Porter Case – Camera Hard Case Carry On + Hand Truck Dolly

If you've had to travel with a combination of personal luggage + camera equipment before, then these transforming roller bags may be of interest. The Porter Cases are unique rolling cases that convert from a carry-on sized travel roller into a hand truck a.k.a dolly that you can stack up to 150 lbs of gear on. I can see how this could make life a little bit easier during travels.

From what I can tell there are two main Porter Case Rolling Case Hand Truck Dolly Carry On Porter Rolling Case models. One is the The Porter PCX Lite Roller which is a semi-hard carry-on sized hard case (just the sides). The other is a complete hard case (think Pelican) which are sold under several different models, due to the interior you choose. For example, there's a version for computers with an organizer lid, and another for Camera Equipment that has padded dividers and foam.

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The Porter Case Rolling Case Hand Truck Dolly Carry On Porter Full Hard Cases are made from injection molding, have a built in combination lock which is handy when you're walking away from your bag at an event, and offer gasket seals around the lid to help prevent moisture and dust from creeping in. Maybe not the best looking cases, but i'm most interested in the functionality of the Hand Truck feature to cart around extra luggage after a trip to baggage claim. You will often find them cheaper via eBay (click here).

PCX Lite Porter Case Camera Hard Case Roller Carry OnPorter Carry On PCX Lite Hand Truck Dolly Camera Gear Bag
find-price-button Porter PCX Lite Semi-Hard Camera Carry-On Case + Hand Truck Cart Dolly

Porter Case Camera Hard CasePorter Case Travel Dolly Carry On
find-price-button Porter Carry-On Water/Dust Resistant Full Hard Case + Hand Truck Cart Dolly

8 thoughts on “Porter Case – Camera Hard Case Carry On + Hand Truck Dolly

  1. I have the older Porter Case like jonyoshi and can say I still love it. Although I'm currently using a Pelican 1510 as my main camera case, I have my lights packed into the Porter Case so I bring it with me with almost every shoot. For me, I've had no problems and can whole heartedly recommend this case a "must" especially if you have more than 1 case for your shoots to bring.

  2. Alex

    I've used these for years since they first came out many, many years ago and have mixed feelings about them. I've had several break. However, it looks like they have updated the design some, maybe its better now. But, they are heavy and the rolling part of it doesn't work as well as you'd think it does. I've taken these literally all over the world and don't anymore. Just my two cents..

  3. Love the Porter Case! I've carried mine to every major US city, across Canada into Mexico and even to Africa. Never had any problems with weight and I pack camera/lenses/audio gear and small lights - probably 20-30lbs as carry on all the time. Once landed, I flip into "hand truck" mode, then I can use the Porter case to lift Pelican cases loaded with tripod, lights and additional gear (plus clothing and personal effects!)

  4. jonyoshi

    I have the older hard case shown in the second video and I love it. I carry my 17" laptop and a bunch of paperwork in it and it does get pretty heavy, but I still throw it in the overhead bin. I regularly haul close to 150lbs on it, 3 suitcases at the max of 50lbs each. You have to be careful about pulling back on the handle as it will bend, pull back on the top piece of luggage instead.
    If you want one, better hurry as they are trying to sell the company and stock is limited. I heard the semi hard is not as durable

  5. ron

    the biggest problem is the empty weight. Empty it's close to the maximum carry-on weight!

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