Panasonic GH4 on Modified CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal

Just shared a short video over on my Instagram with the GH4 balanced on my modified CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal. I've uploaded a copy to my YouTube channel seen below. I chose the Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye as it's lightweight and I can correct some distortion to simulate a UWA (ultra wide angle) lens when shooting in 4K mode.

Instagram Video GH4 2 Axis Video Gimbal

Absolutely no issues getting this camera balanced on the CAME 6000, and this is a ready-to-run gimbal system with no programming or assembly necessary (find it here). Just charge the batteries, balance and go. Mine was modified with side handles, but shortly after my modification they now offer these side handles as a standard.

Of course you won't have the third axis (Pan stabilization) which is extremely helpful as you walk swiftly or run. If you just plan on stabilizing your handheld shots free from rolling shutter and keeping the horizon level, this compact super lightweight carbon gimbal works perfectly.

CAME 6000 Gimbal Stabilizer
find-price-button UPGRADED CAME 6000 2-Axis Active Gimbal Stabilizer

29 thoughts on “Panasonic GH4 on Modified CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal

  1. chris

    I have a Came 6000 and the rear light continues to flash multiple colors and will not stabilize. What is needed to plug this into my computer? I have a mini usb to usb that connects the two, but do I need a 4 prong adapter as well (there are 2 adapter ports on the side of the gimbal)?

  2. Joseph

    Is there a Preset Profile for Simplebgc GUI v2.2? i have sadly delete my Profile of my Came 6000.

    Tnx 4 help!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Henk - It's all in the software programming. I did not program the CAME 6000, it came this way.

  4. MELonic


    I try to configure my own gimbal with also a gh4 (12-35mm).

    What's is your setting (pid? ...)

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Best Regards,


  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Henk - It might be with the new 32bit board, but you have to program the settings.

  6. Henk

    Hello, is the "upside down" option standard available with this gimbal, or is it only possible after some adjustments? Is that also possible with the 7000 version?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnny - Hmm, the design of the stage (platform) has an odd shape. I tried a few QR adapters I had laying around, but it was hard to lock them in place because of the weird cutout shape. I have no idea which would be a good one at this time, i'm still testing in that area as well.

  8. Johnny

    Hey Emm, any recommendation of a light weight, slim quick release plate that you can use with the came-6000 or came-7000 and manfrotto tripods? I have searching for one so I can switch quickly between setup. thanks

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - Motorized Gimbals constantly check camera position and immediately react to level the horizon. This does rely heavily on electrical, mechanical parts, and a software profile that is very very selective about the camera equipment you are using with it. Once you have this setup it's time consuming to swap to a new lens, rebalance, and reprogram (unless you pay for the high end systems).

    Manual stabilizers work off of counterweights and it is up to the operator to maintain and control the camera position. There are no batteries, no motors or wiring to fail, and you can swap lenses and rebalance a system very quickly. These are inexpensive, very very effective, but it takes time to practice.

    They will both have pros and cons. I still get frustrated when I'm trying to use a new camera or lens on a motorized gimbal. The steps to rebalance and tweak the software are time consuming. Of course once you have it working, you can create some very very interesting footage.

  10. Anthony

    I too am trying to decide between a Came H4 and a cheap gimbal for the GH3 & 12-35 2.8

    Does the 'old fashioned' H4 stabilizer rival these new fangled gimbals?

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @iL - Sorry, it's a closed system. You don't program it, you don't connect to it. There is no interface.

  12. iL

    Could you please specify which controller and what kind of software the UpCame6000 has? Is it possible to tweak its PID settings?

  13. Pete

    I figured it was user error. I hate that is typically the case. Thanks for the quick response. I'll go back to playing around.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Pete - If you're talking about a slight side-to-side twitch that happens, it's most likely only happening when you walk or run. That's because you don't have pan stabilization, and at that point it's really based on your technique. You have to learn how to handle the system gently in the hands and as we say here 'walk like a duck'. You bend your knees and walk carefully heel to toe, no hard steps.

  15. Pete

    Emm, I recently grabbed a CAME 6000 & a GH4 and I am having the hardest time getting rid of the slight twitch. Everything else looks great but the slight twitching throws off every smooth image. It feels like the motor is overworking when it doesn't need to. My current lens set up is an FD 35mm 2.8 with a speedbooster. I know it's impossible to diagnose the problem via the forum but any tips for twitching? I have the center of balance very close spot on after watching your video on balancing gimbals. I'm not pushing the degree of the motor too hard either. I just wish there was a simple fix to the twitching.

    Is there something specific that causes the twitching? I really appreciate any insight.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Pil Yang - You have to build the 7000 that's why it's not as expensive as a ready to run gimbal. The 7000 is a 3 Axis and if you build it right will perform better than the 6000 because of the third axis (pan stabilization).

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Renato Langona - When I have time I will try to tweak my PID settings, but right now it's working pretty good for me. The 7000 is pretty finicky and that's mainly due to the way i've configured the software. If you can program it properly i'm sure it can do all the same.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - Nice find. Aside from the color of the handles, that looks like the same product.

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