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Here's an interesting camera mount for the RC Helicopter hobbyist. This is being sold for the 'Camera Stand' only, but was designed to adapt to different small 450-500 sized helicopters. Images show cameras as small as the GoPro HD Hero up to small HD Camcorders. There's also a tilt mechanism shown in the listing, but i'm not sure how that ties in to the controls. Here's the link to the Camera Mount Stand: Camera Mount Stand for 450-500 Sized Helicopters

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I'm not at all experienced in RC Helicopters, but there are some over seas 450 sized helicopters ready to fly running for around $200 bucks that might be able to complete a fun GoPro flying rig. I've never flown an RC Heli, but I can imagine the damage it can cause to ones camera. For myself, I might be willing to practice on something as robust like a GoPro (those things have fallen from space and survived), but not sure if i'd ever have the huevos to fly a full Canon DSLR on a RC Helicopter. Fly at your own risk... Here's the link to the cheap 450 Sized Helicopters: RC Helicopter 450 Kit ready to Fly - Just needs Batteries

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  1. Well I been searching since yesterday, here it is GAUI 330X Quad-Flye its alot easier to fly then a heli and will carry 700g payload, so it will carry a gopro fine and I bet we could put a T2i with stock lens. There easy to mod with bigger props so we could put a better lens on the t2i. Here it is on ebay with the camera mount included.


    Video with the gopro

  2. AR Drone has two cameras in them that transmits to the iphone for viewing while flying. Now i was thinking I could mod it by taking a camera out and running an AV cable from the gopro in to the input of where the camera was, so that you can view the gopro right on the iphone screen when flying.

  3. Jason

    emm you're nuts..do you spy on me? my roomate flies helis for a hobby. He has this crazy one he spent over a grand on. He tweaks and tinkers with it, rebuilds the engine constantly. We talked about doing gopro work with him piloting the other day and then you drop this..we already ordered one.


  4. Olphus

    @Serge No I wouldn't trust just anybody with my gear, but there are some really skilled kids that can compete with the best adults any time.

  5. Serge

    @ Bernardo, you're welcome. I like the fact that the AR drones hover in place and you can get your talent real close to your lens and do a fly away without any danger. If you look around you tube some people are flying them with a JVC camcorder and some with teddy bears on them, so they seem to hold a good amount of weight, you can re-modified them with a larger motor and better batteries as others have done. I'm leaning towards this, pretty soon. 🙂

    @Olphus, would you trust someone else with your gear on a flying device just to save some money? the injuries are going to double if you are not in control at all times.

  6. Bernardo

    From AR Drone's site:

    Can the AR.Drone lift or carry loads?
    The AR.Drone has not been designed to lift or carry loads, however light they might be. Adding weight would make the device unstable, which could cause crashes or shorten the life of the motors.


    Hopefully they'll introduce a beefier version soon

  7. Olphus

    Or contact the nearest RC club and ask the youngest (cheapest) member if they could fly the helicopter for you.

  8. Bernardo

    Nice links Serge, I see more potential with the AR Drone than with an regular RC Heli, that way you don't have to change your profession/hobby from videographer to RC pilot before trying to take some good aerial footage.

  9. Tulio

    I haven't tried flying RC helicopters, but I heard horror stories from those who have. It seems that RC Drones are much easier to fly / more stable and can even go indoors.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    It's a shame the one girl was attacked or. Both incidents happened from being right next to one. Hopefully people have common sense not to stand next to it, if they are first timers. That's what the Remote is for, move away!

  11. Bernardo

    Comments like Jos Hendrikx is like most of the ones I read on a thread I started on an RC forum, lots of experienced users warning me that it is not as easy as it looks and it can be dangerous if you are sloppy. The guy in the Chase Jarvis video is a pro RC pilot, not a videographer or photographer. But after all they encouraged me to start and get a good radio controller first (which is one of the most important parts because you'll stick to your controller when going through different helis), use wood blades, and start with a computer simulator. I decide no to give it a try because I simply did't have the time to practice with the RC Heli. I'll try to find that thread for you guys.

  12. rob

    would love to see some footage of a dslr attached to one of these helicopters. looks like a awesome budget solution but still very sketchy for the everyday camera hobbyist.

  13. itsjohnny

    Are all 6 Channels used for the heli? My question is will you have a free channel to control camera tilt on the rig?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - check out this video. There's a comment stating no damage to the equipment. I'm sure it had a chute, but looked like it still fell quite fast. https://vimeo.com/12488149. I'm hoping my GoPro would live a 20 foot fall into a grass area. With a mount like this added, it might absorb some of the impact too. I won't trust my flying skills until I feel comfortable, but I might give it a low altitude test in a small area.

  15. Paul

    This was the reason I bought the GoPro. Have been searching for industrial anti vibration materials as these things buzz around in the air and you see it in lots of video- (the materials absorb vibration and covert to heat- science is amazing), but most are for heavy machines and need weight to work, and looking at all the various mounts. This looks to be a great ready made mount.
    Most footage I have seen is NOT that great and certainly not "pro" quality but there are a few clips out there that show it can be done. Although the GoPro is tough, (I put it outside trains and cars and toss it in the pool without thinking a thing), I don't trust it a couple hundred feet in the air in a tragic "FAIL". I'm not an RC guy so I am starting on planet earth with RC cars. After that a boat...The other issue is how WIDE the GoPro lens is and i would like it to mount more forward so as to not get any of the Heli or mount in the shot.

  16. jos hendrikx

    As an experienced rc-pilot (planes as well as helicopter) I would really like to warn people here: as has been said before heli's are the most difficult to fly do to the many axises you have to control + blade pitch and throttle. These models are NOT toys and can cause serious injuries if not controlled carefully. If you have seen how fast the rotors spin it is not inconceiveable that accidents can even be fatal. If you want to learn: join a rc club and get a good simulator to train on, this will really help your learning curve.

  17. surami

    This is a good thing. I'm also thinking about it, that how could I lift my 550D in the air and take movies. After searching, I think quadrocopters and hexacopters are the best solutions for this, but they are not cheap things.

    If I could buy one of this, I should use mini parachutes with a manual electronic releas system to give security.

  18. Serge

    The 450 models are too small to carry a canon


    If you are going to play around and add a go pro I would go with the 180Z for its built in auto stabilization.


    I must admit after watching Chase Jarvis do it with a Nikon D7000 concept camera and getting those cool shots I too have been wanting to give it a try!


    I remember seeing on vimeo some guy putting a red one on a heli, Brave soul brave!

  19. Bernardo

    @Emm I too have the same mentality about new things, is just that flying a heli will require a lot more practice that many people would think, but it is doable. Tip of advice, don;t start with carbon fiber blades, start with wood blades, in case of a crash you would prefer broken blades than a broken engine. And yes If I were to do it I would definitely would use a cheap camera.

    I also know that doing this is a good money maker.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Bernardo - I'm willing to practice on something and take a chance on a GoPro. I've seen those things take quite a beating and survive. I don't think i'll ever get the nerves into flying a Canon though!

  21. Kay O. Sweaver

    Kind of tempting actually, though I'd certainly log a couple hundred hours on the thing before trusting my camera on it.

  22. Bill

    Thanks for the link, emm. If you want to pan and tilt your GoPro, you might try one of these:

    or, if you want to take a chance on flying one of your Canons, the AerioX is the way to go:


    You can also get good video from kites and balloons, with a little less control, but more safety:



  23. Bernardo

    I also have no hands on experience on RC helicopters, but the one thing I know is that this is the hardest RC of all, they recommend you to start with planes. I have also seen videos of really ugly crashes, even from pros who get over confident. Imagine crashing a Heli with a $1,000 camera mounted on it! double the reason to feel like crap.

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