Opteka’s New CXS-2 Shoulder Stabilizer

Opteka CXS-2 Stabilizer

Opteka has made available a new version of their dual handled CXS stabilizer - the CXS-2 Shoulder Support. The handles swing apart for spacing, but under the stage seems to have support for 15mm rods (to mount accessories like an FF). The shoulder pad fits more like a target shooter, but is upgradeable to support their optional counterweight and belt support system.

It runs under $130 dollars, but what do you guys think? Worth it, or is there something else in that price range you are using today that's a better fit? (click here to find Opteka CXS-2 Shoulder Stabilizer on eBay)

Opteka CXS-2 StabilizerOpteka Stabilizer 15mm
find-price-button Opteka CXS-2 Double Handle Stabilizer 15mm Support

Another interesting little tidbit released is their VB-30 Aluminum triple mount shoe adapter. The VB-30 fits on a standard shoe and makes available three additional shoes for small accessories, led lights, microphones, etc.

Opteka VB-30 triple shoe adapter cube
find-price-button Opteka VB-30 Triple Shoe Adapter Cold Shoe Mount

19 thoughts on “Opteka’s New CXS-2 Shoulder Stabilizer

  1. nico

    Hey guys, what would be the best alternative in the same price range to this rig if I need to use the standard 60mm system to add a follow focus (since this one has a 80mm gap between the rods).
    Why did they do that?!

  2. I have the RJ FF and Shoulder rig that you had reviewed last year. For the price it's a really good setup and I thank you for your recommendation. I recently was searching for something similar on Amazon and came across the Opteka CXS-100 which seems to be identical to the RJ rig, it also has an available FF that looks just like the RJ one. Do you know if it's the same rig under a different name or if it's totally different? If it's the same or of similar quality I would probably buy it! Here's the links...



  3. Wiley

    I'm having a tough time making the CXS-2 comfortable to wear, even with light video gear.

    I also have the strap and the weight setup. I might have to get some wide belt loop pants to make it work with the strap as the weigh from my light/camera/wireless setup keeps pulling everything forward - thus pulling up the waist strap.

    It has potential, with some adjustments. Haven't used it on a gig yet.

  4. Michael Torpey

    apparently there are two version. The original with their rails or the version with the "15mm rail accessory rod" and counterbalance.

  5. jodydb

    the triple hot shoe mount is great and study, i found it when i wanted a jcube? but wasnt paying that outlandish price, they also have a nice traditional flash mount bracket with 3 hot shoe adapters around 14 that works great.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruce Philpott - Not the rails that the handles are attached to. There's another image that appears to shows rails mounted under the Aluminum baseplate, or maybe i'm not looking at it correctly.

  7. @ Dave Navarro: I bought that one a year ago and regretted it. The tightening knobs strip out and the rails are a bit larger than 15mm, so most things (follow focus, matte box, etc.) won't fit. I drilled out the handles and put in nuts and bolts and usd them for another rig. The rest I threw away.

    Emm, there's no place for FF and MB, etc. on those rails... they're not parallel.

  8. Michael Torpey

    I was looking at this on the opteka site a few days ago. I just pulled the trigger. I throw some videos up as soon as I get it.

  9. imgpro615

    i agree with killer k...opteka IS stepping up as the poorman's gear supplier...CineCity used to be but they think they are redrock and cinevate anymore...their prices [though still very competitive] are still comparatively high...if opteka comes with a dual arm stabiliser arm and vest...LOOKOUT!
    that triple show cube looks interesting...saw it on a site with a tube for HDV camera that use a mic clamp...i built my own version of it AND this cube...cost more than i was comfortable to pay at the time...

  10. i think opteka looks like they are stepping up to the game with price efficient stabilizers. like the included counterweight option to. if it was 100 bucks instead might be ready to pull the trigger

  11. ed

    a nice low cost option- but supports with handles that are straight up and down are bad for the wrist and can be uncomfortable. It needs to be at an angle like thier single hand model. Straight handles are OK when your forearm is level with the horizon.

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