Reimagine Movement – DJI Website Teaser

DJI is teasing another new announcement for October 9th. The phrase 'Reimagine Movement' is added to a new banner on their homepage. My best guess is that they may finally be releasing a handheld system to operate the X3 Gimbal Camera (from Inspire1) off the quadcopter. It's something they've been teasing for a while, and the catch phrase sounds fitting.

Now that they have also announced the X5 and X5R mirrorless camera gimbals (capable of 4K RAW), a handheld stabilizer to use these cameras off of the Inspire1 would be even more fitting and adding more bang to your buck. Anyone have any other better guesses? Since Beijing is about 15 hours ahead of USA, we should see an update on the site in just a few hours (after this post). Click through to the DJI website to see more.

Dji Banner Reimagine Movement

One thought on “Reimagine Movement – DJI Website Teaser

  1. Gunnar Inge

    I think maybe it will be a "MIMIC" type to use on the Ronin, Ronin-M, Z15 series and X5/X5R. That would be the right step since FreeFly had great susess on the way of controlling a gimbal.

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