Nebula 4000 vs DIY 3 Axis Mini Gimbal Frame for GH4 A7s BMPCC

Here's a stark contrast between two different gimbal stabilizers. One is the Nebula 4000 - a handheld pistol grip style 3 axis gimbal for small cameras. The other is your typical 3-axis gimbal frame. While the goal is to have the smallest stabilizer possible, there are cons to going with something too small for cameras like the GH4 and A7s.

Dave Dugdale over at has recently picked up the Nebula 4000 to use with his GH4 camera and has been sharing a few different tutorial videos. Here's the first video showing his initial setup process.

Granted that with some practice you'll be able to balance your camera faster. You may also get better results with a lighter or shorter pancake lens instead of the 12-35mm F/2.8 on the GH4. Obviously the tiny form factor makes this a great compact tool, but it also comes with many cons. The pistol grip design will make low mode shots quite awkward, and a GH4 sized camera will have limited tilt up/down movements before it starts hitting the back roll motor. While I think the Nebula 4000 may be a well made product, it might be best used with smaller cameras (or at least ones with very compact lenses) and when you don't need to re-balance your camera setup.

nebula 4000 3 axis gimbal stabilizer
find-price-button Nebula 4000 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizernebula 4000

The DIY 3-Axis Mini Gimbal Frame Project
In Dave's video you'll notice he may reference a project gimbal i've been working on. For a camera the size of a Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7s, I personally feel there's a minimum size that would allow you to get the most of your camera while still remaining portable and compact. Over the last year, I've built a couple of mini gimbals from scrap parts simply for personal use. Just recently, I decided to take notes of everything I wanted to have in a compact gimbal and had a custom designed frame machined from aluminum. Here's a look at an early prototype i've been using for several weeks with my GH4.

[Update 12.23.2014] These are unreleased videos I shot a while ago as I was documenting the process. I decided to release this today that shows some additional information.

Another recent balancing video

So far from my knowledge, this DIY Mini Gimbal frame has the potential to be the most affordable compact system for GH4, A7s, or BMPCC cameras that allows use of a Manfrotto quick release, provides access to the HDMI + Audio ports, and offers tool-less adjustments for quick balance. So far i've only made 4 of these gimbals and i'm working on a 'DIY Build Video' to show how anyone can wire up their own gimbal. The idea is that hopefully a few more of these frames can be made. If you're interested in this project leave some comments and keep following the blog.

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Cheesycam DIY 3-Axis Mini Gimbal Frame for Panasonic GH4 Sony A7s

126 thoughts on “Nebula 4000 vs DIY 3 Axis Mini Gimbal Frame for GH4 A7s BMPCC

  1. Prathamesh

    Hi, will you please tell me how to buy the brushless motor and if im planning to make a gimbal for the much powerful motor i need...please guide me. Thanks.

  2. Joe G.

    Please count me in. I am very interested in building my own Gimbal. I am fairly new to FPV Quad flying in general but have built a dozen or so aircraft. I would like to build one that is my own and is comparable to the Movi-M5. If you have drawings or CAD files that I could have to duplicate or make my own, I would be grateful. I also have 3D printers. Please reach out to me via my email address. I really like how you put a lot of thought into this. I have a GH4 and just need to build the gimbal.

    Thanks for sharing your designs. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you push the limits on Gimbals. I am very interested in doing tracking of an object via my quad.

    hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @James P - That setup will not work on the Nebula, and the Tiyaga is not available at this time.

  4. james P

    Hey there Emm,

    Thanks so much for your persistance here. Is the mini gimbal available and will it fly a gh4 with speedbooster and 18-35 sigma 1.8?

    Thanks again


  5. ronnie

    Thanks for the info, Bart. Now I know the FZ1000 won't work with the Nebula becuz of it's protruding lens.

  6. bart

    I have personally tried with the FZ1000 after I got a confirmation from film power whether it works. Sadly, the front lens is to heavy though the overall weight falls below 1kg. The problem with FZ1000 is when it is switch on, the lens protrube out. In the end I have to return it for refund.

  7. Yup I'm interested. The 1000g limit of the nebula is about 300g too low for me.

    I'm an arca-swiss user. Any reason I couldn't just use a long baseplate fitted at 90degrees to the camera body on an arca clamp on the gimbal?

  8. ronnie

    Has anyone else tried a Lumix FZ1000 on the Nebula 4000 Lite? I'm curious to know if the Nebula's camera mount can be aligned with the FZ1000's tripod mount. I'd like to use the 120 fps slo mo and 4K capabilities of the Lumix FZ1000.

  9. ronnie

    This setup is changing the way I shoot. Don't need a tripod now. And I can get close to the action. Canon 70D autofocus helps a lot. I used to prefocus before I start recording on my 5D3. I'm trying to solve the problem of the camera LCD screen being blocked by the Nebula 4000. Now searching for a soft, flexible mini HDMI cable. I've got the different angled HDMI plugs. Stiff HDMI cables tend to prevent the camera from moving freely even after stripping the outer plastic covering. Nebula stutters at extreme angles. I'm using my Atomos Ninja 2 for viewing.

    The edited video is here.

  10. ronnie

    I attached the Canon 70D with Canon 18-55mm STM kit lens on my Nebula 4000 Lite. The total weight of camera with lens and battery is exactly 50gm under the 1kg weight limit for the Nebula. I fixed the pistol grip to where my DSLR would mount on my Kamerar TK2 Tank video Cage without the top plate. The cage Swiss rods provides two hand holds for me and I attached 1 video light to the cage on a friction arm.
    The Nebula battery lasted the whole three hour dance rehearsal with few starts and stops. The Canon 70D battery had to be switched out at the 2 hour mark. I used a cheap USD10 Phottix Video infrared Remote to start and stop the camera recording.
    Filmed in Hong Kong on 8th February 2015. You can see me using it here.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Dale - I understand some people are DIY and some people are not, but regardless the kits have already sold out. As for flying a Canon 5D there are already many units on the market to do that.

  12. I really think if you design a premade kit including the frame, motors, baseplate and a hard case you would sell a lot of these at a reasonable price point. There are off brand Pelican type cases that are cheap in price. Some guys are DIY type guys and some are not. Most just want to get a product with an easy setup and start using it. Can you get a kit ready for NAB and possibly share table space with someone and take pre-sales. The advantage over yours is the no tools easy balance in the field setup. I would also like to see your kit fly a Canon 5D too with no problems. Just my two cent opinion.

  13. Emm,

    I am very interested in your design. I'm right up the road in Truckee and would love to help you out in any way possible. Just finished a running commercial in sf that I wish we had something like this on. Running for 3 days with a dragon and m10 kills the body!

    I'll shoot you an email,

  14. Giorgio

    Hi Emm,
    I'm very interested too, could we try to machine yours tecnical plan by ourself? I could use CNC machinery and try out to make a prototype, I've already several gimbal controller and able to balance and PID tuning + GH4.
    Otherwise could you be interesting in betatesters as me?

    For me working out a prototype it's not a problem, but I really have to assemble it in 3 weeks for using it on a set, could you share the plan or what's yours idea, and for finish it's not a problem to make ver 1 now and next month ver 1.1 , I'm really prepared to this DIY situation. Thanks!

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @RG84 - Motors and controllers are everywhere, it's the frame only that will be custom.

  16. RG84

    Thanks Em for the update. Machined parts?? Does this mean its not going to be off the shelf parts, or maybe just the frame. Looking forward to it.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @RG84 - I was almost done, but unfortunately we made some additional design changes to the frame. So now my videos are totally outdated. I'm just waiting for the new parts to be machined and then I have to do a build video again using the new setup.

  18. RG84

    Any update on the "how to build this gimbal vid" with links to all the parts that are needed.

    I hope you can do it soon cause I know once your Inspire arrives it will consume all your time. LOL

  19. I almost bought the Nebula today for my GH4 but just saw what you are doing.
    Great work! My baseplate of choice is the 501PL as well, my tripods, slider and ballhead are with the 501PL so maybe I will wait to see what packages you are putting together. The frame looks awesome powdercoated btw.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Reinis - If you want to build a 3 axis gimbal, you need a different board. For a DSLR sized gimbal I would definitely look into a 32 bit system with dual IMUs. It's been a world of difference and much more stable.

  21. Reinis

    Hey! I'm also thinking of a diy DSLR gimbal build. I have a spare gopro 2 axis controller, which I'm planning to use. Does anyone know if that is possible? Or do I need a more powerful controller for the motors since they are going to be bigger than the gopro motors? How can I find out if the controller will fit?

  22. Larry

    BTW, I am a GH4 owner. I tried the A7S, but those battery changes were killing me, as was the need to purchase apps and the menu and the non articulating display and , well, you know.

  23. Larry

    I'm ready to buy your design when it goes up for sale.
    Your idea is very good, besting the Nebula by far.

    Theirs is Ok, but a bear to work with.

    If yours is close to market, I will absolutely wait.


  24. Emm

    Post author

    @mike_tee_vee - You can pull it outwards (like trying to pull the knob off) and reposition the lever. It's spring loaded.

  25. mike_tee_vee

    Emm, this may be a dumb question, but how did you adjust the tightening lever on the Manfrotto 577 so that it doesn't touch the camera or the bottom part of gimbal frame?

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - For small cameras which I originally designed it for it's fine. I have another prototype that I've been using for months with my GH4 and BMPCC. But I haven't released anything yet, so we'll just have to wait for the final product.

  27. Patrick Rebstock

    hey Emm,
    i have been looking at your gimbal and not sure if this is the changes that you are already making but it seems like the area of the frame that attaches the motor of the roll axis could have more reinforcement. the frame sticks out several inches to where the camera sits on its qr plate creating leverage over that joint. I can see that joint sagging over time and bumps due to the rotational force down from the camera. you are probably already on it but it seems like something important before you sign off on the design.
    great work would love to get a frame from you

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Southerndude - There is a gimbal out there for everyone. Sounds like you found yours.

    I prefer a smaller form factor, portable size, a lightweight system, and a QR base - but I don't use an RX10. A camera like the GH4 doesn't need battery changes and even with my plate I have full access. I started to build this gimbal for me and my needs and this is what works for me. Whether or not others share the same, that's up to them. There are dozens of gimbals available on the market, i've looked at them all, and decided to just build my own to make what I do a whole lot easier.

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Valentin - Sorry that's not going to happen on my end, but you are welcome to modify it. It's a basic DIY frame.

  30. Valentin

    @emm, one thing that would be helpful for balancing would be to have some markings on the gimbal itself. Something akin to the old weight scale balance. See the shutterstock picture to see what I mean:
    With these type of markings but on all three Axis, you would know that for a specific combination of camera + lens, the proper balance setup is X=99, Y=75, Z=23.

    Regarding the automatic balancing, I was thinking about an independent stand that would determine the correct sweet spot, and then on a small LCD screen display the values of all three axis balancing the setup. Hence the markings on the gimbal proper. Attach the manfrotto quick release to a cage that is itself surrounded by 6 sensors (2 per Axis), add some arduino controller and using some basic vector maths, it should be possible to determine the sweet spot quite quickly.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @Valentin - I'll have a video out at some point about this #minigimbal project i'm working on. I've learned a bit over these past few months (still no expert) and I could share some of those experiences in my video. 'Automatic' tuning is already available, but that doesn't solve balance issues. Having a properly balanced gimbal will give you the best performance and stability.

  32. Valentin

    @FocusPulling, do you think that the Nebula can handle BMPCC with some heavy lenses such as VOIGTLANDER or Olympus Pro f/2.8?
    Does it need to be Recalibrated whenever the zoom is changed or can it handle some movement on a tele lens?

    @emm, look forward to see what you propose next year. Do you think that a cheap gimbal with an automatic balance function is a possibility for this year? I think that would be a killer function, even if it was implemented by manually adding a temporary balancer.

  33. Arsen

    Pistol gimbals looks incredible nice, but unfortunately doesn't work perfect with something bigger than GoPro. Emm, your design is sweet. It is any possible to connect joystick for this sabilizer?

  34. @Emm - appreciate the clarification, that's exactly my point (also in the original caption I referenced). I'm going to keep the Nebula 4000 Lite balanced only for the BMPCC because that's what it's best suited for, without pushing those motors and ergonomics with the GH4, while mounting the GH4 on my CAME 7800 rigged with my Atomos Shogun (while your design would be even more ideal for the GH4 to save on bulk and thus better freedom of movement, though mounting the Shogun on that would be a stretch).

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @Sean - Sorry for delays, but with all the feedback we designed a few changes to allow it to carry slightly heavier payloads than what it was originally designed for. Waiting to make and test those parts before I say it's finally done. Should be several times better than what I had demonstrated peviously.

  36. Yuriy

    This is an awesome setup. I would love to buy a complete kit from you if possible for an upcoming international film production shoot. If this gets made it would be more valuable than then Ronin for me. Keep us posted.

  37. Nelson

    pilotfly (maker of funnygo for gopro) is making prototype like nebula 4000 as well (both pistol type), though I think the movement and camera/lens combo from both is limited compare to yours Emm since their arm doesn't extend enough for bigger cams and the motor is probably less powerful.

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @FocusPulling - Your video was fine, but it was with a BMPCC on the Nebula. Of course that's a smaller camera than the GH4 and A7s, so it will work fine. It's when you start getting into the GH4 and A7s where you'll find more limitations of which lenses work best, and how aggressive you can be with the 4000.

  39. Seems to me there's been a lot of anxiety created by a small number of early adopters with respect to the Nebula 4000 Lite, much of it overcomplicating the practical value. Meanwhile, others with the intention to put it to creative use without all that obsessive pixel-peeping and hobbyist PID tuning have gotten great results. Here's what I got after about a half-hour out of the box:

    In the best of circumstances, you could have each of these gimbals for specific needs: my CAME 7800 is ideal for the GH4 flying mid-weight lenses and/or low to the ground, while the Nebula 4000 is ideal for, e.g., stowing in a backpack while scrambling up a pyramid with a BMPCC, and Em's gimbal seems ideal for somewhere in the middle (but still not quite stowable). The worst of all worlds is when these decisions hold up creative projects: gotta remember what all this is for to begin with!

    I've got more information at the caption to that video, "HIGHSTEP."

  40. THIS DIY GIMBAL was the #1 (and only), item on my SANTA'S LIST! What happened? I musta been a bad boy this year 'cause SANTA forgot to even give me a parts list for this!

    I hope you can pick up where Santa dropped the reindeer, and let me know when I can get one built, or the parts and a video on how to build my own.

    You are a great engineer (Quoting use cases and all), excellent job.


  41. Jason W

    I want this SO BAD, like really bad. I was about to buy the came 7800, but I'm honestly hoping that this will be available soon...

  42. Ben

    Hey Emm,
    Very interested in this gimbal, and I'd definitely buy a kit from you if/when it becomes available. Like others here, I was considering the Nebula 4000...until I watched Dave Dugdale (a man with far more patience that I) struggle to balance his. I use GH2/4, and I'm hoping to get a Sony A7s in the near future, so your gimbal seems to be perfect.

    Thanks for your ceaseless effort on this project; given your professionalism and experience (and having seen the shortcomings of the Nebula 4000), I'd regard you as more qualified to design this than anyone else out there.

    - Ben.

  43. Randall O

    Thanks for all of your tireless work on this (and so many other helpful projects)!
    I will definitely be one of the buyers of this kit, when it is offered.
    I don't know if you plan to offer any setup software, but I hope you'll consider some simple means of tweaking / setting up the PID and settings, possibly using an iOS or mobile device. (Not super techy here, but I think I could manage, if there are some good instructions or resources to refer to to set up.)
    Many thanks, and I am one more, watching and waiting for the final kit!
    - Randall

  44. I am not sure why you don't partner with a machine shop or someone capable of building this and either kickstarter or offer 10 or 20 for presale.

    The Nebula 4000 is just a bit too pricey and the feiyu only works with gopros.

    I would love a gimbal stabilizer that works with my LX100, FZ1000 and EOS-m cameras but in the $300 to $600 cost range

    Oh and as mentioned before, DIY kit is fine but also offer a off the shelf ready version too if you do it

  45. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - The end of this video I show you how it fits in a Nanuk hard case with the new top handle. httpss://

    If you want to add a monitor you can add it to the top of the handles. Just make sure to get a good flexible hdmi cable.

  46. A couple of more questions.

    1) Have you found any Pelican, or Pelican knockoff cases that will fit a Came 7800. Any of them carry-on size?

    2) I will most probably be using a GH4 and a A7s on these rigs. Is it possible to add the Shogun, when flying an A7s, or it the rig won't be able to turn? Or could you add the Shogun on the handle? In this case, with using the Shogun, will the 7800 or 8000 be a better option?

  47. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - Keep note that the reason you will find lower prices is is that you have to build those kits and tune the PID settings. If you can do it, then it's many of the inexpensive kits out there would be fine.

    The few differences CAMETV added to the 7800 was 'tool-less removable side handles', a new top handle design that removes with one allen head (way easier to fit in a hard case), and a added an ultra slim quick release base for tool-less side-to-side and forward-back fine tuning.

    They also added a battery tray, monitor mount clamp, a proper housing for the control board, and an ON/OFF switch - things you'll need to add on your own. Also the description they have doesn't show a Joystick, and i'm confused by the joystick description they have on the site. Sounds like they are just stating the board can support a joystick, but you'll have to add one if you want to switch profiles.

    But if you want to start from scratch, there's a good amount of videos over at the sub-site on how to build one of these kits:

  48. theIdol

    This looks a lot different than the device you has posted on Instagram with the gopro on it. It looked like you took an aerial gimbal and mounted it to a CF rod. Can this new gimbal support use a gopro also?

  49. Southerndude

    Well, Let me say Happy Holidays to everyone on this Great Blog of Emm's Cheesycam! Going to be an exciting 2015!

    Great work Emm! Best to you and your Family!

  50. Southerndude


    I would like to use the Sony RX-10 on your Gimbal Kit, it's 813 Grams, about 50 grams under the GH4, should work No?

  51. Have you ever tried this one Emm : httpss://

    Still seems like the best lowcost option to me, which should work perfectly with a G6 with a wide angle lens. (I checked the dimensions and clearance and weight).

    Just curious if anyone ever mounted handles on this and used it with a camera instead of on a drone.

  52. Hi, I have been following you for some time now, and this mini Gimbal project is very interesting. I own several GH4 camera's for my job and was wondering if you have the idea of selling this mini gimbal.
    If it works perfectly I would like to purchase it from you.

  53. John

    Do you think it could be even more compact if the camera wasn't caged in, but rather build with similar design to the nebula. The nebula only has the roll support go to one side and iisn'ton both sides. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that's the most compact design. The defy g2x has it. As does the dji zenmuse.

  54. freiheit

    that's the size i've looking forward for my minimum set up! please put me on the list for getting this amazig 3 axis!!

  55. Derrick

    @Mark...I don't know if you're addressing me or Emm but I do intend to make a cross handle similar to the bigger gimbals and Emms small one for when I operate the Nebula upside down. Then it will be in the same configuration we've come to know yet ultra portable.

  56. Orlando

    Great as I said before I will definitively interested in the Kit Thank you for the great work you have done specially for Indie Film makers

  57. Mark

    Lovely My friend!
    Dont forget the whole purpose of this website!
    Please share with us the how to make it on our own!
    It would save a lot of souls My man!
    Amazing as always!

  58. Derrick

    Just got my Nebula 4000 in today and came here and to my pleasant surprise Emm had posted Doug's video and this thread.

    Initially impressions after a quick 10-12 minute "sudo" balance right out of the case with my BMPCC and KOWA 6mm LM6HC is it feels nice. Keeps the camera level, switches modes well, etc. There will be a need for PID adjustments to "tune in" the motor reactions but for a really quick balance I feel much more confident about taking the Nebula out into the field than when much more time was spent with my larger gimbal, though it is a DIY rig. I'd say I'm 90% sold on it and I believe as long as I get the motors tuned in she's a keeper.

    Emm I didn't read the entire thread but I saw you mentioned the handle restricting low shots but in the video manual and some pics they show it can be flipped so that the handle points upward and even a monitor can be attached with either orientation. You can screw an articulating arm into the bottom of the handle (top when flipped) or there's a 1/4 20 tap at the top rear of the handle. Flip it, screw it into a short shaft, and you have ground skimming possibilities should you so desire.

    Don't know when I'll get back to the fine tune/shoot footage but this is really quick initial evaluation on it.

  59. OldCorpse

    As always, Emm, you start revolutions! A user friendly, affordable and idiot-proof (OK, not total idiot :)) brushless gimbal stabilizer qualifies absolutely as a revolution!

    That said, I'm a little worried - tons of us folks with GH3 and GH4 cams use the Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 with SpeedBoosters and maybe a Vari-ND filter on it. What worries me is not so much the weight, but how much space would be available - the BMPCC is quite slim compared to the GH3/4, so it can be moved back to compensate for the weight of the lens+SB+VariND, but the GH3/4 is thicker and there simply may not be enough room to move the GH3/4 back without hitting the roll bar and obstructing movement.

    So question: can you use your design with the GH3/4 + Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 + MB SB + VariND? Thank you!!!!

  60. Joseph Moore

    Really like this project. Size looks great. Tool-less is a must for me after struggling with a other options that require hex keys. If this can be built for under $1k, I'm in.

  61. Johnathan Sessoms


    Great work as usual. You've been a lot of help for me in researching these things. You've literally made exactly what I was looking for. I thought Defy did it with their G2X, but at 2.5k? Good Lord....

    I'm really looking forward to updates on this and as you can see, there's already a lot of interest in this. Keep up the awesome!


  62. Robert Shaver

    Have you thought about releasing plan drawings? Perhaps license the design as Creative Commons?

    Anyway, I'll likely buy a frame set.

    I like the CAME-TV 7800 gambol I've got, but it is hard to balance. I want one that I can put on a jib and control via RC. Maybe even use them as stationary controllable cameras for some events.

    Thanks for a fantastic channel and blog.

  63. Robb

    hey Emm, I'm still using a GH2. I imagine your DIY gimbal will work just fine with mine, right? Looking to buy two here.

  64. Southerndude

    I do not like the Nebula 4000. It has too many cons for me. It also is starting to get complaints about quality Ctrl. I have read that the balancing screw threads are easy to strip out, like they are too soft. That balancing looks like a nightmare to me. Really looking forward to your Kit!

  65. Emm

    Post author

    @dave - Get good at building one, sounds like you can make some money helping people with a finished product. I'm at the point where I can finish a build in probably less than two hours soldering, running wires, and PID tuning on this unit.

  66. Emm

    Post author

    @Manny - There were some last minute 'aesthetic changes' to the frame. Once there's a green light on the final design of the parts it might be just two-three weeks out. The Green Light may be a go as soon as today or tomorrow (if the parts are done).

  67. Emm

    Post author

    @Nick Bicanic - CAMETV 7000 is still a great stabilizer, and should be easy. If i'm in your area maybe I can help you out see what's going on.

  68. Hey Emm,

    I've been watching your progress on this and can't wait for the release of the diy kit.

    Any hints on when that might be?

    Thanks for all the effort ...keep it up! Priced right this could be huge.


  69. dave

    If this was a ready to run gimbal with a stand and case for under 1k you would sell a ton! I'd definitely buy one

  70. roy

    can't wait till you have refined this and hopefully do a how to video. i would love to use this with my panasonic g6

  71. Emm

    Post author

    @Will - I'm not a kickstarter king of guy, but I don't think raising funds will be necessary. Someone will take this project and make it available soon.

  72. Will

    Hey Emm,

    Thought of using kickstarter?

    I've been following this on Instagram for a while now so I'm very interested and would back something in a heartbeat.

  73. Ryan

    Get Emm

    Great looking gimbal. Definitely interested in getting one for my GH4.

    Looking forward to the release.


  74. Joseph

    Emm, another well done video. YES, I would be a customer just based on your trial-error-tutorials. My 2 cents: If you will be selling these, a "complete assembled kit" -and- a (cheaper) DIY assembly would be my thinking. Not all of us have the workbench that you do, wish I did!

  75. Niall Megahey

    Great Work. This is just perfect. All my gear is based around Manfrotto and having the ability to balance this quick is essential. I really hope i can buy one soon. Thanks

  76. Davy

    Hi Emm!
    I've already bought, received and use my CAME-TV 7800.
    I almost got crazy trying to balacing it and understand at first but I'm pretty happy know.
    Looking forward with your design to let me fit this in my scooter 😀

  77. Paul Abrahams

    I'm interested in a kit for my BMPCC and Gopro, the eyeofmine gimbal for gopro looks pretty good

  78. Emm,
    I think you have built trust with your followers when it comes to stabilizers. This trust I think should help you believe that if you invested the time and money to have someone mass assemble your design, you would have sales quickly.

    I appreciate the Chinese pricing etc.. But there are a lot of downsides from ordering something from the other side of the world, that is so technical. After watching Dave Dugdale I have no desire to go through that learning curve.

  79. Emm

    Post author

    @Simon - No motors, no controller. Hopefully the frame kit may be around $400. Motors are only about $30 bucks each. Depending on controller sometimes around $100 bucks for 32 bit. I'm working on a build video so you'll see exactly how I build it.

  80. Hey Emm!

    Really nice product there! I am also really interested in your gimbal!

    How much do you think it will cost? Less than cheaper Came-TV's gimbals?

    Thanks a lot for your investment in video amateur stuff! I follow you since several years now and I really likes your blog, reviews, advices and, simpler, you frankness!

    So THANKS!!


  81. Emm

    Post author

    @Jérémie - I designed the base to fit a 577 exactly. It mounts on the rear 6mm thread, and includes a pin for anti twist. It's probably easy to cut the pin off and drill a hole for your QR. It's a DIY thing so you can mod it.

  82. Jérémie

    Hi Emm!

    I'm also very interested in this small gimbal for GH4 !
    Is there a way to mount an arca swiss plate in replacement of Manfrotto plate ?

    Keep us up to date of your progress !



  83. steve

    bought the nebula 4000 but would love one of these as well as I can see a use for both of them, thanks for sharing.

  84. Nebula 4000 really need a tools less version to be efficient in the field.
    You gimbal seems to be a good deal for people no afraid of DIY stuff.

    I will be very interested to buy this kit

  85. Emm

    Post author

    @Ralph - With every tool you have to understand it's limits and work within them. The Nebula 4000 pistol grip stabilizer will work best if you use a compact lens and easier if you don't plan to swap lenses back and forth. Stick with one setup and you're good once you have it all tuned up.

    As far as the one i'm working with, of course it would work with an EOS-M. Here's a little clip from my Instagram with a BMPCC.

    A video posted by Emm (@mrcheesycam) on

  86. Ralph

    Watching Dave Dugdale struggle to balance the Nebula 4000 kinda put me off the whole idea. On the other hand, blogger Erik Naso seems to have gotten his up and running in no time.
    I bet I'd be at the Dave end of the scale -- but without as much patience.
    Please, Emm, get someone to manufacture your design -- with a product that's user friendly and inexpensive. (Does it work with an EOS M?)

  87. Emm

    Post author

    @TikTak - I designed a frame for myself, but since people were interested in a small gimbal, hopefully someone will continue to make these for other people to buy. I'm currently working to find someone to do that.

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