8 thoughts on “NAB 2015 Lensse Dual Follow Focus S5

  1. bestavi

    Just recieved...finally i found my inexpensive primary focus puller.Thanks for reivew Emm.It is really top notch..

  2. josh miller

    Really good design, very impressed about the quality and fast shipping. One of the my best purchase ever Test it out more and let you guys. I am a happy camper 🙂

  3. I ordered the previous model, based on a review here.

    When i finally received it, it turned out to be less solid than the Ginirigs follow focus I have.

    But my biggest issue is their complete lack of service : I had to wait for 9 weeks before they sent out my follow focus, and they only got back to me when I contacted them myself to inquire what was going on. Even then, it took more than 3 days for them to reply to an email and it took 4 mails from me before they sent it out. No apologies, no discount, ... nothing.

    When I finally got my follow focus, the extra gear I had ordered was missing.

    It took another 7 (yes, SEVEN) weeks and 3 emails for them to send it my way.

    I hope nothing ever goes wrong with this follow focus because I have zero confidence that they will provide any service whatsoever in that case.

    This was my first by definitely also my last purchase from Lensse.

  4. I got this deal the first time it was promoted on Cheesycam. It is a great piece of equipment! Built really well for the cost. I did switch the gear to the other side, but having dual FF makes it super easy to use. I only have one cinema lens, and I am looking into getting gears on the rest of my lenses.

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