3. No doubt, this is fantastic buy and a great card. I bought one of these for my first Hero4 Black because my new Lexar card (same speed rating) was giving me Error messages. I returned the Lexar and have had no issues with the Samsung.

    However, when I got my second Hero4, I decided to just try popping in one of my SanDisk Ultra SDXC cards, and to my surprise, NO card errors. Have been using them now without any issues.

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