Ritz Camera Files Chapter 11


Sad to hear all the rumors of large Photo corporations filing or close to filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and now Ritz Camera is on the list. Kodak has also been getting quite a bit of attention with the stock price falling, but they have assured people they are not ready to file. Short piece of press quote regarding Ritz:

"On August 19, 2011, Ritz Interactive, Inc. filed a petition with the court to avail itself of the protections and provisions provided by Chapter 11"

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  1. Very true about Kodak. I believe it was them that pioneered the initial wave of Digital Cameras... now where are they today?

    I had 2 fujis in my career as well, and they've always been rock solid. We had a service centre in town and they were one of some of the nicest folk to deal with as well.

  2. @ Giulio,
    I don't wish them any down falls but I did hope the owners are getting a taste of their own medicine... But as the saying goes the rich get richer and the poor get f*cked... They will be safe with a bunch of millions left to spare and perhaps open another money pit to take more money from the poor all over again.

    I am looking forward to see what Fuji will drop around. I think they are safe in the point and shoot category, I don't see them making a big dent on the Canon and Nikon hold any time soon. Unless they can come up with a 4K or full frame camera at a blow away price.

  3. @Emm, It sure was clean.
    My Sister still has one and uses it all the time for hobby shots, Straight out the camera no need to saturate in post, the best color rendition of any Digital Camera hands down, a lot with nay say but I beg to be proved other wise.

    Better mega pixles for sure but this is a what 12 year old camera now?

    Look at this quality!

    Just looking back wow it was called a 3 MEGA PIXEL SUPER CCD?!?! hahaha! how times have changed $3500!!! that's a brand new 5DM2 with a lens now a days.


  4. Hey fellas if you have not seen the new Fuji X series you should they are amazing. Also today Fuji announced a new mirror less pro system to be revealed in January.

    As far as Ritz goes I'm happy to see them go. David Ritz is a greedy SOB. I worked for Ritz in the late 90's as a store manager. My store made it to #13 in the company, grossing over a million dollars a year and I still got paid less then a teacher. When I asked for a raise I got the answer "if you want to make more sell more" but what was worse was when Wolf was purchased by Ritz (actually the owners are related) Wolf employees got their pay cut almost in half.

    Fuji is hurting because Ritz is hurting. Ritz was Fuji's #2 customer behind Walmart.

    Ritz could have sold more cameras at lower prices, hired better employees and offered competitive wages but they didn't and now they pay the price. Look at B&H they do it and so do other companies but its another case of greed catching up here.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - I really loved my honeycomb SuperCCD when I owned the S1 Pro. They claimed double the megapixels by interpolation, but it was clean.

  6. I agree with Mike Chenoweth.
    Ritz and Wolf cameras are way under-trained, super inflated prices and full of loop holes on false advertising. Sorry to see how Kodak has gone the way of Babylon. Kodak and Polaroid should have been the kings of the digital age but didn't take advantage of it. I see Fuji is going the same route they have already stopped production of 8 film stocks in a year a half.

    They need to get back in the digital game, Fujis have had the best color reproduction of any sensor ever made but never put it to good use.

    They used to have the best digital cameras and just became used to being the best and slept while others made better affordable gear.

  7. Mike Chenoweth

    I'm never grateful for any business having to close it's doors, unless it's doing stuff it shouldn't do, but here locally in Utah, Ritz has always been the overpriced and under-trained staff solution for photography. I'm surprised they've stayed in business as long as they have.

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