Opteka 23″ Slider Video Sample

Opteka's new 23" Slider video sample from Vimeo member skooKILLfilms. Camera used was the Canon 60D + 18-135mm kit lens and Samyang 8mm. The Opteka 23" slider is based on the IGUS rails, and offers a decent start for those who aren't looking to modify or DIY their own. It's an inexpensive slider that can provide excellent results, especially if you're shooting on a smaller format camera like the Sony NEX or Micro Four Thirds system, these linear rails should work fine.

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19 thoughts on “Opteka 23″ Slider Video Sample

  1. Mike

    Update. This slider will not work with a heavy lens. I put a 10x24 on it and it's way too heavy if the camera is tilted it all. I had it on a nice ball head. The slider binds up on the track because of the weight. This slider works great for small lenses and it's quite smooth, however it didn't work for me in the end. I ended up dumping it on EBay and getting the Varavon Lite which is awesome. It can handle the weight and it's very smooth. Awesome build quality and it came with a carrying case.

  2. Mike

    My Kamerar slider came today. Its exactly the same as the opteka. Just has a different sticker. After a quick assembly I headed to hardware store and picked up some machine oil. A few drops on the rail and it's now operating smoothly. I highly recommend this slider. It's $89.99 on EBay right now!

  3. I used this cheap slider and got decent results. I just wish it was longer, but I'm afraid the longer version wouldn't be able to handle the weight of my 5D2 a the far ends.

    Here's what I made this past weekend with the Opteka slider:
    Exotics & Classics: https://vimeo.com/30135849

  4. SkunkWorks


    My experience was the opposite. I built a ball bearing based slider to use temporarily while I was waiting for my Igus parts to ship to me. I couldn't keep a constant speed on it to save my life because it was too smooth and frictionless. Having a bit of resistance works better for me and I even added a brake to my carriage so I could tweak the amount of resistance that works best for me.

    But maybe it's also working for me because of the technique I use... I put my thumb and forefinger on each of the 2 rails and push firmly downward into the rails while simultaneously pushing or "bumping" the carriage from behind.

    Just my 2 cents as well.

  5. Hey Emm, You posted this a while back and I grabbed on. I'm sure it isn't the smoothest slider, but for my budget and project it worked out great. Thanks for posting! I'll share my results in another month or so.

  6. alex

    Just my two cents here, but hoping other people can benefit from my mistake. I did a DIY slider based on Igus parts and used it with a lot of frustration for several months. Just couldn't get smooth results. One section of the slider would be smooth and then the next would bind a bit and you could see it on the footage. If you look closely to the video above of the skateboarder, you can see what I'm talking about in this video as well. Just isn't smooth. I got so frustrated that after reading about the Konova slider here on this website (thanks Emm!!) I went and bought that and am very happy with it. My opinion is that its very hard to get good slides on a friction based slider (which the Igus is) and its much, much easier to get smooth slides on ball bearing based sliders, which the Konova is. I'd buy another Konova in a heartbeat. Price was good as well.

    Again, just my two cents, but hope it helps someone.

  7. SkunkWorks

    I skipped over this the first time because I already have a 1 metre Igus based slider which I even motorized. I just realized if I had a shorter version I could still have a slider when I fly out to Vancouver this summer... something I was bummed about knowing I'd have to do without while I'm there.

    ... I just checked the link to this Opteka which I thought would be going for under a hundred bucks based on what it costs to buy or build the 3 foot (1 metre) and was disappointed at the price... that's almost what it cost me to put the longer Igus slider together. I think I'll call my contact at Igus Canada and get them to cut me a 2 foot length of rail and send it out to me... I can pilfer the rest of the parts (carriage etc.) off my longer one for my trip 😉

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @garrett - The Opteka won't be as smooth as the Konova. Here's the article for the Vertical mount httpss://cheesycam.com/slider-tips-and-mounting-solutions/. Also Olivia has a new video soon about the Konova slider, watch for that one.

  9. garrett


    Typically, do you recommend every slider you post for vertical movements? Is this one capable of it, too? I saw one slider a long time ago where you did mount it in such a way, but it hasn't been brought up for months. I'm unsure what to invest in cause for me, really, that vertical movement is the most crucial reason to buy a slider.

    I donno, it may be too much to ask, but information on this seems valuable and I can't find much on it. Like, also, can you still pan with the head mounted that way? Is there a tutorial page or video you know of for more information?

    I sincerely appreciate all you post and do; just today, picked up those 170 LEDs you posted bout a week or two ago. Thanks sir.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - For something this small, I would use the small ball head (no panning while sliding) httpss://cheesycam.com/test-drive-spidertrax-clone-korean-dolly/

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Mich - The IGUS based sliders are better than the indislider mini stuff which is based on basic 80/20 AL extrusions.

  12. Mich

    Hey Emm, that's good to know that there are another inexpensive slider. It seems like it is much sturdier than indislider mini. What do you think about between this slider and indi mini?

  13. Always great finds. I live on Ebay the past couple of weeks buying Canon FD lenses for my GH1. And of course I have to take into account the x2 factor. So this Samyang is a very interesting option. I found it at B&H under the Rokinon name for $289. Oddly enough neither B&H nor Amazon were carrying Samyang, only Rokinon. Not even the 35 or 85 and I could have sworn they were carrying those a week or two ago. So my question is do you have any idea of how this 8mm will behave with the GH1 x2 factor?

  14. What is a good fluid head to put on these that won't break the bank?

    On another note, is it possible for you to turn on/add a feature that will notify someone when their comment has been responded or replied to?

    Thanks for all you do!

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - Eventually I think people end up with several of everything. One camera can't do it all, so you end up getting a smaller GoPro camera to do work where a large camera just won't do. You're right about traveling. The Konova I use as often as possible, but traveling with it doesn't fit even in the baggage I check in to the airlines. I was actually thinking about carrying a very very short slider. The idea would be to use it with a smaller camera if I really need to add in some slides, like my GF1 which is capable of producing great footage.

  16. Chris

    Hey em,
    this is really appealling to me because of the size, as it can easily travel.

    do you think the konova is too large to travel with?
    or too heavy?

    obviously the build quality on the konova will be much better, but is it worth the extra $$$?

    im afraid of spending the cash for this, and then wanting an upgrade.

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