Ready To Run 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – CAME 6000 First Run Video Samples

The new CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer does very well to keep a camera's horizon level. It's dead quiet, and easy to balance small DSLR sized cameras. The brushless motors are covered, the wiring is run internally to the Carbon tubes, battery is covered, and control board is covered. Aesthetically this system looks simple, and is simple to use. For the price, it's certainly not the cheapest when you look at DIY kits, but for some people the RTR (ready to run) convenience is a plus. The biggest downfall is the lack of side handles.

Brushless Motor Gimbal CAME 6000 CheeyscamCame 6000 2 Axis Stabilizer Gimbal DSLR Video
find-price-button CAME 6000 2-Axis Active Gimbal Stabilizer

Only a few hours after receiving the unit from, I was already modifying a set of side handles. Eventually my plan is to create a solid metal 90 degree clamp to add a 15mm rail (as seen below).
CAME 6000 15mm Clamp Side Handle Adapter CheesycamCheesycam DIY handles Gimbal Stabilizer
15mm Rail Adapter Concept -

Until then, i'm using a simple 3/8" conduit clamp attached to a single 15mm rail clamp with a 1/4-20 thread (seen here). A small bolt runs through with a series of lock washers to prevent it from coming loose. Using a 15mm rail opens up new options for adding other industry standard accessories. Additionally i'm hiding the top 1/4" bolt by mounting a mini ball head for a monitor. Not too shabby for the time being..

Cheesycam Axis Gimbal DIY Stabilizer

After configuring the side handles, we took the CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal out for a walk with a Panasonic GH3 mounted. [ Note: The video below contains some very boring 5 minute walking material. ]. It's easy for companies to pick out only the best footage of their products in use, so in this video we decided to show UNCUT FOOTAGE and the BTS from this sample.

If you manage to make it through the boring part, you'll see transitions from normal shots, to low angle (doggy cam) footage, and even doing some (rookie) hand offs to another operator as the Gimbal becomes too heavy to manage after a few minutes. Simple moves, but almost impossible to perform with your average stabilizer a.k.a steadicam type device.

Although our technique, skill, and experience with gimbals is far from perfect, this modified CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal for the most part did it's job to keep the horizon level. Keep in mind in this example we're continuously walking all in one take - something that may not be too common in your production. Typically we're just looking for an effective way to stabilize hand held video when working off of a tripod, and I think this tool does very well in that sense. In worst case scenarios, there's also the option of adding post image stabilization which will I think will be more effective when shooting 4K video > 1080p (i.e. cropping, leveling horizons, etc.)

I'm a fan of working with smaller tools whenever possible, so I also like how compact this system is. It folds down with a low profile, and we have even managed to fit it into one our cheap hard cases (found here), with room to spare if I wanted to throw in the HDMI monitor, and more.

gimbal hard caseaxis gimbal stabilizer casecheap case cheesycam

Here's an old video for reference on how I go about balancing these gimbals (click here). I do believe that if CAME-TV wants to sell more of this particular stabilizer, they should really look into adding side handles, but until then it's not too difficult to DIY your own. You can find the CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal over at their website or also found via eBay (click here).

2 Axis Stabilizer Gimbal Brushess MotorBattery Gimbal Stabilizer ControllerCAME Gimbal Stabilizer
find-price-button CAME 6000 2-Axis Active Gimbal Stabilizer

57 thoughts on “Ready To Run 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – CAME 6000 First Run Video Samples

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark Korven - Hard to know when this is exactly happening for you, but try not to exceed changing the angle of the motors too far. It's not going to work well when you're holding the handles at a large degree angle, try to keep the handles in the natural position. If it still twitching try adding more weight and rebalance. My CAME 6000 does not like my lightweight BMPCC setup, unless I make it heavier then it doesn't twitch.

  2. Hi Emm

    I have been trying out the Came 6000 over the last day using a canon 7D and a canon L series 18-35mm lens. It's basically good, except for some slight twitching that happens sporadically when the gimbal is correcting. Unfortunately it ruins the smooth glow, and renders it useless for me. As far as I can tell I have the camery balanced fairly well.

    Any suggestions before I return it?

    Thanks Emm


  3. What specs are the battery? I would like to get spare and/or bigger batteries. I have no RC experience and there a dozens and dozens of different RC battery types. The battery connect type for this may be JST B2 connector. I am completely unsire what 1c 5c 20c etc mean - is that the size of the battery or cell count? I'm not sure and don't wanna have to buy dozens of different battery types to figure it out via trial-and-error.

    Build quality on the unit in general is pretty good, but came w/ ZERO documentation.

    Thank You

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Kaito - You have to build the CAME 7000 and program the software yourself for calibration. That could add up to many hours and for some a huge learning curve.

  5. Kaito

    What exactly is the difference between the 6000 and 7000? The 7000 has 3-axis stabilization and is cheaper too. I don't see how this is possible?

  6. Thank you Emm. Very helpful. Can you tell me where you got those little cable clamp thingies that keep your rig so slick looking?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - The main piece you will need is the conduit clamp from your hardware store. Then you can attach a 15mm clamp to that.

    You will run a 15mm rail through the center clamp, and at each end add any 15mm handles.

    The ball head I used is the one I recently posted here: httpss://

    The monitor I will be posting about soon.

  8. Hi Emm,

    Thanks for the excellent review and the mod looks great.
    Would love to get one from Came-TV (my past experience with them has been good) and would love to build the mod.
    Any chance that you could post links to where you got the parts: the rail, the monitor ball head, grips, etc. Or am I just being too lazy?

  9. Hi,

    I asked to CAME-TV if the CAME 7000 was suitable with a Blackmagic Production Camera.
    Sadly, they answer me it wasn't, but they will have the one which is suitable in a month, but it will cost more than 1 000$

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnny - Good to hear things are working out. It's sometimes hard with the language barrier, but they have been responsive to any emails I send over.

  11. Johnny

    Emm, I wanted to place a quick comment about the company. I have always been worried about ordering anything overseas. And been very weary especially with Chinese companies. In Jan 27 I got a 3-axis brushless gimbal for $524 (froma link you posted) it worked for a day and it broke. It took over 2.5 months of frustration with their customer service (lack of respond and replacement, etc). So I returned it.

    Then I started to read your site about came-TV and thought since almost everyone been reviewing their product maybe is worth the chance.

    I ordered the came-7000 on feb 25 and got it on feb 27. Felt like ordering from Amazon lol

    Not only fast delivery, they were also really quick in responding and helpful. PLUS their gimbal is way easier to balance and very sturdy.

    So thank YOU 🙂

  12. Derek White

    Got mine in the mail yesterday. I did everything Em said to do in the video, even got the conduit clamp to attach handles. He is absolutely right the one handle simply doesn't cut it, Came should fix that, but none the less I have the DIY set up that is in the video.

    This product is actually really really solid, nice quality build. I did notice it was shaking uncontrollably at first but i had my tray( thats what i call where the camera sits) backwards. once fixed it was better cuz the cables had some slack to move but you really have to balance your camera as best as you can or else, like the comment above, it shakes and pushes the motors to hard. once balanced as best as you can it works great and i have got decent shots a day after i first got it. Pleased with it lets hope the 900 bucks was worth it.

    For anyone who wants to know I used a d7100 with a sigma 18-35 1.8, which is quite heavy but it still holds it very strong. I used the kit lens 18-55 to see if the lighter weight would make it better. it did, but only when titling the rig up.
    Quality buy so far, thanks em.

  13. Stevo

    I just received mine and the motor feel very fiddly. If it gets off it's axis just by a little bit then the motor shakes uncontrollably and gets really loud. I guess you have to have it perfectly balanced before turning on the motor.

  14. mal5msan

    Entered the site CAME got an excellent price for the I does not have a handle hands with him Malhal

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo Burton - Dead quiet, no high pitch noise. Check out the end of the video when I turn it on and I have the camera right next to me with my lav mic on my shirt. You don't hear anything at all.

  16. Leo Burton

    Hi There Emm, great reviews! I'm in the market for a 3 axis gimbal, and your site is proving invaluable, for news and reviews.

    I have a question, what is the noise on these CAME systems like?

    In the DIY or ebay builds on youtube, the servos seem to have a high pitched frequency noise, which can be heard clearly on the camera mics.

    Do you find the noise would be unsuitable for capturing audio in quiet locations? Or are these motors quiet?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Derek Qhite

    Just ordered this from Came on ebay with the carrying pistol case you have showed as well. excellent review.

    After seeing the Movi free fly last year i did not think a consumer option would be available for years. in my opinion, most shooters should have some type of steady cam system and this one looks pretty damn legit. Thank you kind sir.

  18. Well I have the C100 but I'm not in the Bay Area.My guess is you would have to just use the body without the Grip and also the handle. But using this C100 I wouldn't even use it unless I'm hooked up to my Ninja 2, otherwise you don't get the crisp images IMHO.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @dan - Yes, eventually i'll use it as I would in a normal production, we'll see how it works out.

  20. Hi! Will you be posting any examples where there isn't a foreground object/person? I'd love to see how it holds up without the eye being distracted from the sides of the frame.

    Thanks for posting these videos, really helpful with all the new toys hitting the market.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @pepeprod - It's possible that it could support a BMPC 4K. It looks like a much larger unit and at 3 Axis. You have to assemble that one though.

  22. Hi Emm,
    how come you didn't buy and test (or borrow) and test the 7000 model?
    wouldnt the 7000 model be worth a test ?
    its the bigger model up right?
    its a newer model, right?

    the twitching sideways is it 100 fixable in post?
    i fear it wont be fixable, hence making 2 pan axis systems not worth investing into ever ;(

  23. John

    Awesome. Cant wait for the MustHD review. Seems like a high quality product, especially the 5.6" LCD display, 1280*800 resolution!

  24. Editwizard

    I'd think a lens with IS would be fantastic with this... smoothing it out even more and should definitely help with panning in absence of the third axis.

    Would LOVE to see 5Dmark3 + 24-105/4 IS running on this.

  25. Johnny

    been playing with a 3-axis brushless gimbal that Emm posted a while back that was just being sold for less than $600, it can handle 5d3 and the Canon 70D, or lighter and it worked great out of the box... The only problem I've learned was that since it was ordered from China (maybe the language barrier, but even writing in Chinese to them, I get lousy response), the customer support is horrible, plus it takes 10-20 days to get replacement if something happens. Not to mention, then found out they were using a hacked Alexmos controller that I think spending a bit more is better.

    I am now reshopping for a 3-axis brushless gimbal and I think going with someone from ebay that from US would probably be safer... (Not to mention, their $1400 system can hold up to a red camera...)

    However, seeing that Came is always here with Emm, i wouldn't mind trying their product and see how goes.


  26. Alex

    Guys, is it just me or are we seeing a lot of left to right jiggle in this because its only a 2 axis and not a 3 axis gimbal? I think the other two axis stabilisation is good, but I think its lacking in the 3rd axis and that kills it for me. I'll wait for a 3 axis model. Its the same problem I'm having with my quadcopter. Its great for everything except the left to right jiggle as that axis is not stabilised on it. Thoughts?

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Erin - I have image stabilization turned off in this video. Take a look httpss://

  28. Simon W

    Thanks for the great review. It looks pretty good. Do you know if it's hefty enough to fly a 5DMK3 + 16-35? How about a 6D if that's too heavy? What happens to these motorized gimbals when you over load them?

  29. Erin

    Im sure the lens stabilization on the lumix lenses helps this gimbal with micro shake. Do you think it will still be very effective with lenses without image stabilization?

  30. David

    Hey Emm, do you think this will/can replace slider and glidecam? Can't you do a sliding reveal shot with this?

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @Nicholas - Same principle as setting up a Video Jib / Crane. When you can balance things properly it takes zero effort to operate. The motors in these stabilizers don't necessarily have to be super BIG, but the problem lies on 'if' you can properly balance a camera properly inside of this unit. If the camera cannot be balanced in the Gimbal, the motors will struggle to lift it and keep it centered.

    If anyone in the SF Bay Area wants to give this unit a spin with a Canon C100, maybe we can test it out.

  32. Nicholas

    I think this should handle the Canon C100 (1Kg) with Tokina 11-16 (500g). To drop $880 on this or not that is the question 🙂 Worth it?

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Nicholas - I don't think you can run very well with this, or use a vest to carry the weight (see how we had to switch off a few times). Something more high end would be good, but not this particular model. This is great for anything you could think of in hand held situations, shoulder rig type shots, low angle shooting, or when you need to do certain shots too complicated for a steadicam (passing through a window, handing off to another operator, etc.).

  34. Emm

    Post author

    @Nicholas - I'll try other systems in the future, stay tuned for that. Right now i'm more interested in entry level systems, because eventually the $10K systems will go down in price + cameras are getting smaller.

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick - It's good, and comes with different battery plates and HDMI locks. The 5" one I have is not the most full featured one, and they have a 7" version. I'll be uploading a video on that soon, stay tuned, subscribe, follow. Thanks.

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