News on DSLR HDMI Monitor with Samsung LED Display?

HDMI LED Display SamsungSamsung LED Backlit display

Frank S. writes in and shares a find for this 7" HDMI DSLR external monitor claiming to use a backlit Samsung LED (not LCD) display. [Thanks Frank] With the LED (not LCD) display it claims to boost color, have better (blacks) contrast, brighter for outdoor use, and color temp adjustable.

Anyone seen / heard anything about this? There's some additional information following the link (click here).

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36 thoughts on “News on DSLR HDMI Monitor with Samsung LED Display?

  1. zeke

    Where are the review guys? please let us know if this thing is worth buying. i like to buy one.

  2. I just received mine today from DHL. Took it out for a quick spin and it worked great on my Canon 5D mark II. The colors seem to be pretty accurate, although I don't have another small form monitor to compare it to.

    It doesn't have many features, but for less than $200 shipped, I think I got a great monitor that will do just fine for helping me focus. I'm off to order a Sony batter for it now.

  3. billybob

    Anyone actually order one of these? I am just curious how the transaction went and if you have received it.

  4. Eric

    This is quite the interesting find, I think I might pick one up. I was able to get an Asus Wicast last month for $130 (last one in any stores near me) and a Tekkeon battery pack. This with an HDMI splitter (any suggestions?) and I'll be able to stream my setup while having a monitor to use

  5. Aries

    I still like the overscan/underscan feature of the Lilliput 5D model. I also like the higher resolution.

    Too bad there are no reviews.

  6. Nate Balli

    This is just a speculation about their origin, but I think that this guy that is selling these owned a render farm for 3D animation stuff. And he was using these little monitors as stacks and then the business may have gone under. Because he is selling the actual system for $24,000 if you check out the other items for sale.

    Not certain on this but just an idea.

  7. Pat

    Technically LCD wouldn't be incorrect. LED is used in a misleading way often. Companies say LED tv when all the LED 's are doing are backlighting the LCD

  8. getem

    Even with shipping it's less than $200, they could easily say $200 and free shipping and people would be happy.............

    Judge by the final price, that is all

  9. Barry Sanders

    @MV, there's other sellers from China that offer DSLR monitors with shipping under $15 or free shipping. They are essentially overcharging for shipping. I understand some of it has to do with the expedited shipping, but they should at least let you choose how you want it sent.

  10. MV

    Tempting. @Barry - $49 shipping overseas, assuming the shipper declares it properly, isn't expensive at all. The imposed tariffs, taxes, and so forth add up very quickly.

  11. N.K.Osborne

    Yea the shipping price is crazy. I see some are already sold. Hopefully someone will review it and let us know if it's worth the price.

  12. Joe G

    Looking at the ebay feedback, reviewers seem to be generally happy about the screens. I really want to pull the trigger on this one!

  13. Jaonlo

    Intersting to see how this will perform. I hope some Chinese companies start making cheap clones.

  14. Jaonlo

    That's a lot of weight to be carrying on a hotshoe. Maybe they should consider put another hotshoe connector in the center of the back of the monitor.

  15. aggzworth

    I was wondering... I have a T2i with magic lantern installed. If i buy a cheap LCD would i be able to use Magic lanterns focus assist and other features externally? I know its not the greatest focus assist but its certainly better than nothing.

  16. AdvanTech

    Displays that are 'LED-backlit' are actually still LCD displays. I think the most important factor in image quality/accuracy is IPS vs. TN (for example, the smallhd dp6 has an IPS panel).

  17. Brad Justinen

    Quick side note: It's still an LCD, it just has an LED backlight. A regular LCD uses small cathode ray tubes as a backlight and they burn out much faster than the newer LED backlights. An LED display would have 1-3 LEDs for each pixel.

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