NEW Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS-M Mirroless Camera

Canon has officially announces the latest Canon EOS-M Mirrorless camera. It will be available in a variety of colored bodies and uses a new EF-M lens mount. The first EF-M lens to be released will be a 22mm F/2 STM lens, but there will be an adapter to mount EF and EF-S lenses.

It's been leaked out for several days now, and although it's exciting to see Canon in this space, they are also pretty late to the party. Given that they have consistently been disabling certain features in their cameras, I can't say i'm overly excited either. I'll just be watching on the side to see what others will have to say. Still, if you're interested in knowing more about Canon's latest EOS-M camera, you can find it at the product page via B&H (Click Here)

Canon EOS-M Camera
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12 thoughts on “NEW Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Camera

  1. I also have got to think this will get the same or more attention from the canon firmware hackers if not more... I mean common this think supports UHS1, I don't think any of the other canon cameras support the new higher bandwidth sd card standards yet?

  2. I do not understand all the negativity this camera is getting. based on the initial specs this appears to be a fully pocketable t4i.
    The only drawbacks are no phase (mirror) and no viewfinder (hoodloupe is an option?)

    I am looking for a 3rd body I had planned to buy a t4i (I have a t3i & 60d) we do photos and video at events and this will be a great daily carry & a full power 3 camera at events (for video)

    Unless you can afford to buy a nex7 + a whole new slew of lenses, or any other camera system, or you ONLY use manual focus lenses then I think this is the best mirrorless for any current canon owner out there.

    @mav I am also currious where you heard the ef adapter is include... I am under the impression it is not include in the $799 package.

  3. Mav

    For those that may not have read what's included, the $799 list includes the M>EF adapter, which is also available separately for whatever reason, for $199.

  4. Glenn

    No thanks, doesn't inspire me one bit! WTF are Canon doing with the EOS-M?? What is wrong with straigh EF lenses??

    I'll pass and keep the GH2.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Matthew - I'm not overly excited either about this EOS-M. If you want a mirror less camera there's been plenty of solid ones on the market already, including the new Olympus OM-D with built in image stabilization and tons of lenses to fit without adapters. If I started slapping my EF lenses on this camera with adapters, it sort of defeats the purpose or shooting small and also changes focal length (crop). I can understand using larger lenses on something like the GH2 because the video quality is just that good (especially with hacks), but what will this EOS-M offer against what's already available?

  6. Matthew

    I really don't see this working for Canon. Especially in light of the Rx100 killing the pro compact market. The only thing they have going is EOS lens compatibility, but you need to use an adapter?

    Canon reminds me of the Dallas Mavericks last season. Coming off a championshiop (5D MK2) with all types of resources (Mark Cuban) but not hungry and getting old.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @billybob - I guarantee that this is no replacement for a T4i, not even close. Canon doesn't want to cannibalize other cameras in their lineup, so it will lack much less features than the T4i. It will have one or two things that no other camera will have though.

  8. billybob

    Looking at the specs on b&h it has the following

    Video Clip Length: Up to 44 Minutes
    Audio Input: With Video, Stereo, Via Optional External Mic
    Connectivity: AV Output, HDMI C (Mini), USB 2.0 (out)

    One thing I thought was a little strange is the iso range

    eos-m: 100-6400
    t4i: 100-12800

    Does this mean the t4i will have better low light performance?

  9. J Hanna

    I'm so happy.
    I can't find info on HD out? Can I use an external HDMI monitor with this thing....and head phone jack? or microphone jack.
    I don't see any jacks.
    $199 for the ef adapter though sucks. But if it means full control of the lens I guess that isn't bad. Will they be offering some sort of box deal if you buy the camera/lens/adapter/flash?

  10. I wonder what the video bitrate is gonna be... might be a nice traditional camcorder replacement to pair with DSLR's. Since it has continuous recording unlike other Canon DSLR's. Even the new 650D has 30min recording limit.

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