New XCAM Sabre 2013 Mini Stabilizer

If you know a thing or two about stabilizers, the new 2013 XCAM Sabre brings a few new much welcome features that are typically only found on much larger systems. The design is still based on the original compact mini XCAM with quick folding legs, but now has a vertically adjustable Gimbal along a Carbon Fiber post. This adds another fine tuning option that should make balancing lightweight cameras much easier.

XCAM Sabre Adjustable Gimbal Carbon Fiber Post

Unlike the original XCAM that is limited to small cameras, the 2013 XCAM Sabre now includes a telescoping post that drops the sled lower to support even heavier systems. This essentially makes the system more bottom heavy without actually adding additional weights.

Telescoping Sled Supports Heavier Camera Systems

Now if you happen to have a camera that is just too lightweight like the Sony NEX, you'll need to make your camera heavier, so the listing also throws in a few top camera weights. You can find more information about the XCAM via eBay (click here).

find-price-button 2013 Version XCAM Sabre Mini Telescoping Stabilizer

23 thoughts on “New XCAM Sabre 2013 Mini Stabilizer

  1. CollinEdmond

    Thanks for the review. I had bought a Flycam Nano, but had a terrible time getting/keeping it balanced. I ordered an Xcam Sabre based on your review and both the process and shipping were fantastic.

    I'm absolutely in love with this stabilizer, it's fantastic. The build quality is solid and it's so easy to balance I can do it in 60 seconds with a camera light stand. Even after a few hours of filming (with breaks) it wasn't that tiring.

    Here is my first outing with the Xcam Sabre (first time with any stabilizer).

    Hanover Dog Park from Collin Edmond on Vimeo.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @jsfilmz - Not sure, the handle is pretty small and it's only designed to carry a certain amount of weight. Most vests may require more weight for the ISO Arm to work properly.

  3. Danny

    I've never bought from XCam. Does anyone know if they have a online store or is ebay the only way to purchase?

  4. Brad

    @Emm in your opinion...,out of all of the stabilizers you featured and reviewed over the years...what setup do you think I'd easies/quickest to balance? Also, I've had problems with keeping my steadil-cam consistently balanced for multiple sessions as weights get shifted a lot in transit to different projects. I'd like to own a stabilized rig that could lock the exact balanced weighed and stay in that state for multiple sessions. Thanks.

  5. Andy

    How about the X series monocam?
    Combination monopod and stabilizer
    Thoughts on if this will be an effective/ practical setup

  6. David OShea

    How can it be obsolete if it still works and is still a great product. I got the older version last week and it flys the 60d and tokina 11-16 perfectly well. If i get a heavier setup I might consider the sabre but for now i'm a happy camper....

  7. Frederic Cheung

    I've shot some videos for canon 60D and 17-55is in zhongshan park.

    the total loading of 60D+17-55is is near 1.5kg. that results in sufficent inertia and quite stable.

  8. I'm with Archie...I've barely had a chance to use my original xcam, and already there's a new version out. I've got to say though, at least they're making some good improvements...and at this price I wouldn't feel too bad about having to buy another.

  9. pixcanfly

    Hi Emm,

    for BMPC with VF cage, Skyler or this new XCam?
    Perhaps which is more compact and easier to fly.


  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Lee Mullen - The BMPC is super light, and a C Mount lens would be very light. I would say even with the VF cage and mic, it should handle that setup.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @TikTak - If it can carry a 5D2, it can carry a 60D. The mini XCAM can carry already carry a 5D2, so this Sabre with Telescoping post should be able to carry much more since it can be more bottom heavy, plus it has an adjustable Gimbal on the post.

  12. Greg

    What are your thoughts on the quality of this versus the skyler mini cam? I have the skyler and it seems higher quality based on what I can see of the closeup pics of this model.


  13. Archie

    I bought the old one, was getting used to it and making a product demo. It has been few months and I already have an obsolete product. So disappointed. But great new product it looks.

  14. Lee Mullen

    Form the beay listing:

    "Note: about minor scratches
    As for all the monoCams I need to inspect and check the body and the gimbal,
    so very minor scratches may result, this is unvoidable.
    There is no used item, so please be more considerated."

    Why can't they ensure these items are perfect cosmetically, when items made in the US are cosmetically perfect or near?

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