Rode invisiLav Discreet Lavalier Mounting System

Monday February 3rd 2014, Sydney Australia – Australian pro-audio manufacturer RØDE Microphones has announced the invisiLav mount, designed to aid in the discreet concealment of lavalier microphones under clothing. The invisiLav’s soft silicone construction absorbs noise and vibration, while a wide, flat profile provides coverage from the elements and allows for versatile mounting options.

Primarily for use with the company’s Lavalier and smartLav microphones, the invisiLav will support any lavalier-style microphone with a capsule head up to 5mm in diameter. It features two mounting points for scenarios where a redundant mic is required, as well as cable management clips on the side.

Available in either a pack of three pieces or a bulk pack of ten pieces (found here), the invisiLav comes with pre-cut, skin-safe adhesive (ISO 10993) that can be used to mount the invisiLav to either the body or to fabric. The invisiLav itself is also made from a medical-grade skin-safe material (USP® Class VI/Ph. Eur/ISO 10993-1), so it can be mounted on the body without fear of irritation.

Product Highlights
For Concealing Lavalier Mics
Aborbs Noise & Vibration
2 Mounting Points for Redundant Miking
Made of Skin-Safe Material
Includes Skin-Safe Adhesive

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9 thoughts on “Rode invisiLav Discreet Lavalier Mounting System

  1. Dave

    Chris - Regarding the fit of the Sennheiser lav mics, does inserting the mic only part way into the Invislav holder restrict the audio from reaching the capsule?

  2. Hey Pete and Alex, they DO WORK with the Sennheiser mics, just bought a set and I'm happy to say it works 🙂

    Made a quick video to show you (about half way through): httpss://

  3. Just checked out the specs and looks like my sony ECM77s aren't going to fit either.. I think it's the Rycotes for me too.

  4. I checked out the Rycotes linked to. My dealer advises me that they are not a good choice with the Sennheiser ME2 lavs which I use as these lavs are relatively large. Oh well :- (


  5. Alex

    Im wondering if these will work with the Sennheiser lavs. Would be a great dual holder but I don't want to have to buy Rode lav mics as well.

  6. Looks like a game changer. I shall have to give it a try. The video gives me the impression that handling noise produced by clothing - such as the t-shirt worn by the presenter - could be a thing of the past. And setup time very quick.

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