Pocket Wizard Plus III

YouTube video from Fstoppers shows some features of the latest Pocket Wizard Plus III Transceivers (same unit can transmit and receive). They are really stepping up their game, and it's an entirely different unit compared to earlier version Pocket Wizard Plus system. The new Pocket Wizard Plus III was just recently announced, but is already available for pre-order (click here).

find-price-button Pocket Wizard Plus III Transciever

7 thoughts on “Pocket Wizard Plus III

  1. WANDA

    From a long since I was waiting for the new Pocket Wizard Plus III and hopefully I've just made a pre-order. Great!

  2. El Camino SS

    No E-TTL. If you're going to buy wireless, it's basically pointless to get them without E-TTL if you're an event shooter.

    You have to get the more expensive ones.
    $400 for a three point kit is good.
    Still, you're going to have to spend over $750 or there about for E-TTL, or live with a simple radio trigger.

    E-TTL cords and brackets are exceedingly less expensive than even one radiopopper, and ultimately the setup is faster, and more assured.

  3. Rabi

    $140? Isn't that actually cheaper than the IIs? I definitely am going to think about pre-ordering a few of these.

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