ONE DAY SALE Huge Discount on Sandisk Extreme PRO Series SSD Drives

If you're been following some of my social network profiles, i've been showing off my new Blackmagic Production 4K Camera. The problem I immediately ran into though was none of my Solid State drives (which worked fine for the BMCC 2.5K version) failed to work properly when shooting RAW. When shooting ProRes you'll be fine, but when shooting RAW this camera really requires a higher quality Solid State Drive.

So I'm super excited about this ONE DAY Sale on the Sandisk Extreme 'Pro' Series (keyword PRO) Solid State Drives. I have one 480GB Pro version tested with my BlackMagic Production 4K camera and all seems to be working well. I planned to grab another one so this sale comes just in time, in fact the price is so nice I may just have to pick up a few extras.

blackmagic 4k raw global shutter
120GB SSD = only 5 Minutes of 4K Raw in BMP4K Camera

Even if you're unsure if you need one or not, you may want to order one just to take advantage of the sale, and then return it if you don't need it. It may not be necessary, but you guys looking to get an Atomos Shogun external 4K recorder could use a good SSD too. I highly recommend that you take a look and consider how you can take advantage of these 'Pro' series SSD drives (1 day sale found here).

sandisk pro ssd sale
find-price-button Sandisk Extreme 'Pro' Series SSD Drives

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Even if you don't shoot with a BMPC4K, this is a HUGE savings on these drives. Upgrade your laptop or use them as external editing drives with an inexpensive Thunderbolt adapter.

Screen Shot 2012-07-14 at 8.16.44 AMSeagate Thunderbolt Desktop Dock GoFlexSeagate GoFlex Sata Dock Thunderbolt
find-price-button Seagate GoFlex 3 TB Drive w/ Thunderbolt Desk Dock

17 thoughts on “ONE DAY SALE Huge Discount on Sandisk Extreme PRO Series SSD Drives

  1. coming from a wedding background, I have to agree with Emm, the BM cameras are really ill-suited for wedding work. they are made for things completely opposite of live events.

  2. Emm,

    yes the GH4 is absolutely on my radar, the color science behind panasonic is what I don;t like, but you are right, the speedbooster would make my canon lenses much faster, I gotta re-think what I'm gonna do. thanks Emm.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Hessler - I can try and do some ISO tests between the two cameras, but I personally wouldn't feel comfortable using them for weddings. There's a lot each camera needs to work for a full day of shooting.

    Since you're already used to the GH3 workflow, have you tried the GH4 camera? It's a big difference at ISO 1600 compared to the GH3. Especially when you shoot 4K and downres to to 1080p the noise cleans up. If you want to get even more out of the GH4, you can use that new tiny Atomos Ninja Star and capture 10bit ProRes 1080p from the HDMI.

    If you want to squeeze more light from the camera, the new Metabones speedbooster with a Canon lens will get you a wider view and an extra stop. The batteries in the GH4 last several hours compared to any Blackmagic which only lasts minutes.

  4. Emm,

    Yeah its not easy getting a camera like that off the ground, I do hope to see some low light comparisons with the bmpcc I plan on using the bmpcc as my B cam and the bmpc as the A cam but only if I can be sure that the camera can handle low light situations, my GH3s see a lot of 1600 ISO at weddings and I'm not sure if the bmpc can handle the low light stuff at weddings, anyways, thanks Emm, by the way I practically check your blog on a daily basis, thanks for all your reviews.


  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Hessler - I'm still getting mine off the ground ordering parts, media, and power solutions. I haven't done a scientific test but to my eye it's cleaner than the BMPCC. It's not a low light monster but it's not as bad as I thought in dim lighting. I'll do more tests in a few days when the rest of my parts come in.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Kelly - An SSD over thunderbolt should be much faster than a spinning drive. I'm not sure compared to a raid setup. If you are on a Mac download the BlackMagic Disk Speed Test App (it's FREE). Run a speed test and let me know the settings you chose. I can run a speed test on my end to see what the speeds results are.

  7. Emm,

    yes, I currently use GH3's and I love them, but I wanna step up my production value and I wanted to go with bmpcc and the bmpc route, the bmpc just to have 4k, I would shoot 1080p and yes I would use external batteries for both as both have bad battery life, but my concern is if the bmpc 4k is as good as the bmpcc at 800ASA the pocket camera is actually pretty clean, but with the update I'm unsure about the bmpc.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Hessler - Honestly I would look at a different camera for weddings. The battery life is terrible and requires a brick to keep it going. Ergonomics is poor so you need a lot of additional equipment, and storage is expensive. I would suggest looking at a different camera for weddings.

  9. Hey Emm, I was thinking about using an SSD as my media drive rather than using my UNRELIABLE Raid 0 with 2 7200rpm hard drives. Which one would be faster?

  10. Emm,

    I almost jumped in the wagon when the bmpc 4k was on sale, but i could not find any clear examples of low light footage, there is tons of stuff but honestly none of the footage was in real world low light, I do weddings and haveing low light capabilities is a must, I know the camera is not a low light camera but my bmpcc is decent in 1600 iso with the latest upgrade, what are your thoughts after using the camera, in low light with the latest upgrade? is 800 iso usable in low light? or is 1600 even a possibility.... sorry to go off topic on this post.

    Thanks Emm

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Liang - I'm always an advocate of using different and cheaper cards whenever possible. In fact I used a lot of transcend media before anyone really trusted it. You're right an SSD is just an SSD, but tell that to Blackmagic. When their Pocket Cinema camera first came out, even super fast SDXC cards weren't even 'recognized' by the camera. Only the Sandisk Extreme version worked, and later when they released new firmware (on the camera) was it a bit more compatible to other brands.

    I agree there are far better drives out on the market, but it also boils down to is what the camera 'wants to work with' without any errors. It's not just on the drive end, but also on the camera's end and it's important that both work together or you'll end up with dropped frames. Shooting a few minutes on 120GB drive and having dropped frames to where the footage is just not usable really really really sucks. For the price and guaranteed performance to work with this specific Blackmagic 4K camera (until they work out new firmware), I have no issues with choosing these over any other brand at the moment.

    Just head over to the Blackmagic Design forums and see how many people are having issues with other brand SSD drives that are supposed to be better and faster than the Sandisk. It's quite messy right now with suggestions about trying partitioning software, changing allocation size, upgrading firmware, etc. Until they work that out, there's only a few confirmed to work right out of the box and this is one of them being an inexpensive option. I'm just not at the luxury right now to fiddle with other brands hoping to get good results.

  12. Liang

    These are actually poor in terms of price/performance. While Sandisk may rule the SD and CF markets, they are not leaders in the SSD realm. For example, when it comes to HDD, or hard disk drive storage, Western Digital, HGST and certain models of Toshiba have the highest reliability and performance marks, while Western Digital's solid state drives perform poorly and have poor price points compared to the other solid state drives. You should also look into MLC vs SLC drives,and also reliable brands such as Samsung and OCZ, which have higher performance marks and better reliability. At the end of the day, I would be more worried about losing data on a Sandisk SSD, than on a Samsung 840 pro, or even their EVO pro series. And while Sandisk drives are guaranteed to work on a BMP4K camera, a SSD at the end of the day, is still an SSD. Does it capture data? If so, yes. I think people in the film industry get too caught up in brands and names, and don't realize that other brands may be better at things than what those filmmakers are used to being surrounded by. If you were a computer enthusiast, or a person in post-production who made their own computer build, other than Sandisk Extreme II, I probably wouldn't for the the Sandisk brand. I want the most reliable and best performing SSDs, and Sandisk's Extreme Pro SSDs are definitely not it. Anyways, my two cents cause I love coming here, and thought I would share some info!

  13. Matt

    they just lowered the price again...check now. New prices again, not as good as the first offer but cheaper than they were an hour ago. Dont know how long it will last...?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - The deal is over now, but when it was on I grabbed several 480GB Sandisk Pro drives for $259/each. Was cheaper and of course guaranteed to work with my BMP4K camera.

  15. krys

    SanDisk 240GB Extreme Pro Solid State Drive
    You Pay: $241.99

    is this still the sale price?
    what was the original price?

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