Ruige TL-480HDB HDMI Monitor

Vimeo member Film Cyfrowy shows off some of the features from a Ruige TL-480HDB. The TL-480 comes in a few different options and all with a screen size of only 4.8". The video shows off size, menu options, focus peaking, and display. The optional Zoom remote trigger allows the monitor to zoom in even if the camera is in record mode. With HDMI out you are able pass video through the Ruige to another monitor. There are different models varying in options and prices (click here).

Ruige TL-480HDB
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7 thoughts on “Ruige TL-480HDB HDMI Monitor

  1. Hi

    Can you do the hdmi-dvi trick to remove the black blink when you press record? Anyone know if this is possible with any Ruige camera?


  2. Just talked to a distributer in Miami. The 4.8" has a zoom feature that can be moved around the frame. The 5.0" needs the optional trigger to perform this function, and then it only magnifies the center.

  3. sphipps

    @emm i have the smallhd dp4 and i use it with the gh2, the problem im having is the mini hdmi connection of the gh2 is consumer crap. and everytime you bump it it disrupts the signal to the monitor. not that big a deal with monitoring bt if the day comes where we can record hdmi out uncompressed this will be a big deal. do you know any solution to the problem? I d prefer not to carry around a big cage. do they make locking hmdi mini cables?

  4. Hey Emm,
    Is there significatnt differences between this and the 5 inch RUIGE TL-S500HD you posted few weeks ago? (other than the slightly smaller size)
    It's $100+ more and doesn't have the extras added in the bundle...

  5. blackroom

    that's cool but i'm wondering if there's any hint of an affordable EVF unit is coming out. patiently waiting for the knock-offs.

  6. not sure why I'd ever choose this over the SmallHD EVF. The featured monitor is more expensive than the DP4-EVF and the build seems a lot less quality than the small.

    I'm trying to decide on a new external monitor and although I like the idea of the zoom feature, I'm not sure about the build.


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