New TrusMT EVF – Electronic ViewFinder?

Will we be expecting to see a new 3.5" EVF on the market? I haven't heard anything about TrusMT working on anything, and maybe this is just thrown together with an aftermarket LCD. Not much on the web, except what is at the auction page. Find it (click here).

find-price-button TrusMT Electronic Viewfinder

7 thoughts on “New TrusMT EVF – Electronic ViewFinder?

  1. Marcus V Warner

    It has been something they have been selling for a while but as it is sd and no scaling options let alone auto scaling kind of made it not worth the risk for me.

  2. Koshmar

    Looks strange. No information about functions. And different descriptions of resolution on ebeay and main webpage. Hope for someone review.

  3. Teemu

    Behind the link that Nimal posted it says: 800x480 and 1920x1080...

    This item and pictures have been on their site for a long time. First time I saw it was almost a half year ago. Been checking on this but there isn't enough information or anything about it...

  4. I saw this a few days ago when you posted the review about some of their other products. I wonder how it looks at 640x480 for focusing. I also dont like the direction the eye cup is facing. I hope its reversible in some fashion like most of them.

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