Redrock Micro RetroFlex Cage LCD ViewFinder for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Although there were many new cameras showcased at NAB 2014, I still think the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera stands strong capable of shooting RAW video direct to SD Cards for under $1K. A camera I feel i'll still be working with quite a bit this year. It was especially great to see Redrock Micro alleviate some of the ergonomic hurdles with their new RetroFlex LCD ViewFinder + Cage + RunStop Video Remote Handle.

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With the optional top shoe clamp, you can add 15mm rails. With the optional HDMI lock added to the cage you can prevent accidental disconnections or damage to ports on the BMPCC.

Redrock Micro shoe clamp 15mm rails  Redrock RetroFlex HDMI Clamp

This kit is definitely at the top of my list once it becomes available. So far the RetroFlex Rig is the only BMPCC cage on the market with seamless integration with an LCD Viewfinder (something I feel is a necessity with the BMPCC). If Redrock Micro finds a way to port this retro stylish viewfinder + cage + handle kit over to other camera bodies (like GH4 / Sony A7), this could be an entirely new line for them.

More information about the Redrock Micro RetroFlex can be found at the website

Redrock Micro RetroFlex Rig LCD Viewfinder Cage BlackMagic Pocket Cinema BMPCC

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12 thoughts on “Redrock Micro RetroFlex Cage LCD ViewFinder for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

  1. GHDM

    @emm Agree on all fronts with you there. I just got my BMPCC and used it on a gig and it seemed like focus peaking was spot on. When I got home it was tad bit soft and I realized I had to use an EVF when I shot with it(using a Sigma 18-35 with SB) because of shallow DOF with my setup. It still sharpened up decently and I'm just glad the content was for web and not for screen. Love this little beast though. So fun and organic.

  2. Jim

    They should have integrated a battery pack in the grip handle, probably fit 2 battery's in the grip and with 1 in camera would have been awesome.

  3. Archie

    Thanks Emm. Looks like time to get the Honu cage, I also bought the GB-1 cage so time to but the GB-T handle too.
    Photographyandcinema has just changed :O looks like I need to spend my next weekend going through. I also need a LCDVF but I doubt there will be one size fits all (T4i, 5DmIII, GH3).
    And saw the video, the Apurtue DEC seems to be 1k$ so I hope they make a cheap iris control only version for folks like me.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Archie - The Fhugen cage will work with the GH4 (tested one at NAB). The Aputure adapter is a must have when working with Canon EF lenses to adjust AV. The Lens Turbo can still be used with other manual lenses such as Nikon. You may end up with both.

  5. Archie

    Thanks @Emm.
    Thanks for also saying you love the image. I bought the 5D last September and lately the internet is so full of - of the codec is bad, its muddy. But I just love the image. As you suggested (if you remember) that full frame has a totally different aesthetic.

    And THANKS for pointing out the Aperture adapter, looks godsend. Any idea on the price? I just looked at the Lens Turbo review and was wondering if I should buy it or should I wait for the Aperture?

    Another q, any idea if Fhugen cage will fit GH4 (though I doubt I will buy it, am content with my GH3).

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @GHDM - I agree the rear LCD on the BMPCC sucks big time, but I don't use it for anything more than framing a shot. The footage is shot in RAW which you'll change some exposure and color in post, so I don't try to judge color on the lcd. The image on the lcd isn't sharp, but it has a focus peaking option to help figure out what's in focus when you're using the smaller lenses.

    Of course if you're using lenses with a very shallow depth of field, you would be better off using an external HDMI monitor for this. For run-gun situations, I find an LCD view finder with Focus Peaking is good enough to work with.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Archie - Honestly I still like the look that comes out of a Canon 5D Mark III over the GH3. The 5DM3 is a first choice camera for many client projects, but I use the smaller cameras (GH3) for different reasons.

    As far as the GH3 cameras go, i've used them for over a several event coverage trips in the last year. When I travel, I like the small form factor and the compact size of the 12-35mm lenses with OIS (equiv 24-70mm). These last NAB videos were also shot on two GH3 cameras. It paid for itself many times over, and i'm glad I can continue to use most of the lenses and accessories with the next GH4 - not to mention all the lenses work with the BMPCC.

    For the BMPCC camera, I choose this when working mostly outdoors or whenever I have plenty of light. It's great to have more control over exposure, highlights, and shadows in post, but I don't think it's the best choice with low lighting. So these cameras I only use sparingly especially because working with RAW takes up more time and hard drive space.

    If you saw the new adapter from Aputure, you will be able to use Canon EF lenses with M43 mounts or Sony NEX mounts. If you're on the fence about shooting mirrorless, this new adapter should make this transition much easier.

  8. GHDM

    @Vladbox. The EVF is horrible and the reason I wouldn't buy this piece of gear. It's not sharp with very bad color. Easily the worst lcd I've used esecially when compared to Canon, Panasonic or even Sony on board LCD screens.

  9. Archie

    Hi Emm,

    How are you doing? I have 2 questions.

    1. Any idea if they launching some combo with the EF-MFT live adapter?

    2. I remember your last post months back. You said you have several BMPC and GH3. Several 🙂 What do you do? I want to see your work.

    I have been a long time follower and have looked at this sit for guidance. I have 4 cameras till date T2i, T4i, GH3 (for which I am waiting for a sale on the Fugen Cage;) and 5DMkIII. I am so confused if I should invest in GH3 lenses.

    I have invested in following EF lenses:
    Canon EF: 50mm 1.4, 40mm 2.8, 16-35mmL, 70-200mmL
    Canon EF-S: 18-55, 55-250 kit
    Tamron EF: 24-70 2.8 VC
    Rokinon EF: Fisheye, T&S, 3 Fast Primes (you know:)
    MFT: Panasonic 45-175 (& Olympus 15mm joke lens)

    I am usually happy using a dead adapter and Rokinon lenses but sometimes I want to use something with electronic control and autofocus. I can only use 45-175 in exteriors and daylight.

    For me I can not buy more than 1-2 lenses any more as I need to first start earn enough to justify the debt.
    I am confused if I should get say a Panasonic 15mm1.7 or 12-35mm2.8 OR I should get the LiveLens Adapter.
    Can you do autofocus with the adapter?

    I am also tempted to but the BMPC which would increase my MFT lens requirements. But as of now feel I can use the ML Hack on my 5D for RAW recording. (Confused if I should get a Phantom2 instead because it just adds a new dynamic to production, but scared they will fly away)

    Would appreciate a response as I am in a day job and about to quit in few months (as I have started getting some paid work and have got a good response).

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Vladbox - Most name brand HDMI EVFs will work on the SmallHD, Zacuto, Cineroid, Alphatron, etc. I would just be weary of the very inexpensive ones.

  11. Vladbox

    What are the EVF's that would run with the BMPCC? I understand that the LCD is not as sharp, however I would ask is it as sharp as a Canon 5D lcd?


  12. kennymc.c

    Does the loupe have a built-in adjustable diopter or is it working with extra glasses like the Zacuto Pocket Z-Finder?

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