Panasonic HC-HX1000 4K 60p Camcorder

For those who have been waiting for a mini ENG camera capable of 4K/60p take a look at the new Panasonic HC-X1000 4K Camcorder. The video below is 10 minutes of non-stop feature after feature, most of it features you would never expect in a camera at this price, so I suggest you watch the video in it's entirety.

The HC-X1000 camcorder sounds like a great package for fast past shooters who want to work with smaller and lighter tools. The 4K 60p option is something I know has been a deciding factor for some people as they consider moving into a new 4K capable camcorder. Imagine if they offered these features on an ILC (interchangeable lens camera), perhaps an update on the AF100?

For complete specs and more information about the camera, check out the pre-order page via B&H (click here)

panasonic hc-x1000 camcorder 4Kpanasonic_hc_x1000_rk_ultra_hd_1077993
find-price-button Panasonic HC-X1000 4K 60p DCI/Ultra HD/Full HD Camcorder

6 thoughts on “Panasonic HC-HX1000 4K 60p Camcorder

  1. Rob S.

    This is not a big sensor cinema camera. It's more for ENG run and gun style of shooting where more depth of field is useful. The smaller sensor also allows you to have crazy ENG zoom ranges in a compact size. It's 29.5 to 600 equivalent. For a full frame camera, a lens with that focal length would have to have wheels on it. What's nicer about the new crop of camcorders is that they're leaving behind 1/3 sensors so you can bokeh a little easier.

  2. Not for me. but a great camera for the right person. if it can shot 4k at 60 fps. how hard would it have been to add 120 or even 240 fps in 1080p mode. think about it 1080p is 4 times smaller than 4k.

  3. David O'Shea

    This looks like a very promising camera and is probably in my near future. It has everything I need to shoot weddings and events. With the feature set, it's close on being the perfect camera... 🙂 The small sensor isn't a problem either. Betcha hands down, it beats any small sensor from 2007 in the low light department...

  4. This is a video camera. Not a DSLR. In this price range, no camera can be all things. This is for people who need to shoot in focus, run and gun video. Lots to like. Yes, I'd like a larger sensor and interchangable lens, but for a person who moves between DSLRs and production video cameras, this camera has a lot to like.

  5. Looks like an old Sony Z camera type. Sorry but I just cant go back to that sensor size. I know additional lenses and lens changing can be a hassle but i really think these camera developers should be trying to adapt cameras of this ergonomic type to the Super 35 sensor size with an interchangeable servo system.

    Like you said, if this was the AF100 replacement with a decent sensor size and a decent low light F 2 range lens you would be attracting some of the Canon C camera buyers. I used to love the HVX200... where did the HVX line go, I always hoped that panasonic would eventually develop that camera into the C300 beater.

    I would love to hear from a reader of this site who this camera appeals to. I cant help thinking that this type of camera is maybe Live event multicam only... but there is no SDI?.. so forget that.. HDMI to SDI converter maybe.. but no tally talkback.

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