4K Video Panasonic DMC-G7 Now Shipping

Adorama has just announced that they are already shipping the new Panasonic DMC-G7. This is a great camera for those looking to dive into 4K Video on a budget as it shares many similarities from the more expensive GH4, or as an excellent B-Cam if you're already working with the GH4. If you're working with Canon lenses, you can still grab the Metabones XL Speed Booster EF to MFT Adapter which will offer more advantages in low lighting and wider FOV.

In fact, the DMC-G7 is about half the price of Panasonic's GH4 and even comes with either a 14-42mm or 14-140mm lens as part of the standard kit.

If you order from Adorama right now, they are even throwing in an Audio-Technica AT8024 Stereo/Mono Camera-Mount Microphone FREE + FREE Expedited Shipping too. This should be a very popular camera, and you can find out more specs (here).

panasonic_dmc_g7hk_lumix_dmc_g7_mirrorless_micro_1148513 panasonic_dmc_g7ks_lumix_dmc_g7_mirrorless_micro_1148283
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4 thoughts on “4K Video Panasonic DMC-G7 Now Shipping

  1. Southerndude, it is interesting you bringing up the RX-10ii. I have the RX100iii as well as a couple of GH4s and as much as i love the GH4s, the RX100iii blows the GH4 out of the water when comparing low light levels. I assume the RX10ii inherits the same low light capabilities of the RX100iii. I'm not just talking about being able to shoot in the range of a couple of stops either. I use my Rx100iii whenever possible and if I can't, I use the GH4.

  2. If your going to try 4K video and you want a travel camera, as well as a Pro camera, I prefer the New Sony RX-10 II, Better sensor, better lens. I had the GH3 and some len's, did not like carrying all those lens's around, plus I think the 16 Mp sensor is too small compared to many more cameras that are now out with 20+ Mp sensors. I have compared the GH3's sensor to Sony's 1" sensor, I think the the Sony's is better.

  3. Mine arrived yesterday. I got it in silver (which I think looks very sharp) with the 14-42mm lens. I haven't really gotten a chance to put the video through its paces yet, but I'm quite happy with the stills performance so far. I like the layout and ergonomics a lot and the camera is surprisingly lightweight, even with glass and a battery. There's a Nebula 4000 stabilizer at the studio where I work and I think the two would pair very well together. It doesn't feel quite as rock-solid as a metal-body camera, but it definitely doesn't feel cheap or flimsy either. My initial impressions are very positive, although I'll obviously need to import some video footage and play around with it before I can really judge the camera.

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