New Zoom F1 Field Recorder Belt Pack Lav Mic or On Camera Shotgun

We've been using the pocketable Zoom H1 (and now H1n) as belt clip audio recorders for years. Simply attach a lav mic and a belt clip, you're good to go. It's a good option for capturing clear sound when you don't want to deal with wireless drop outs or interference from wireless mic systems.

If you have the money, the other option for a tiny belt clip audio recorder was the Tascam DR-10.

But after years of waiting, Zoom is finally releasing a new F1 Field Recorder complete with a belt clip. But aside from using it on the hip of your talent, the F1 can also be used as a self powered Shotgun Microphone with a shock mount to use as an on-camera shotgun mic.

zoom f1 belt clipzoom f1 on-cam mic
Zoom F1 Field Recorder

The versatility of the new F1 recorder is something we've been waiting on for years, but the main issue manufacturers were not able to deliver this sooner was legal patent issues. There was in fact a few products announced that never made it onto store shelves (or only sold in specific countries). Let's hope the new F1 field recorder doesn't end up having the same problems.

Zoom has always had an excellent reputation for low noise sound recording, so using the F1 field recorder on your camera is like adding a small pre-amp to power up the shotgun microphone (internal camera amps are typically not that great). But aside from just sending sound directly into your camera, it's also making a backup recording to an internal card. And of course if your talent is going to be at a distance, you switch it from an on-cam shotgun mic to a lav belt pack recorder. I could see this in my gear bag for sure.

The new F1 is available to pre-order (here).

zoom f1 audio recorderzoom f1 shotgun mic
Zoom F1 Field Recorder

7 thoughts on “New Zoom F1 Field Recorder Belt Pack Lav Mic or On Camera Shotgun

  1. Steve

    I am very happy that you mentioned the Tascam DR-10, I film a lot of weddings, and we used that to record sound at the ceremony by placing it on the groom. at the reception we taped it to the speaker microphone.

    any updated review on the f1?

  2. SpiderWayne

    I called Zoom and they told me that the shockmount will be available to purchase by the end of February.

  3. brian

    Contacted ZOOM and they will NOT be selling the accessories separately. If you want a shockmount, buy the shotgun kit. If you want a belt clip, buy the lavaliere kit. Very disappointing.

  4. Disappointed it lacks TC, like all the other Zoom F series have had.

    As without that I am doubtful it is a compelling enough choice to pick over the cheaper Tascam DR10L. (although I guess if the Tascam isn't on sale, and you need one asap then it makes sense perhaps to pick the Zoom instead at the same price? But the Tascam seems to be going on sale at a fairly semi regular basis)

  5. Paul

    I'll be curious to know how the F1 compares to the DR-10. I've always preferred Tascam's preamps over Zoom's.

  6. Rocketdesigner

    The fact that the F1 uses the boom mic from H6 is a deal breaker...will be getting this for sure.

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