New Dual Handle Add-On for CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE Gimbal

A lot of people wanted the option of dual handles with the CAME-SINGLE Gimbal. Here's a simple accessory they've added making it easy to mod your SINGLE gimbal into a dual handle system - better stability. With a basic male thread in the center, this looks like it would be pretty compatible with any single-handed Gimbal out there (and there are quite a few now).

CAME-TV Dual Gimbal Handle Add-On

9 thoughts on “New Dual Handle Add-On for CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE Gimbal

  1. Post author

    @Russell - If you're talking about the dual handle for the CAME-SINGLE the rods are about 20mm. They are not the standard 19mm rods for rails.

  2. fionn

    ok I thinks it is straightened out.
    Ive charged up the battery a bit and also
    assigned calibrate acc to profile 04
    and calibrate Gyro to profile 05
    having the calibration options on the single's handle is a lot easier to use,

    I think, this version of BGC, samples the information a lot faster than the one in your excellent video, when its about 10 seconds,
    this seems faster, so hands going from mouse to camera might not be fast enough.

  3. fionn

    Hi Emm,
    thanks for the reply,
    it is a first gen single, so last october 2015.
    I've turned off the sound, lowered yaw power by 20 to eliminate vibration
    tried several attempts at imu calibration camera and frame
    im on a different version (2.55 b3) of bgc to your video but I think its the same function.
    I even pushed the gyroscope calibration button, which maybe the problem, as its instructions were confusing, and I gave up.
    it said
    it's very important to calibrate the accelerometer, level the imu with the z axis pointing up and press the calib.acc button

  4. Post author

    @fionn - When did you get this gimbal, have you changed anything with it? Does it happen in Profile 3 (no follow modes).?

  5. fionn

    Hi Emm,

    I am looking for a steer in the right direction please.
    Have you done a post in relation to fixing this problem with the came single:

    When I'm panning it skews off level, and the end of the shot is no longer parallel with the horizon,

    a steer or any help would be appreciated

    many thanks

  6. Post author

    @James Doukas - The CAME-Optimus Gimbal can rotate 360 degrees on each axis, while the SINGLE has hard limiters. The Optimus can operate without a handle since the battery and control boards are not in the Handle. The SINGLE needs the handle since the battery and control boards are inside.

    Because you can operate the OPTIMUS without the handle, this allows it to use other mounts like Dual Handles, or Mount to a Jib, and even operate in Inverted Mode (SINGLE cannnot be upside down).

  7. James Doukas

    E.,what are the differences between the Came Single & Came Optimus?
    Can camera flip out LCDs or touch screens be accessed, or does the hardware prevent that? Looking forward to your NAB wrap up!, thx, J.D.

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