Press Release: Rode VideoMic GO On-Camera Shotgun Microphone


The VideoMic GO On-Camera Shotgun Microphone from Rode is a lightweight microphone which adds high-quality audio recording to your small camcorder and HDSLR camera. At only 2.6 ounces, the microphone keeps your camera setup lightweight, making it ideal for handheld shooting. It features an integrated Rycote Lyre shock mount for isolation from bumps and vibration, and offers battery-free operation, using instead the plug-in power from your camera's 3.5mm microphone input.

The VideoMic GO is a directional microphone. It utilizes a super-cardioid polar pattern to attenuate sounds from the sides, resulting in a signal that sounds closer to the camera, even when shooting in noisy environments or at moderate distances. The integrated shoe mount provides a 3/8" thread for additional mounting options. A foam windshield and 7.9" dual mono 3.5mm coiled output cable.

Product Highlights
Lightweight at Only 2.6 Ounces
Rycote Lyre Suspension System
Powered by 2.5V Camera Plug-in Power
Integrated Shoe Mount with 3/8" Thread
3.5mm Mini-Jack Output
Foam Windshield Included
Reinforced ABS Construction
3.5mm Coiled Output Cable Included

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26 thoughts on “Press Release: Rode VideoMic GO On-Camera Shotgun Microphone

  1. getem

    @Paul where did I say or didn't say the iphone was made of any material? So the back of the phone has a plastic housing and how in the world does that change the FACT that it is an iphone 5?

    I mean did a plastic back housing make a Samsung S3 cheap or an S4? You honestly must be Paul's alter ego because you have no idea with somehow thinking plastic makes something cheap or expensive.....

    Now onto @Seeneatic , that's a cute name by the way...... You go and talk bad about RODE like a color makes something cheap or expensive, that logic makes no sense.

    I'm more than sure we can all name countless high end products that are made of plastic..... Then you say the color is to make a difference, you are wrong... As the new Video Mic also has the Red Lyre Suspension

    I mean how smart/dumb can someone be to think that if something is a different color or material it makes an item cheap? An iphone 5 or Samsung S4 in any color or material is still the same internal, so that was my whole point of saying your post made no sense.....


  2. @ getem : since all you seem to be able to do is call me names ("ridiculous", "loser") and then try to proove your point by posting incorrect info (your remark about my supposedly huge collection of Chinese stuff and what Paul wrote about the iPhone), I'm not going to dignify any of your future posts with an answer. Emm is doing a great job with this site and I really hope you'll post a little more responsibly and respectfully in the future. I realize that we can't all get along and this is a place for discussion, but where I come from grown folks express different opinions in a respectful way.

  3. Paul

    Getem you are off about the iPhone 5C, it is indeed made of plastic. Hence the cheaper cost. Just do a google search and you will realize this is indeed fact. The iPhone 5 was not made of plastic, the last one to be was the iPhone 3.

  4. @getem : thanks for the rude personal attack. And I would be more cautious with your assumptions and betting your life on it. You couldn't be more wrong.

    If you actually read what I posted, maybe you would've noticed the part where I mentioned being a happy Rode customer. I own 3 Rode mics and have worked with plenty of other Rode mics in my music studio days. So I think I'm qualified to giving Rode some feedback about their products.
    However, if you fail to see the difference between honest feedback and insults, that's really YOUR problem. And if what I wrote is an insult, it might be better for you to log off and skip the internet altogether.

    Also, if you actually read the original post and specs of this mic, you wouldn't have had to ask about the high pass filter and +20dB boost.

  5. @getem thanks for your feedback. The VideoMic GO has no switches or settings, simply plug & play. If you are making a film project or the sound is critical, then I suggest using the VideoMic Pro with the +20dB gain to get a cleaner sound.

    @Juan Kis the cable on the VideoMic Pro is designed with ultra light, multi strand shielded dual core cable. This allows for far lower noise transference when compared to the older style cable used in many video microphones currently on the market. The chosen cable is incredibly strong and is rated to several thousand flex cycles, ensuring that the cable lasts a long, long time.

    Of course if this is not enough, the VMP comes with our industry leading 10 year warranty, ensuring complete piece of mind.

  6. @RODE Microphones,

    Something positive here. I see the cable and the 3.5 connector are waaaaaaay better than the flimsy and cheapo cable on my Video Mic Pro, the suspension system also looks better. I see coming the new Video Mic Pro II.

    So you know if is possible to send the Video Mic Pro to replace the cable for a better and rugged one ? I don't want to deal with that, I just got mine!
    Thank you!

  7. getem


    Do you know how ridiculous you sound.......

    You talk about being noticed as cheap, yet you are on I can bet My life you have more cheap no name Chinese products in your closet than anyone can imagine...... What kind of insult is this , RODE is an excellent company that provides great products.

    Sure SM58 Mic was only $99 and can be heard through the History Of Professional Music....

    Regarding your iPhone 5C comment you truly have no idea what your'e talking about... The iPhone 5C is simply the iPHone 5 with C standing for color. Just like several companies came out with different colors of their phones, this is what apple did, nothing cheap about an iPhone 5, the ONLY reason it cost less than an iPhone 5S is because the later is the newest model, but even still an iPhone 5C cost $500+

    Back on subject, my only question to @RODE is does this microphone have a built in highpass filter and +20db like the Rodevideo Mic Pro and if not what are we suggested to do as Dslr Camera pre-amps can be very noisy


  8. @Steven I don't see why that wouldn't work. As long as you don't turn the phantom power on as it would blow the circuitry on the VideoMic GO. (We have warnings about this in the box.)

    We will also be releasing accessories for the VideoMic GO soon including a DeadCat.

  9. Steven

    Second thought... Will the iRig PRE power the RØDE mic??

    RØDE Microophones Will you be selling a dead cat windscreen to add over top the Foam Windshield?

  10. Steven

    I believe Emm has covered the iRig PRE add on preamp before. That could easily be used with this mic. Use a XLR to 3.5mm (1/8") for input from the RØDE mic and still have use of the headphone output to allow monitoring while recording. Or just use the headphone as output to the camera (no monitoring then)

  11. @Joe B

    I will pass on your suggestion for a comparison video between VideoMic GO, VideoMic & VideoMic Pro, or maybe it's a job for Cheesycam 🙂

    The VideoMic GO is aimed at the consumer level who are looking to get better audio with no fuss.

  12. @RODE Microphones,

    I am a Huge Rode man myself. I would love to see a comparison to the Rode Videomic Pro. I am sure someone will do this soon and maybe you don't usually compare your own products to each other. I am a little bit skeptical on no control on the mic..Like Gain. I am quite happy with my RVP. Convince me!

  13. @MN You can hear the 600D in the first section of the filming for youtube video - httpss://

    Here are a list of other camera setups:
    5D mk 3 - filming while travelling
    GoPro Hero 3 - filming skateboarding
    Panasonic GH2 - filming skateboarding
    Nikon D800 - filming at the park

    View the vimeo album to see all the videos - httpss://

  14. @ Rode Microphones : I'm afraid you'll get plenty of returns, since it's not that clear that these mics need some sort of power from the camera (which not all cameras provide). Also, the red/pinkish colour basically makes this mic stick out like a sore thumb so is of no use of run&gun/documentary shooters. Suggesting to spraypaint it is really kinda odd for something brand new. I suspect the main reason for this is to differentiate this product from your other (more expensive) Videomics, just like Apple did with the "cheaper" iPhone recently. As a customer, I find that a little berating, as in : if you won't buy our more expensive mics, we'll make sure everyone notices you're using our cheapest mic by giving it a very bright colour. Nonetheless, I'm a very happy owner of a Videomic and Videomic Pro, and have a few NT mics too from my audio/studio days. But this feels like a missed opportunity.

  15. Seems cool. Kinda wish it came in black. Running off of no battery is definitely a plus.

    Affordable price point...I can see myself throwing this on one of my cameras during shoots.

  16. A microphone commercial with loud music playing over it, not demonstrating the quality of the mic? How many times can they reinvent the Rode Video Mic? 3 so far!

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