Panasonic GH4K GH4 G4K Camera Announcement

The rumors are in place that Panasonic will make an announcement this friday (Feb 7th) for a GH4, GH4K, or G4K camera. I shot this image below over at CES2014 last month, which could very well just be a GH3 with a 4K sticker, but i'm guessing they wouldn't pull such a stunt without having a plan in place.

Cheesycam Panasonic GH4K G4K Camera CES2014

Don't quote any of this, but I did manage to pull one Panasonic rep aside and he confirmed that Panasonic was indeed 'working' on a GH4K camera, and it will be highly based on the GH3 form factor. Most of the features are geared towards 4K Video, while photography features may only have slightly impressive specs over the existing GH3 (burst mode, megapixels, etc).

While mirrorless ILC and DSLR shooters require an extra XLR preamp for audio, the GH4K may have an optional bottom adapter (in place of a battery grip) that adds professional XLR inputs to the camera.

Just a few months back, Panasonic had also released a new SDXC UHS-II compliant flash card microP2 Memory Card with the same form factor as a full-size SD card. It features a maximum read speed of 2Gb/s and a maximum write speed of 200Mb/s using the AVC-Intra200 recording format (excluding 1080/60p/ 50p). It is rumored this card will be required to capture the full data rate from the GH4K. BTW, these cards are available now (found here).

SDXC UHS-II compliant flash card microP2 UHS-II9640131003687
find-price-button Panasonic SDXC UHS-II compliant microP2 Memory Card

As I understand, the GH4K will not replace the GH3 camera, instead it would be a new more expensive camera targeted to hybrid photo/video professionals. Even so, my guess is it will still be cheaper than a Canon 5D Mark III. If most of what we're hearing on the internet is true, this will be a very interesting camera to add to the bag.

(Note) Even if we hear anything about a 4K mirrorless camera, it could be a long way out before it is delivered. Blackmagic took about 9 months to ship the BMCC after it's NAB announcement.

14 thoughts on “Panasonic GH4K GH4 G4K Camera Announcement

  1. Joshua

    Does anybody know if this would be premiered at NAB? I am going this year, and would love to see this camera, however I have not kept up with anything about it, is this a product that will be coming out a long time from now, or expected to come soon?


  2. Marc B

    I'm quite impressed with this camera but do hope for an update to the AF100A that will have additional features to go full body camera ergonomics. I know specs aren't everything, but I don't know much lingering interest will remain for the Canon EOS-1DC after this is released.

  3. 1930pictures

    I'm guessing the XLR/HDSDI adapter is powered by multiple GH3 batteries and acts as a battery grip. Very slick even if it doesn't. Concerned about the form factor? It's no different than a battery grip, which many people already use on rigs and cages. Yes, the new cards $355 (64 gigs). To record 4K. Anyone priced an AJA KiPro Quad lately? BM Hyperdeck Shuttle with SSDs (that doesn't even record 4K)?

    Goldilocks might want to just let the hot porridge cool a bit. I'm guessing this little Panny will be worth the wait.

  4. ChrisD

    I am just inches away from getting a Panasonic GX7 so I might as well hills off until Feb 7th for the details. I would REALLY be interested in this camera as a a-cam or b-cam. Have an FS100UK now, not sure which would be my A-cam if I got the Panasonic GH4??? I guess we'd have to see which one is the badass in the end.
    Now I don't know about you guys but I personally have no intention of actually using it to film in 4K. I get ZERO requests for it. And if a corporate client did request it they would probably pay dearly thru me for the increased time, hard drive space, and work required. I am really interested for the native XLR adapter though

  5. $355 for a memory card! $355!
    I dont care what label you put on it its memory, and don't start about how fast it is that's bull. $355 for 64GB of memory is extortion, I'll never buy any device that records to P2 cards. Madness!

  6. @Dave @Emm

    Canon has their 4K camera and it's 12 grand. Panasonic is going to show them how it's done. What we're about to see is a PIMP hand, Lumix style. Keep your eyes on SCBP.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave Dugdale - I love the look of the Canon DSLRs, and the 5D Mark III is our workhorse. Let's hope whatever they announce at NAB is not another DSLR with crippled features. LOL.

  8. I've got a community set up for this, to complement notices here, if you're interested:

    In-body image stabilization would be amazing, but at a minimum I'll be anxious to see 4:2:2 capture, with the ability to easily flatten the image for post-production color grading (and camera matching). Also, I'm anxious about aliasing and low-light sensitivity, two of the Achille's heels behind a high-resolution sensor. Plus, I hope we don't get a nearly $1k doo-dad for mere XLR inputs like Sony thrust upon the NEX community for its accessory.

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