New Gear: F&V HDR-300 LED Video Ring Lights

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Ok never mind. I was going to break out into a holiday song, but actually I gave myself this little present, or two, or three. Seen in the image below is the latest LED Ring Lights on the market from F&V along with three optional super soft white 'milk diffusion filters'.


Online they are listed as the R-300 but the box shows HDR-300, all the same stuff. I've just unboxed the gear, and i'm working on a quick video as we speak type blog.. More information about these new lights can be found at the previous article here:

[Update] Quick unboxing and overview video below.

The R-300 LED Ring light can be found at the product page (Click Here)

find-price-button R-300 LED Video Ring Light

The optional Milk Diffusion Filter will run you an additional $25 bucks (click here), but some lucky pre-orders will be receiving it for free. You can find the Milk Diffusion filter (here).
Milk Diffusion Filter
find-price-button Milk Diffusion Filter for R-300 LED Ring Light

43 thoughts on “New Gear: F&V HDR-300 LED Video Ring Lights

  1. Ace

    Hey everyone! Can two of these R300s be used to light a green screen for use with one full body actor?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Dean - F&V sells a mini ball head, or you can use one of your own. Most stands have a 1/4" or 3/8" thread on top of the stand.

  3. By way of update - F&V responded an hour after I posted this with the following:

    We have confirmed the shipping error, only (1) of your (2) R-300 LED Ring Lights had been shipped. We apologize for this mis-shipment and would like to rectify this error. We have shipped your second R-300 LED Ring Light as low value and marked as 'Gift.'

    As well, we have included (2) Milk Diffusion Filters for your R-300's and (2) Milk Diffusion Filters for your Z96's (these are still not yet available anywhere else!).
    We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to seeing how you utilize our lights!

    We take great pride in our products and customer service, and appreciate any feedback. Thank you again for your order. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

    - - - -

    Their prompt response and offer is a great relief. All said and done F&V have great customer service - we all make mistakes, it's great to deal with people that take responsibility for theirs (though i'm sure a youtube vid helps)!

  4. Hey All, and Emm - thanks for all the great work u do.

    It seems i've also experienced their issues with supplies.

    My package from F&V which was got shipped to the US for free shipping, then shipped to Australia by comGateway - to avoid the over $100 shipping they quoted to Australia.
    without drama (with a bunch of other goodies) arrived in good time but with only 1 of the 2 ring lights I ordered.

    I posted a video to clearly show them that I actually only got 1, while the packing slip lists 'Qty: 2'.

  5. Dane

    My two lights just shipped, as well as the milk diffuser from my first order. I just had the opportunity to use the ring light as an off camera light for some run and gun interviews as the state capitol and am very impressed with the light overall.

  6. Dane

    I share your sentiments; At this point I can't recommend this light to people I know until F&V gets their supply issues in order.

  7. Rob S.

    I've been waiting since December too on my order (three lights and milk filters) and they keep telling me next week, next week. A word of advice to a new-ish company: A little honesty works better than empty promises. If it's going to take three weeks, tell us three weeks. I can take it. Don't just try to rack up sales at the cost of customer service.

  8. Dane


    Same here, although they shipped out my first R300 and L-bracket, late December, the milk diffuser was supposed to ship out on the 28th of Dec, then got pushed back to 1/7, and now it's estimated to ship on 1/14; It's a solid light, which is why I went ahead and ordered two more, but their website is a little misleading when it says "in stock" only to change when you try to checkout with "items on backorder". I never received a tracking # when my first light shipped, so I think their whole line of communication and estimates need some improvement.

  9. MProd

    Hi I would like to know if someone have problem of receiving their parts from f&v for these R300 (L bracket with Milk diffusion filter). My order from the 18th of december has not arrived yet. Their support told me that my order will be shipped on the 27th of december . So I emailed them to have news about this . But since then I have no news.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - First off, if you have a charger for your Sony Batteries, you can often use the AC wall adapter directly to the R-300 (if it has a 5.5mm OD 2.5mm ID tip).

    If you want to use a different type of adapter, i'm using this one also which has the correct tip and can be set to various voltage that the R-300 (and other accessories) can be powered from: Universal AC Adapter 15V - 24V 70W (Click Here)

  11. Tim

    Just got mine today. What I was surprised not to see is an AC adapter. There are many times that I will need longer power time on these lights than just a battery. And now I have to search the internet to try and find a good match?! Really? Am I missing something here? Does anyone know of a good Power adapter to use with this?

    And while I am here. What is the best place to find a NP-F battery that will give me the longest hours and the best price. Is that battery the NP-F970? Not to familiar with Sony Batteries.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @chinchong - The light itself is not heavy, but depending on the battery you choose, that will add a bit of weight. Not very much, and we've mounted it to the top of our hot shoe.

  13. I never had to use Sony Batteries before, so I'm not familiar with those.

    I see they have from 1150mAh to the very bulky 7400mAh.

    I wonder if some of you guys ran a test with this HDR-300 Ringlight to know how long they last.

  14. Bobby

    Emm, Any chance you could do a comparison between these lights and other lighting options as far as brightness is concerned? I currently use cfl lights for my portable work (4x45w with soft box). I'd love to switch to something like this, but are they bright enough? Thanks!

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @daniel - These are far lighter than the other Ring light I setup on my Glidecam httpss://

    I'll try to throw them on a kitchen scale and get the weight with the large capacity battery pack.

  16. Hi Emm,

    Any idea of the CRI? I've spent a fair amount of cash on LED's that render color so poorly that I can only use them to light backgrounds, and never skin.


  17. daniel

    what temperature are these??? I would love one of these to fly on my glidecam but I am afraid it will be too heave for the glidecam 4000 pro pair with a 5DII and a 24mm 1.4

  18. Daniel

    I should get my order of this light some time next week.

    Emm, do you have a link you could recommend for buying a NP-F battery and charger for this light?

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @markus - The Sony battery is also just above 7V, so if this LED light i like my other ones, it should be even brighter when run from AC power. I can test this out later.

  20. Tony Carretti


    Can you post a link or something for the AC adapter you use for the Z96 lights? I had wanted to find one, but didn't have any luck.



  21. markus

    someone said there's a LP-E6 battery plate on the F&V website. on the video back then they said it's powered via 10-18V or something. so a single 7,8V LP-E6 should not work to power this ringlight? can someone investigate on this maybe? would be nice to know if it can be powered via some LP-E6 solution..

  22. Itsjohnny2

    Any chance of getting the 1x1 panel kit and doing a review? Thinking about getting a set but a little indecisive at the moment.

  23. @Cassius

    I have a few of those Z96 lights from back when they first came out, honestly this reminds me of them straight off the bat, as if you could stretch them out into a ring shape haha. Very bright, I'd say about 50% brighter then my Z96 led light. Lightweight, solid build, and I was able to use the same AC adapter I use with my Z96's on this R-300. It's got a pretty thin form too, which is something I was worried about when I ordered it, I imagined it being too thick to push my fisheye through without it being in the shot but it went through and had some extra clearance to boot, so def. something I'm sure no lens will fall short of (maybe a pancake but at that point you wouldn't notice since they wouldn't pick up the edges)

    I really wish I sprung for the rod system, I would have been surprised with that milky diffusion, would love to see that in action, but the basic diffuser on it is pretty good, def. is a great product.

  24. Emm, I'd also like to see the set up you are talking about. I'm sure you get different results for if you are in a dark room or well lit office.

  25. Those video demos are great, but what would those things look like on an actual shoot--you know the way people might actually want to use them. Anyone have a video demo of these on a human subject with the ring light reflected in their eyes?

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @Ralph F. - Yup. Instead of using very big powerful lights, I like to use several small lights setup around a subject, to back light a wall, throw a splash of color somewhere (with gels), use as a hair/rim light, or place one up front as a catch light. Battery powered lights are also nice not having to deal with extension cords and surge protectors all over the floor. It's not a cheap, but very practical for my use. Moving lights around and breaking down a set is also super simple with smaller lights.

    I'll try to put together an example of a setup I might do with these lights.

  27. Thanks for the tip on tapplastics. Now if you can only remember what place has all the levers and gears and buttons online 🙂 I've been looking through all the posts on the igus sliders, where I think I read it but I can't find the darn thing....

  28. Juan

    Just got mine, ran it through a quick video test - straight out the box, apologies for the lack of scientific testing, but I was just super excited to get this and just grabbed my camera to show the friends

    Canon T2i/550 - 6.5mm - 23.976 FPS - ISO 100 - F5.6 - 1/47 Shutter (magic lantern)

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