Panasonic GH3 Camera – Available

The Panasonic GH3 camera has had it's long delays and is still unavailable from big retailers. If you've had your heart set on picking up this camera, right now there is a new small inventory available from USA sellers via eBay but they are moving fast (found here).

Panasonic GH3 Camera
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12 thoughts on “Panasonic GH3 Camera – Available

  1. Trinityfxmg- Thanks for the reply. I think I'm going to make the switch. Do you know if there is an equivalent to the Nifty Fifty 50mm 1.8II that I could pick up for the Panasonic's right off the bat? Also, are there any adapters that would make my Canon lenses fully, or partially, functional on the Panasonic's? Thanks for you insight.

  2. Trinityfxmg

    Johnny the GH2 and GH3 are more like canon then BMC in regards to file format and great video right off the camera. However GH2 and GH3 has so so so much better quality then all the canon cameras you listed. I owned just about all the canon dslr under the 5d mark ii and owned several Sony. The GH2 puts them to shame. I am waiting for my GH3 but from what a seen on the net looks like a good GH2 replacement. You can search youtube for my name and see the projects I did with all these cameras including the GH2.

  3. I'm seriously considering moving from Canon to Panasonic for my small video business. Does the Gh3, and/or hacked-Gh2, have a very good image straight out of the the Canon t4i, 60d, 7d does.....or does it take a heavier dose of post production color grading, leveling, more similar to the Black obtain the amazing image quality I'm seeing from these Panasonics? Thanks!!

  4. Mike Chenoweth

    It's just another crayon in the box, people. If you don't like the color, you don't have to use it. 🙂

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Image quality aside, the GH3 has many features the GH2 has never offered which some people may find worth the upgrade. Compared to the Canon LCD screens, I couldn't stand looking at the GH2 LCD or EVF. The new GH3 has an amazing LCD and EVF.

  6. When you posted it I saw two sellers with $200-300 over list. Kenmore has it at list, but based on the reviews and the comparisons of image quality, I personally would not pay the price difference over the GH2. In a few months or so, when it starts coming down, it will be a different story, but right now, the $800 premium (I picked up a GH2 for $499 including the kit lens on Black Friday) just isn't worth it to me.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - At the time of posting (and I see a few now) there are a few listed at regular retail price. No additional markup.

  8. getem

    Tell them why you're mad....... The day you use a GH3 you will understand, until then please continue to show your frustration.....

  9. At hefty ripoff premiums no less, $200-300 over list price! To get what, an image that's marginally better (if at all) than a hacked GH2. I'll wait until it comes down to reasonable prices.

  10. Mike Chenoweth

    Bought from Kenmore Camera yesterday - Great service! Highly recommended! - They do stock batteries for the GH3 as well if you want to bundle.

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