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One of the latest microphones released from Rode has touched down in the studio today. This is the Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro, and i'm trying to find the time to test this bad boy out.

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Product Overview
The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro builds on the success of the Rode VideoMic Pro & Stereo VideoMic with improved stereo reproduction, sound quality and ergonomic design. The Stereo VideoMic's capsule feature a matched pair of 1/2" cardioid condenser capsules, mounted in a coincident X/Y position for accurate stereo imagery and detail. The microphone's small, ergonomic footprint features an integrated shock mounting system for superior isolation from vibration and mechanical noise. The multi-strand output cable is terminated with a 1/8" (3.5mm) output connector and delivers significantly lower noise transference than traditional audio cable.

find-price-button Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

The included shoe mount features an integrated shockmount system for even further protection against handling noise. The Stereo VideoMic features a high pass filter switch at 75Hz for minimizing low frequency noise, and a -10dB Pad for maximizing headroom for capturing loud signals without distortion. The +20dB level boost switch is specifically designed to provide a higher quality signal with DSLR cameras. When activated, camera preamp level is reduced, resulting in a lower noise floor and much clearer recording.

Broadcast recording quality on-camera microphone
Matched pair 1/2" condenser capsules in XY stereo configuration
Ultra lightweight, compact form factor
Two step High Pass Filter (flat, 75Hz)
Three position level control (-10dB, 0, +20dB)
9V battery powered - over 100 hours use (alkaline)
Integrated shock mounting
Integrated foam windscreen
3.5mm stereo mini-jack output
Billeted metal camera shoe mount with 3/8" thread for easy boompole mounting

find-price-button Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

9 thoughts on “Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Mein Tegernsee - Not yet, just got it yesterday and it's raining hard in the Bay Area. No time to play outside.

  2. @EMM - That's a good point.

    I'm sure it's a whole lot lighter to mount above a DSLR than an H4N is too. I'm so much more conscious of weight now that I'm packing a NEX. My 7D is getting the cold shoulder more and more just so I don't have to carry it.

    If only JuicedLink could make a DS214 that's the size of a snickers bar!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @DaveT - Very true. The H1 and H4n stereo mics are really good. The benefit to this might be for those who don't want to sync audio in post and can be attached to a basic boom pole with it's own shock mount.

  4. I'll be curious to see how you like it Emm. I've never felt the need to buy a stereo mic since both my H1 and H4N have built in stereo mics already.

    A comparison I'd like to see (or is it hear?) is the H1 by itself vs the H1 with this new Rode attached to it.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - Yeah it's not for picking up audio from a subject, but outdoors ambient sounds (landscape, b-roll) sound better from a stereo mic. Would be good for artsy type montage videos.

  6. Tony

    better yell, "Quiet on the set!" before recording. I'm not crazy about x/y cardioid mics...especially with significant side and background noise/chatter etc. Cant wait to hear your review, Emm-spector Gadget. =)

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