Rode Vs. Rode – VideoMic + VideoMic Pro

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There's been plenty of discussion and audio tests with the Rode VideoMic vs. the Rode VideoMic 'Pro', so here i'm just showing the size difference between what I would normally be carrying around to the new smaller form factor of the Rode VideoMic Pro - Compact Shotgun Microphone. Huge difference in size, weight, and build quality make it all worth the price difference. I'm not sure where I put my OEM Foam cover for the regular VideoMic, so i'm showing my Aftermarket MiCover Dead Cat.

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Sure there's a bit of a price difference, but at least you get a FREE Rode Dead Cat with the new Rode VideoMic Pro (with online registration) shaving the difference down another $40.00 dollars. Otherwise with the normal VideoMic you would need to purchase this optional Dead Cat: The build on the shock mount is a nice touch over the other design in the lower end VideoMic. Aside from design, the switches are much more accessible (finally usable) and comes with the new +20db feature which should work well with DSLR's that have manual audio level controls.

find-price-buttonRode VideoMic - Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone

find-price-buttonRode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone + Free Dead Cat Windscreen w/ Registration

17 thoughts on “Rode Vs. Rode – VideoMic + VideoMic Pro

  1. Randy

    Thanks for the information, Emm. I'll also be looking at DIY. I did a search on cheesycam, my premiere source for DIY, but nothing came up. You've never tackled the project? I'm thinking about some type of fur that I could buy and sew myself. Just not sure the type of fur to buy.

  2. Randy

    It doesn't look like it, as the new box doesn't show it on the cover. And there's nothing inside the box that talks about it as well. I looked on Rode's website and they don't list a free deadcat with the pro version. So it looks like the offer is over. Perhaps I'll register it and see what happens, or even send Rode an email. It would be nice to get one for free.

    I had the old version of the VideoMic (and deadcat) but sold it because the levels weren't hot enough for use with my T2i. So I can't use my old deadcat. And it would have been too big anyway. I've been looking at those Micover or Rycote ones with the foam and fur integrated and was thinking it might perform better anyway. But also thought about making a cheap one myself.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Randy - Are you sure you don't just register for it? They never shipped with the microphone.

  4. Randy

    I bought the new Rode VideoMic Pro but they no longer come with the free deadcat. Most places want $40 for it. Any other option out there? Like cheaper or DIY?

  5. I used the VideoMic Pro yesterday for a promotional shoot/PSA at a food pantry. I scrambled to get everything set up and didn't properly test my audio (haven't had a chance to read the manual), but had everything "switched to the right" on the mic (+20dB gain) and set the camera's audio to auto settings. My sound was pretty distorted due to the gain, so I'm now having to record some voiceovers, but it's completely my fault. I hope to spend some time this weekend figuring out how to adjust to various settings with this little guy, but overall I'm pleased with the design and build. I would agree with Karl that the battery cover is difficult to open and close, but besides that I'm just waiting for my DeadCat to arrive!

  6. I was shocked at the sound pickup from using this to cover a funeral at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery - I had the mic on full gain (all switches to the right) and the band was probably 400 feet away and the sound was too bright (I could have dropped gain back to zero). Even the bugler playing Taps sounded like he had been miked up and he was 150 feet away. Just now, I finished a short on the sounds of spring training. Used a loupe for the rear LCD viewfinder, mounted a 400mm 2.8 w/ a 1.7x converter on a monopod, and cranked the shotgun up to full gain again and you could hear the players and manager on the mound while I was on the bench.

    Could be better but the build quality blows a little: the wire is flimsy (not even coiled, seems like its 24 gauge wire) and the microphone can seldom times flop off the rubber cradle. The wiring could and SHOULD be much better. And the door for the 9v battery is in a bad position, facing front and in the rear portion of the microphone. It's hard to open and close it. I sure hope version two is better build but the sound quality truly rocks.

    The on/off switch and gain switch also could be better at finding the position.

    I work for a daily Baltimore newspaper gathering short clips for our website and we are concerned about the wire but still, this is a terrific unit to gather natural sound with a DSLR (I use the Nikon D3S and sometimes D7000). The build is better for the DSLR's rather than the VideoMic, cos the VMP mount allows the rear of the mic to sit flush at the back of the SLR; the original mic mount makes the rear of the mic stick past the rear of DSLR's.

  7. I love my VMP i have used it on lots of shoots and just the 20db setting when shooting on a 60d is worth the money, its perfect for audio in a quite place where any hiss is noticeable. Rode have done an amazing job using the VMP Preamp on a 60d lets you set the level so low on the 60d that you get very close to perfect sound with the VMP.

    I have also used it outside next to main roads with the presenter a good 15ft away from the mic and still got useable audio and when the presenter is about 6-8ft from the camera the audio is spot on.

    i can not recommend this mic enough.

    Alex McCranor

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @the_wallbanger - I could see it could have many inconsistencies. Especially when things get a bit quiet like a long enough pause in between a sentence or something.

  9. the_wallbanger

    @Emm - Do the mic's adjustable gain settings have any advantage when paired up with the 7D's AGC? Or does the 7D continue to overcompensate for the levels?

  10. I bought an old VideoMic really recently. I definitely would have held out if I knew this was coming.
    One thing that I am really attracted to about the Pro is not just that it is smaller but that it doesn't appear to stick out *behind* the camera. I am primarily a photographer, and I do a lot of assignments where I am shooting stills and video. The old VideoMic obstructs access to the viewfinder, which is a huge pain to me.

  11. Jerry

    Hello Emm,
    I´m thinking about ordering the VMP. Do you think Rode will ship the "dead cat" to another country for free? Or does this just apply inside the US?

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @kai - There was a bunch of audio tests posted on here a few weeks ago. The new VideoMic Pro provides the same great quality with many new advantages in design.

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