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You've probably heard this tip a few times, but it's another great post for those who might be looking into an inexpensive travel bag for lightstands, tripods, jibs / cranes, or anything else that has some length to it [Thanks svem]. I'm currently using Heavy Duty Speaker Stand Bags (found here) for my equipment, but they don't come with rollers.

If you're looking for an inexpensive long bag with rollers to make things easier on your back, check out the Golf Travel Roller bags that are about 50" in length and have enough room for several tripods, monopods, lightstands, or a folding jib, and an extra pair of shoes (for golf).

Rolling Travel Golf Bag
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12 thoughts on “Rolling Golf Travel Bags – DIY Gear Bag

  1. Travelling to NorCal for a wedding shoot soon...

    How about snowboard bags - Southwest Airlines allow 2 checked in luggages up to 62 inches. If you get a snowboard bag 62 inches or under should be free for travel. Any thoughts Emm?

  2. Josh

    Also, Drum gear/hardware bags work very well too. Heaps of companies make them, in various different shapes. Anything from cheaper plain bags, to molded plastic cases.

  3. I have been using a rolling golf bag for 12 years, its been great but be sure and look at several because some of the cheaper ones will fall apart, you can add a little bit of foam ( like the camping pad foam) around the sides when you use it for flight..

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @saul - Very true about oversized bags and flying. I think some of us (like myself) just use it to haul equipment on to a local set.

  5. saul

    Just be aware that I did this to help protect my gear when flying and they considered it an oversized bag which is $200 to check each way. So if you think you're saving money and being economical by fitting all your tripods and stands in one bag, it can bite you back.

  6. one more tip, looks like the cheap ones are all unpadded or partially padded.
    so pick up a yoga/camping mat from the local dollar store/pound shop for some cheap DIY padding. XD

  7. found them super cheap in the uk. £15 new, shipped. 😀
    Thanks again! Your blog is the best. 😀

    if you get one that only opens from the top it's gonna be a bitch to work with!
    I have a lighting bag this size that only has a top opening and it's terrible!
    I can't even describe how horrible it is to work with! ;d

    I've been looking for something like this for AGES!
    Something for lighting gear, slider etc. I hate carrying six smaller bags!

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