New Gear – P&C GearBox DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket

Disclaimer: I help to design products for The article below is information about the new P&C GearBox. There are many other great DSLR style cages available within articles of this blog that you may also want to consider.

find-price-button P&C GearBox - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket

It's been several weeks, but the new P&C GearBox is now available at The name 'GearBox' was submitted by David during a June contest, so congrats David, will be sending one of these GearBox cages your way.

There are many High End, Super Heavy, Robust video cages available for the Professional market, but we found a lack of more affordable options for smaller style video cameras such as the Sony NEX-7 or Popular GH2. The P&C GearBox is designed to be simple, lightweight, modular, and of course - affordable.


The GearBox has a solid metal bottom and top bracket with several 1/4-20 mounting options for your accessories such as an LED video light, Portable Recorder, HDMI LCD Monitor, Microphone, Wireless Receivers, etc. To take up minimal space in a bag when packing up or traveling, the GearBox can easily be disassembled with a single Hex driver.


The GearBox will support a quick release plate underneath if you want to mount the rig onto a Tripod. Extension adapters are provided to support taller cameras, or if you want to add a quick release system into the cage unit allowing you easy removal of your camera body. The rubber coated side handles provide a non-slip comfortable grip and are spaced further apart to add stability for hand-held shooting styles. Interested in a Rail System? Soon to be released is the 15mm Rod adapter (sneak peek here).

As a new item, there is an Introductory Price of just $79.99 over at (Click Here).

find-price-button P&C GearBox - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket

124 thoughts on “New Gear – P&C GearBox DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket

  1. Tai-Stik

    @Emm, can you use this cage sans top bracket, in a U configuration to support taller cameras like the 5D3 with grip, or would it not be sturdy?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Dean - The knob is adjustable and spring-loaded so once you tighten it up you could reposition it.

  3. Lynne Hall

    Can the Gearbox Cage take a Canon 5D Mark III in portrait mode via an L Plate and quick release plate? Specs indicate one pair of extenders would be a very tight fit with no space above. Is it possible to use two pairs of extenders? Thanks.

  4. Lynne Hall

    Thank you. Please could you list the weights of the P&C GearBox DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket, the 7-inch and the 11-inch Friction arms?

  5. Sven

    The battery door of my 600D can not be opened when mounted to the Gearbox Cage. Quite disappointing since you mentioned that it will work with canon DSLR's. The unit has a great build quality though.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Lynne Hall - A 5DM3 is a tall camera, and it will not work without the extenders. A 717 Quick release plate is not compatible with any other tripod but a 717. The Custom Quick Release baseplate sold on P&C can mount to any standard 1/4-20.

  7. Lynne Hall

    Would a Canon 5D MkIII plus Custom Fancier 717 QRP fit inside the Gearbox without the extenders?

    Also can you confirm that the 717 QRP is compatible with any make tripod or monopod and especially with the CVP SM1 shoulder mount?

    Anyone any idea on approx. customs charges (%) to the UK?
    Thank you.

  8. Lee

    Aye Guys--Great Cage!..BUT Im having an incredibly difficult time finding a quick release plate for the GH2 that will allow the battery door to fully swing open... ANY luck or sugestions that actually work... everything I buy including the smaller: Manfrotto 323 RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter is just too wide..
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave Navarro - Yes a Canon T4i will fit with a battery grip. The GearBox has an optional 15mm rail clamp that can be worked into a rail system.

  10. what kind of hot shoe adapters or mounts should I purchase to attach my rode video mic (1st kind) to the gearbox. the gearbox looks tight... I'm just trying to figure out what exact mounts to purchase! Please list the links here* so I can start mounting stuff on my cam!

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @QKit - It's not designed to fit with any specific handle, but it does have a bunch of 1/4" inch threaded mounts on the top plate.

  12. imgpro615

    i got all my bits and it works a dream!
    ...using the gearbox with rod adapter on a canon eos 60D with a DIY mattebox on a cobracrane I...

    the wireless lcd article is of great interest so i can monitor without cables...

    thanx emm!!

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Jonas Bendsen - Yes, we will be listing extra extensions on the website soon. Right now some of the products are out of stock.

  14. So the 7D and a battery grip is 6.25" tall. Add the quick release plate and it's even taller. Any idea when the extra stackable extenders would be available, and how tall they will be? Obviously I don't want to make a purchase if I'm not sure that I'll have the parts available to me that make shooting with the battery grip and base plate possible. Thanks for your communication via this channel!

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Jonas Bendsen - It's not possible to have them on top of the handles, but they can be stacked at the bottom. P&C will have those extra extenders as a separate product listing soon.

  16. Just watched the video and saw the extenders that come with it. Would it be possible to get *two* sets of those (instead of just one)? I assume a set of those at the top AND a set at the bottom would accommodate the set up I need. Thanks again.

  17. Any chance you've been able to take those measurements yet? Really just want to make sure my baseplate/cradle and battery grip with the 7D fit, or if I'll need to figure out some sort of extra spacers and longer bolts/rods/screws. Thanks!

  18. Randy

    First thing I did was flip the bottom plate so it would work better with the GH2. This allows for much more room to plug in an HDMI cable and for the LCD screen to flip out. Also had to mount the camera as far forward as possible so my hands would fit better around the grips.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @PatricRebstock - This might not work only because the BMCC is centered when mounted, but they are already working on one to fit as we speak. The Black Magic camera really needs something like this because it has no handles, except for the optional ones they sell.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Jonas Bendsen - I'm not going to be around the studio today, but i'll try to measure things out tomorrow.

  21. This subject keeps getting touched on, but I'm hoping to get some definitive information. I can't find any dimensions on this product anywhere. Basically, I'd like to use this with my Manfrotto 577 release plates (or the 717's from you guys) and a 7D with a battery grip on it. It *sounds* like such a thing wouldn't fit, but I need to know how much extra space I would need to create by modifying the grips (adding spacers for height). Any chance you guys could upload a PDF with technical details (*especially* dimensions) to the website? Thanks so much, and KUDOS on making a quality, *affordable* cage available! We will be reviewing your product on our blog and spreading the word as soon as we receive ours. I hope you guys make millions when you are bought by a larger company. 😉

  22. PatrickRebstock

    Hey Emm,
    do you know if this would be tall enough for the Blackmagic cam?
    Can you use double risers or would that flex to much?
    your stuff is just solid, built from necessity.

  23. getem

    Figured it out. basically the thread hole was about 1-2mm tight and I had to force the screw in by turning it and making the hole slightly larger. More than likely it being newly manufactured caused the problem.

    Please make note EMM that the hole was slightly tighter than normal


  24. getem

    I just received my Custom 717 Quick Release plate today and how do I screw it to the GearBox cage?

    The screw that's on the bottom is to big for the smaller holes and two small for the larger one in the middle. Are you using a different screw to attach it to the GearBox Cage?

    This is in reply to the 55th post and the same exact setup I am trying to achieve, PLEASE HELP

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  26. Emm

    Post author

    @pixcanfly - ??? Yes it works fine. I don't think you understand how to reposition the knob correctly on a Manfrotto quick release. Pull the spring loaded knob away from the baseplate. It's no different than mounting on a Glidecam base.

  27. pixcanfly

    Emm, I just got the gearbox. The Manfrotto quick release plate shown in your video doesn't quite work for the cage. The tightening knob couldn't clear the base of the camera. Upon seeing your video again, I don't think you managed to tighten the knob too.

  28. Got the gearbox. Really like it because it still allows me to use my battery grip.

    Next question: How much longer for the rails, and ballpark price on rail price?

  29. JKPinPDX

    Will this work with a Canon 60D WITH battery grip.
    Plus it's still showing UNAVAILABLE.
    When's the next batch go out?
    Or can you send us a direct link to the order page?
    Ready to order when ya got em!

  30. todd

    Hey Emm,
    Looks awesome, but when they are available will it still be intro pricing? Use my pico dolly all the time, btw it is awesome!

  31. Matthew

    I received my GearBox today and really like it!

    The build is excellent. If you have a P&C PistolGrip than you are familiar with the great feel of the light weight yet durable grips that come on the GearBox. The metal plates are also light weight, strong and well machined. The black finish with red accents matches my Manfrotto 701HDV, Stroboframe shoe mounts and Zacuto EVF.

    Everything functions as I expected. My GH2 fits with a Manfrotto quick release without the use of risers. The battery slot is not designed for the GH2, but wouldn't open anyway on the quick release. However, I use a ciecio7 FD to M4/3 adapter that has a lens support with 1/4" thread. So that allows the camera to hang off the end and be completely accessible.

    The GearBox just feels right and works as you would think. It's not a cage designed to provide ultimate protection for your camera. There are other options for that. If you want something affordable that provides better handling and additional mounting options in a light weight build you won't be disappointed.

  32. getem

    Cool thanks a lot Emm, also as soon as they get the rails in, make sure to post as I know myself and many will buy it. As always love the site

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @getem - I'm sure it will go through. Normally when an order is placed, they print labels in the order it was placed. Once the label is generated it creates a tracking number, but maybe it just hasn't gone out yet? Not sure, but you could follow up with Don't worry though, i'm sure it will be shipped. Even though it's listed out of stock, there is always a few pieces on reserve just in case.

  34. Brandon

    Please tell me the intro price will still be available I really want to buy one of these it looks awesome!!

  35. getem

    My order is saying unfulfilled when I ordered it right away? Please don't tell me my order is not going out?

    How can I check on this

  36. I went to buy, but out of stock. I'll watch twitter. Thanks for another great product! Looks like you could use a friction arm and third handle as a chest point for support under the cage.


  37. Russ

    Currently unavailable 🙁

    Congrats on selling out the initial run so quick. Will there be more available at the introductory price anytime soon?

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @Owen - I was using a Manfrotto quick release with the Nikon D800, GH2, and Canon 5D Mark II in the video. You can 'pull' the lever away from the QR adapter and align it differently (while it's still locked). I positioned mine so that it cleared properly.

  39. Emm

    Post author

    @mike chenoweth - Because the GearBox is not camera specific, there are no plans to add a hotshoe mount for this inexpensive setup. I'm sure it would add more stability, but there are many guys who run around with fully loaded shoulder rigs and the camera is only attached through the tripod mount. The camera should have no problems staying inside the GearBox. If you are planning to do something crazy, the GearBox might not be the solution. Letus makes some very heavy duty cages that could be used for more abusive work.

  40. Owen

    Do you know if the Manfrotto 557 quick release adaptor (the one that uses 701 plates) will work? In order to work, the locking leaver would need to swing down through battery access opening as it can not swing up as it hits the camera body.

  41. mike chenoweth

    Hey Emm - sorry to keep pestering with questions - any type of hot shoe clamp planned for this in order to offer a second mounting option for the camera?

  42. Emm

    Post author

    @Tom - Thanks for the suggestion, but I think that would make the product very camera specific. It's not meant for one type of camera. Might even work with a Black Magic Cinema Camera (no grip on that). My smaller cameras don't have the same grip as say a Canon 5D Mark III, and by moving your hands further away from the camera, it's a great handheld stabilizer (especially for poor rolling shutter on Sony NEX cameras). The spaced handles work on the same principles as a Fig Rig stabilizer (steering wheel).

    Also, it's not much of a stretch to reach the video start / stop button on the Canon cameras, and all the new Canon cameras (like T4i and 5D Mark III) can be triggered through a very cheap remote shutter as seen in this article httpss:// If I really needed to, I can attach a small remote to the handle.

  43. Tom

    Hey Emm, Just looking at this cage I can really see it's wealth. There is one thing I think you missed on this though, is that you don't utilize the grip built into the camera. With a set-up like this, you need to take one hand off and hit record.

    The spacing on the left side is great for hand clearance and balance reasons, but I honestly think you should get rid of the right side, it is purely redundant as you have a perfectly good handle mere inches away.

    Anyways, my two cents.

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @Max W - I will try to find out about the introductory price time frame and get back to you. From what I know, the first inventory is almost sold out, but they expect more units sometime next week. Hopefully the price does not change after first units are sold out.

  45. Max W

    Really great idea to integrate your pre-existing product (the pistol grips) into the design. Any idea how long this introductory price will last for?

  46. mike chenoweth

    Emm - does the 717 plate allow you to open the battery door with the plate on the camera?

  47. Matthew

    P&C could take over the budget rig world with the addition of a couple products to their line.

  48. Emm

    Post author

    @skiandbike - You could probably get the little hotshot pieces off of the P&C friction arms and use it to secure to the top plate, but the holes will most likely not line up.

  49. skiandbike

    Emm, any suggestions on hotshoe adapters to better secure the camera to the top plate?

  50. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - I hate to make promises, but i'm hearing the rods could be available next week (no promises). Otherwise, try to find a rod clamp that has a 1/4-20 thread down the center of the rod clamp. This will allow you to mount it to the bottom, similar to adding a quick release plate.

  51. Do you know of an existing rail adapter that will work with your cage? I already bought one today, but I need to use it within the next three weeks, and I'm guessing yours won't be ready by then. Do you know of one on Ebay that will work for sure with your cage? I have a Chinese cage that's usually $100-125 but it comes with an adapter which has holes that fit onto that adapter so, I don't know if the distance will be the same for your cage, not to mention that I don't know that that manufacter sells the rail adapter on its own.

  52. Harold

    Ok, I read the whole thread and can answer my own question about the GH2 battery compartment access. If I'm understadning it correctly now then it's like this:

    1. Threaded directly into the GearBox the GH2's battery compartment CAN'T be opened.
    2. If you put the GH2 on a quick release with the GearBox, then of course it can be done pretty quickly by 'releasing' the GH2 from the cage, opening its batter door and changing the battery and then put the GH2 back on the cage.


  53. Emm

    Post author

    @Harold - The GH2 battery door will not clear on this cut-away. Using a quick release system with the GH2 is the best bet.

  54. Emm

    Post author

    @JG - Sorry I don't have one to test, but there's is more than enough clearance on a D800 body which could be pretty close.

    Nikon D800 battery door on P&C GearBox

  55. Emm

    Post author

    @Cory - These are not the same handles as the Wide Grip Platform. The handles on the GearBox does not have the wide platform, and also have a little alignment pin to keep the plate from shifting. The pin on the GearBox handles also means you can't use the grip with a camera.

  56. Darryl

    FINALLY, been waiting for something like this at this price point + the quality!!!! Thanks... my order has been placed!!!!

  57. Emm

    Post author

    @Jerry - Let me try later today. After watching my video, it looks like it might clear, but i'd have to test without the QR adapter.

  58. Jerry

    Wow!! Great price and quality!!! I might get one, would def get it if it cleared the GH2 battery flap thingy...

  59. getem

    Thanks a lot, also I just purchased! Cage looks great and the rails look excellent. I just hope this company as well as cheesycam doesn't go to far off in the expensive end. Even though cheaper than many other places you guys have always delivered A+ quality, please keep it up and don;t go corporate on us...

    thanks and please get back to me regarding the base plate question I had. Also those rails look beautiful , I will be buying them as soon as they are available.

  60. RyanC

    Alright THAT was a no-brainer buy. This has everything I've wanted in a cage. The battery access part is HUGE. Excellent work on the nice streamlined design of this cage, Emm. The price can't be beat ($79.99 introductory!!) even if you were to make your own when talking parts and labor alone. I didn't even get halfway through the video feature and just went for it.

  61. pops

    I ordered 2 late last night... Promptly processed early this morning. Very nice service as usual. I'm looking forward to attaching some rods for the Pad Promter I just ordered.

  62. Emm

    Post author

    Normally I don't like showing things too early, but considering the very close timeframe these Rail Adapters will be available, here's a sneak peek of what it is.

    Keep in mind, you don't need the extension adapters with a 5D Mark II / III body (as in the photo) so it can look more compact than that.

  63. imgpro615

    swiss rods, shark clamp, friction arms with them on the strength of your review and recommendation...this will be no different...thanks for championing the cause of the indie and no budget shooters...

  64. Emm

    Post author

    @Birchblaze - Thanks, will look into this. Once the rod system is attached, I know you can add a top handle through the 15mm rod system which might even be better balanced and still leaves the top cheese plate free to mount accessories. Will try today.

  65. Emm

    Post author

    @getem - I'm not an avid GH2 shooter, even though I know the GH2 can achieve much better results than Canon DSLRs. I try to feature products whenever it's applicable like this P&C GearBox designed specifically for smaller cameras like the GH2 or Sony NEX. Just a few weeks ago I also shared this from another reader httpss://

  66. Emm

    Post author

    @Getem - If you use a 717 plate under your camera, the 717 quick release adapter will be easier for you. Let me install one later today to see how it fits.

  67. getem

    Also Emm if you want combine both of my posts....

    Second question is what quick release plate system do you recommend? I see on on the website they have the quick release place "Fancier" which is the tripod I have. Should this be the one I use?


  68. Rob S.

    I like how it looks and pretty cheap compared to other options. I'm buying. I'd agree by saying a good handle option is needed. The handles offered by other companies seem so clunky. Would love a dedicated handle that would work off the rails so can be used when not mounted on the box too.

    By the way, is it just me or is YouTube running slower these days? I couldn't get through your Cheesycam review without it stopping. And it doesn't seem to buffer like it used to when you pause.

  69. getem

    I seen most of your blog never really did anything on the Panasonic Gh2. I'm actually switching over from Canon and want to purchase this cage and other accessories for the Gh2.

    Sorry for the off topic, but would like you to show some love towards the GH2 crowd.

  70. Emm

    Post author

    @David - P&C does not have a top handle for this right now, but it's something that is considered. Maybe they can have something available along with the rail adapters.

  71. David

    What kind of top handle do you recommend for this? and does P&C have one?...Oh by the way Thanks for picking my name for it "GearBox"..Emm is THE MAN!

  72. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - Possibly, but have you seen this one? httpss://

  73. Emm

    Post author

    @Ramon - Let me find out if we can have a more solid ETA on the release for the rods.

  74. Emm

    Post author

    @JSS - I believe it's $15.00 international shipping, but that doesn't include customs for countries.

  75. Emm

    Post author

    @smitty iproduce - Hmm. Not sure. I would think so with the extension adapters, but I don't have one yet.

  76. JSS

    Emm stop making me buy stuff!!!! Lol jk looks awesome I love the portableness of it. Any idea on how much it would cost to ship international to Canada? Or if it'll be available on ebay?

  77. Perfect timing, I was just building a really poorly done diy cage to prove that I needed to drop a couple hundred dollars on a real one and here comes this for 80 bucks. I'm a long time still shooter and photojournalist just transitioning to documentary video so I can't wait to use this for my d7000 and newly acquired accessories.

  78. Ramon

    You talked about the railsystem. If I put my Canon 5D on a quickrelease plate. Would it line up for use with a follow focus (or the SnapFocus) with your upcoming railsystemadapter? This cage looks awesome! The fact that you have space for a HDMI protector AND that you can use a quickrelease INSIDE a cage. Thank you sirs. Thank you.

    And another question. I live in the Netherlands, so will the railsystemadapter be ready while the introductory pricing is still in effect? I ask this because of the shippingcosts. I'd rather only pay them once 🙂

  79. DanielJ

    Props, Emm! Looks lIke a great product at a crazy low price. I already have a cage and may still pick one up for that price?

  80. Emm

    Post author

    @alex - Good to hear! I personally have all the same needs for a video bracket (cage) which helped influence the design. We often have to leave behind other setups because they don't disassemble and it would take up too much space in our travel bags.

  81. This is like the fifth time this has happened to me, so I thought I'd share this. I just got back from a helicopter shoot of an oil rig in Vietnam and rented a gyro and a very large cage for the shoot. I got back to the studio in Singapore just now and said to myself, "I need to buy one of these cages, but I want one that folds up, that has handles on the sides to attach the bungee to the helicopter and I want one reasonably priced." Checked and guess what?? Its the FIRST entry of the day -= exactly what I need for my next heli shoot. Can't thank you enough Emm, you are the best!

    And, yes, this kind of thing happens over and over to me with cheesycam, where I need something and - bang - its right there on the site that day. Thank you thank you!


  82. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - Possibly. It's actually just about 1" too short for a 5D Mark II + Grip, but if you just added a few small washers (you didn't hear this from me) along with the extension adapters and replace the screws with slightly longer ones, you can probably extend the height to fit the 5D Mark II with Grip.

  83. J Toha

    Hey Emm, the new cage looks really sweet! The price is reasonable too, and it's really cool of you and P&C team for finally making International shipping possible. Just glad to see Singapore in one of the countries listed 😀

    If you have a 5D2 with grip, would it be possible to mount it if you add one more pair of extension adapters on top of the grips? This means that you would mount the extension adapters on the bottom of the hand grips (as you have shown), and then add another pair of extension adapters on top of the hand grips, to make the overall cage much taller? Just a theory.

  84. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - There are several 1/4-20 threads under the GearBox, so there is existing ways to use a rod set from another company. The upgrade to support rails from P&C is already in production, so hopefully soon. I'll find out if I can show images of the setup earlier.

  85. Matthew

    Hey everybody, Jem Schofield here with the C47 and another episode of gearbox...

    I bought this for my GH2. the battery door thing doesn't bother me because it will be on a quick release. This will be great for handheld on the smaller cams. The price beats all other options.

  86. "Adapters to support a camera with a quick release adapter." I was so ready to order one,but then, it occurred to me, how do you put in on rails. When is that rail adapter going to be available? Ballpark price?

  87. Emm

    Post author

    @mike chenoweth - The GH2 is a very small camera. I don't think the battery door will clear.

  88. mike chenoweth

    I guess wanting leave it on rails if possible makes putting it on a quick release plate a moot point. I'm guessing that it doesn't line up then with the GH2?

  89. Emm

    Post author

    @mike chenoweth - If you look very closely at the bottom bracket, there are some additional holes drilled in. It is already designed to accept a rail mount adapter (which will be available soon). I already have the rail system prototype, but until it's available I can't show the images.

  90. Emm

    Post author

    @mike chenoweth - Even without the extensions, there is extra room for a quick release system. I would use a QR system with the GH2 and you can easily change batteries.

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