PVGear 3 Way 15mm Rod Base Plate for DSLR or Mirrorless Video Cameras

If all you wanted to do was to add a very basic Follow Focus to your camera, you still end up needing a very basic set of 15mm rails and baseplate. Although there are literally dozens of baseplates available online, here's a new PVGear 3 Way Baseplate that adds a horizontal 90 degree rod clamp integrated into baseplate. This saves from having to purchase an extra part as well as save space on your rails.

Example: Sony A7s with Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI Recorder

Here's a quick video on how I assembled a few pieces to create a super short, lightweight, and functional rig for my Panasonic GH4.

Instead of a cage system where you would mount all of the accessories onto the camera body, the horizontal rod allows you to add a monitor or even portable audio recorder alongside your camera. It's quick to break down and setup for travel. With a plate under the base you can add your favorite quick release to go direct to tripod mount. Like many affordable baseplate systems for rails, this is a basic setup that does not offer rail height adjustments which can be handy when using cheap matteboxes that don't offer up/down alignment. Still if you don't use a mattebox very often (as I don't), this is a handy piece of kit.

PVGear 3 way baseplate system
Example: GH4 with F&V SpectraHD Monitor and PNC Hybrid Should Pad

The top plate can be used to mount your camera directly or add a QR base system like the Manfrotto 577. You can find the new 3-Way Baseplate with or without Carbon Fiber Rods available at https://pvgear.com/products/3-way-15mm-rod-dslr-base-plate-mounting-system.

find-price-button PVGear 3-Way Baseplate for 15mm Rods

smallrig 15mm handles
find-price-button SmallRig 15mm Handles

find-price-button PNCGear Hybrid Folding Chest / Shoulder Pad

Manfrotto 577 Quick Release
find-price-button Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect w/ Sliding Mounting Plate (501PL)

19 thoughts on “PVGear 3 Way 15mm Rod Base Plate for DSLR or Mirrorless Video Cameras

  1. Ryan Butt

    why did not listed FolloW Focus in gear list/description??
    what Follow Focus is best for this rig??

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - Every camera mounted is different. With your setup it sounds like all you need is a QR base. Then why need a knurled screw or worry about rod clamp knobs.

  3. Mark

    Nice idea - poorly executed.

    I took deliver of the PV Gear 3-way base plate today and after about an hour fiddling around I am not feeling too happy.

    1. It is a simple unit but a one-page diagram to ensure things are set up the right way round wouldn't have gone amiss.

    2. Attaching anything, including the camera (Nikon D7100), to the top plate is awkward beyond belief. The bolt will accept a 1p coin and that's it. Getting a standard screw driver in once it is assembled is impossible.

    3. Once assembled with a camera attached tells you straight away you need something like a quick release base plate like the Manfrotto MN-577. If the camera is attached directly to the baseplate the rod clamp bolts can't be rotated fully to release or clamp the rods as they hit the underside of the camera. I don't have a MN-577 yet so I don't know if the problem is solved by it.

    The solutions are simple:

    1. The clamps holding the two main rods should be beneath the level of the rods to allow free rotation.
    2. The bolt supplied that attaches the baseplate to the camera and or quick release should be knurled, and/or have a hex key insert, and/or have a folding lever like this Black Rapid https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0049H89F8.

    I wonder how much extra I need to spend to make this work - it might have to go back.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Dylan - Looks great, nice placement for the light. The rig looks nice and tight. The 4K, a servo zoom, audio, lighting, and articulating LCD that looks like a very functional setup!

  5. VillageBoi

    Cheers Emm, no worries. Have bought a number of things from the US and for such items it's usually $8-$16... but $32 for a baseplate (the no rods included option) is completely crazy.
    Building another rig for something... will justify the postage cost as pretending it was $10 per item as I bought two other things from different places with FREE shipping lol.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @VillageBoi - I'm always hearing about international always has a hard time getting heavy parts from USA companies. Most companies don't even offer to ship products internationally because of the costs. My suggestion is to just ask for a refund.

  7. VillageBoi

    Ouch! $32 to ship the baseplate... that's my first & last purchase from these guys. Too bad Kamerar don't have it with their free 'international' shipping.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Armando Ferreira - It's called a Pico Plate: httpss://cheesycam.com/kamerar-pico-plate-combo-kit-create-articulating-accessory-mounts/

  9. Dylan

    @Emm - I have purchased the 3-Way Rod Baseplate Mounting System on 20 Jan, but after my email reply to PVgear on 22 Jan for my delivery address, there were no more response from PVgear. Is there a way to contact PVgear other than the email address.

  10. Dave

    @Emm - Aha! Great call! I always thought that was just for massive lenses. Thank you so much! Love your website, man! Keep up the great work!

  11. Dave

    Awesome setup! I have a question: I have that same follow focus from P&C, and a similar P&C rig, and I use it with Rokinon Cine lenses, but due to the lateral pressure of this follow focus, the lens and camera starts to twist away from it and get out of alignment. The issue is that the quick release plate won't seem to stay tight enough with the camera. Is there a simple fix for this?

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan - I thought about the height too, but the clamp knobs on the backside won't clear the Tripod Head if it was any lower.

  13. Dan

    Bought the bracket alone (no rods -- already have plenty) yesterday. Only thing I'd prefer is that it not be so high. Looks to me like it could have been a 1/2" lower.

    Also, for those of us who use a 504Plong Manfrotto plate (like for the 504 and 502 heads) and want to keep everything standard including the QR plate, Amazon is offering the Kenro QR with the 504PLong plate for $70.


    Why Manfrotto does not offer this is beyond me.

  14. this is seriously slick! I love the 3-way and I love seeing your rigs! I have been looking to make my shoulder rig smaller. I like how rock solid that setup is!

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