Overview of Gini GH2 Video Cage

Here's a (fairly lengthy) look at the Gini Rigs GH2 cage that provides all the cut outs to view controls and still have access to different ports around the camera. It looks like it's cut out to allow the LCD to still swing out also. No doubt it's high quality stuff, but there's been mixed complaints about the threading used on these cages as they may not be 1/4x20 accessible, but looking through the top area of the cage there seems to be different sized holes and threads. Maybe the new cages are supporting 1/4x20?

Still waiting to hear back from YouTube member feha1000 about that question, or if anyone else can chime in about a recent Gini Cage purchase. [Update] Here's the reply:

About 20 1/4" threads are on the top plate only the res M5 threads , and yes they work well with friction arms

Find more information on the Gini GH2 cage and other rigs following the link via eBay (click here).

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13 thoughts on “Overview of Gini GH2 Video Cage

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Enmedia - I doubt you can buy individual parts. Most of us just buy the whole kits and sell off the parts we don't need.

  2. Enmedia

    I have a friend putting a couple rigs together and saw what he had got from ebay today. He has bought several different brands like Lamparte and Gini. What I really liked was the Gini parts on his rig. He had 2 cage brackets on it and I thought it was very quality looking parts.
    I have been searching for Gini parts online and on ebay and cant seem to find what Im looking for. Anyone know where I can buy individual pieces to build a dslr cinerig? the Gini ebay auctions are very limited. I saw complete rigs and couple cages, that was about it. If someone could link me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

  3. daniel

    thanks for the replies guys! ill keep an eye out on their items and see what I can use and add to my rig.

  4. I have to second that Daniel. I learned about Gini rigs here, I have a couple of them and they are exceptionally well built and the price is right. This particular cage is impractical for my intended use.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @daniel - I have a few years experience with Gini Products. High quality stuff, flawless. Most people with bid (not Buy It Now) on items. You get what's listed, and if you ask questions, don't expect much a response (not good english?). In some cases it ships fast, but don't buy the stuff with expectations of fast shipment.

    When I buy Gini stuff, I buy what's available on auction, and if I win, sometimes I get it in the same week, sometimes a few weeks, but I always get the items. In the end, it's always a high quality product.

  6. Well, it looks beautiful and according to the video he's put 1/4-20 holes, at least on top, but my problem with this cage is its size. I have both GH1/GH2 and CAnon cameras and this cage is obviously too small if you wanted to put a larger body DSLR in there. Ideally, I'd want a cage that can fit a 5Dmk2 on a quick release plate and GH1/GH2 on quick release plates, in case I want to quickly take the camera out and use it handheld or on sticks by itself in an event. So for my money, a cage this small is rather inflexible and impractical if you want to use it with more than one body.

  7. Archie

    Will have to hope to win a bid. Buy it now Price seems steep but then again the work on the rig looks enormous seems worth if one's budget allows.

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