Portable Audio Recorder – Belt Mounted

Here's a clever little tip for carrying around a portable audio recorder 'hands free' and at the same time having quick access to the screen and controls. Vimeo member Bruno Chansou uses a B-Grip Camera Belt (found here Amazon), normally used to clip a DSLR camera combined with a Manfrotto Ball Head for positioning the recorder. [Thanks Bruno] The B-Grip Camera Belt Holster system can be found via Amazon (click here).

b-grip camera beltb-grip camera holster
find-price-button B-GRIP EVO Camera Belt - via Amazon

b-grip evo belt camera system
find-price-button B-Grip Camera Belt Holster System - via eBay

The B-Grip Camera Belt Holster is a nice little solution for a belt mounted audio recorder, but it's a system that can run over $50 dollars. If this is something you might want to tackle on a budget, there are other belt clip systems that might be modified to work in a similar manner for less than $7 dollars via eBay (found below)

belt clip camera holster cheesycambelt clip camera mount
find-price-button DSLR Belt Clip Camera Holster

11 thoughts on “Portable Audio Recorder – Belt Mounted

  1. Jesse

    Awesome just got this but what do you have on the grip belt that is holding the extra cable?

  2. Bruno Chansou

    Thank you for comments.
    You’re right. I intend to buy a new headphone cable with right angle connector.

  3. J hanna

    @ ted h
    Thank your friendly neighborhood frugal filmmaker for this tip.
    He suggested using an old fashioned cell phone belt holster. The kind for brick fones. Dollar tree is best place to find them

  4. Rabi

    I have played around with this idea in the past, but never brought it to fruition. Doing it with that cheap clip system (which I would never trust with a DSLR) seems like it would be a great setup for run-and-gun dual-system shooters.

  5. Great idea. I've been trying to find a small belt clip to attach to the H1 for a good lav arrangement. Although these look good for the application above, theyd be too big to hide an H1...Anyone found anything that would work for that?

  6. Joel

    I've been doing this for a while. I agree with David it wouldn't be ideal to walk around with the headphone jack sticking out like in the picture, but the recorder actually is parallel to your legs, making the jack face either ahead or behind you, safe from most obstacles. I've never had a problem and this is quite a nice solution I feel.

  7. Robert

    That's freakin' brilliant! If it's mounted on my right side, the 3.5mm jack on the Zoom H4N is on the body side so it would actually be protected from getting broken off. Another advantage for me is that I do a lot of photography, and hate having the camera strapped around my neck.

  8. I'd personally not walk around with the heaphone jack sticking out the side like that - it's just asking to be broken off. (Been there, done that, absolutely no joy...) 3.5mm jacks are tend to be worse off than 1/4" ones, but there's always a risk of damage to the board inside the case when torquing/shearing the connector from outside.

    I much prefer right angle plugs for that reason. The lever arm is shorter and much less likely to get caught on something.

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