Opteka MBX DSLR Video Matte Box

Opteka just released a new Matte Box called the MBX. Product description states All metal construction, Folding french flags and adjustable side wings; Flattened shade for wide angle lenses, Fits industry standard 15mm supporting rods, Two 360-degree rotating filter trays support 4x5.65" filters, and Swing-away design to provide easy access to lenses.

I'm sure people are hoping to hear good things, as there are not many Matte Boxes out there to come in under the $250 dollar mark. You can find more about the new MBX MatteBox product via Amazon (Click Here).

Opteka MBX MatteBoxOpteka Matte Box MBX
find-price-button Opteka MB-X Professional Matte Box Kit 15mm Rod System

13 thoughts on “Opteka MBX DSLR Video Matte Box

  1. David

    I have received the Opteka MBX Professional Universal Matt Box Kit and it is not as described, namely:

    1. It does NOT have a swing away arm for easy lens access as advertised on the box

    2. Filter trays jam and do not go in or out easily. Very frustrating to use- and its easy to damage expensive glass filters.

    3. Filter trays cannot be aligned as there are no alignment markers

    4, Filter trays screws are almost impossible to access due to the fixing arm obstructing them

    5. It is VERY heavy at over 2kg! You will need a very solid professional tripod and heavy duty head to use it.

    6. No instructions were included

    Best avoid it and purchase one of the many other matt box products available!

  2. jay

    I just got my Opteka Mattebox in the mail.I was surprised by the fine build quality(its all metal) at that price . And as for all the folks asking about the vertical adjustment, Yes there is.The 2 screws that are used to attach the 2 rods to the Matt box,they can me moved up and down for about an inch.
    And as for the filter trays , getting them to rotate freely is still an issue. will probably try some lube over the weekend. not used it in a shooting yet.

  3. Derek

    Just ordered the Opteka Mattebox and sent it back. The springs holding the filters are pretty loose and feel cheap. The flag had trouble staying in place no matter how tight the screw is. The arm does not "swing away" but is rather a swing away design. The rotating trays simply do not work. It was a tug of war and I worried about getting this mattebox anywhere near my cameras or my clients. The flashpoint mattebox from Adorama appears to have better features for the same price. Just ordered one. Hopefully the quality is better than the Opteka. Also, 47th Street Photo charges a 15% restocking fee to return the Opteka. Adorama = no restocking fee if you don't like the flashpoint.

  4. Tony

    Why must they slap their logo/name in HUGE WHITE letters on there stuff? I'm still trying to get it off the counterweight bricks I got. I appreciate marketing but a little more conservative approach would be more professional. Are you listening OPTEKA?!!

  5. @imgpro615 Strictly from the pictures, it doesn't appear that the opteka mattebox offers vertical height adjustment.

    This should be less of a concern if your rail base plate is height adjustable (Like Gini's Apple Base Plate). Not sure about opteka's though. But if it is, then you should be able to make your camera+lens combo fit with this mattebox.

  6. Shervin

    Whats the filter holder thickness on this? Will it support 4mm thick Schneider glass?

  7. imgpro615

    ...i got the straight shoulder support from opteka on the strength of the review here. couldnt be happier...now a legitimate mattebox from them? NICE...will get it...but i wonder does it adjust vertically

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Danny - Sorry, I don't know. This is a new product and I haven't seen it in person.

  9. Hi Emm,

    I'm using a 394 release on my Gini. Can you adjust the level of the box to match the level of the lens? I wanted to be sure. Thanks.


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