Pico Dolly with Self Contained Motorized Trailer

Here's a look at a prototype motorized trailer sent to me today and it's attached to a PNC Pico Dolly. Still a prototype, it's supposed be universal and have some mounting options to attach to several different dollies or maybe even sliders? The idea is to have a motorized push cart to have consistent movement all of the motors, batteries, wiring, and switches all self contained into one little unit.


There's a few 1/4x20 threads to mount other accessories on the little push car too. From the image it looks like it's around 4" wide. I have no additional information about availability or pricing at this time. What do you guys think about something like this? For more about the Pico Dolly, you can find that information at the following page: https://www.photographyandcinema.com
Pico Dolly from PhotographyandCinema.com

20 thoughts on “Pico Dolly with Self Contained Motorized Trailer

  1. I would buy this if it had a variable speed switch from really slow for time lapse photography.

    Please mass produce this

  2. Rob

    Love my Pico dolly so would be interested in trying out a motor for it. If it can be designed to be also rigged to my Cinevate FLT slider for motorized timelapse shooting, it will be AWESOME! (Maybe the wheels need to be removed and a string winder device might need to be attached?)

  3. Tony

    Quality and color matches great with the P&C...match made in Shenzhen heaven! =) Put a nice head on it and get some terrific smooth shots... speaking of which...the Velbon PH-368 video head is up to $40! now. >:-( Back on topic, can't wait to hear more about this...keep us up to date Emm.

  4. sweet idea. would be great if a wheel was replaceable with something to pull a slider.
    also a speed controller! 😀

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