Record Backup Audio Tracks with the ALZO 3.5 Female to XLR Stereo Adapter Cord

Having come back from a recent project where I needed to place Lav microphones on three subjects, it's always a good idea that you have some type of backup plan. Here's an audio tip I thought i'd share using the new Alzo 3.5 mini stereo to XLR adapter.

The Alzo 3.5 Mini Phone Female to XLR Stereo Adapter Cord is simply advertised as a way to connect a basic stereo microphone into a camera that offers dual XLR mic inputs. One important feature I think they missed in their product description is the ability to use the cable for backup audio recordings. By splitting your signal into separate tracks you can record one at a normal level and one at a lower level in case your original audio becomes distorted from peaking (clipping).

So the next time you place a microphone to a subject, think about making sure you have a backup audio in place. I highly recommend you consider this tip in your future audio setups. You can find this Alzo Stereo to XLR Y Cable (click here)

alzo stereo to xlr cable splitter adapter microphone audio backup
find-price-button ALZO 3.5 Mini Phone Female to XLR Stereo Adapter Cord

It's a good idea to always carry a few of these cables in your audio kit, and if you're working with XLR body packs or microphones, there are also XLR splitters available (found here).
XLR Audio splitter backup audio recording
find-price-button XLR Female To Dual XLR Male Y Cable

9 thoughts on “Record Backup Audio Tracks with the ALZO 3.5 Female to XLR Stereo Adapter Cord

  1. Arno

    nice tip, however id solder the seenheiser jack directly on the 2 xlr's.
    way too many jack connectors in this setup

  2. Rob S.

    So this cable is splitting a 1/8" stereo track into two XLR stereo tracks? Or four total mono tracks? And one XLR stereo track is padded down some how? Or are you just lowering the gain on one track?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @ElBurke - If your mic requires Phantom power it would be the same result splitting the audio. If your mic does not require Phantom power, you should leave it off.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Moe - The DR-60D has a backup audio track also, but you have a limited amount of inputs. So if you have to mic up three people, then the DR-60D may not work with this tip.

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