NAB 2015 F&V Introduces Huge LED Ring Light K4000 Upgrades 2×1 Panels

In my opinion, one of the most popular LED Ring lights available today is the F&V R300 (seen here). Obviously ring lights can provide a unique aesthetic for catch lights, but the R300's were so powerful they can also be used to replace standard 1x1 light panels. They've even offered a softbox for the R300 to suppress spill and add more creative control over.

At NAB 2015, F&V introduced a new larger Z720 LED Ring Light. The larger diameter means the Z720 will work with larger cinema lenses, offer a wider spread, more power output, and provide more of that unique 'ring light' quality even at a distance. The Z720 can still be battery powered, is dimmable by quadrants, color temp adjustable, and can even be controlled wirelessly through an application from a smart device. Perfect when managing several lights simultaneously. The Z720 LED Ring light can also be used in an optional softbox operating as a basic LED Light panel.

NAB 2015 F&V Large Portable Wireless Z720 LED Ring Light


With the popularity of the softbox accessory for the R300, F&V has also designed one for their top selling K4000 panels. The new Wifi module seen from the Z720 can also be added to the K4000 panels, and for those wanting a larger light source, F&V offers 2x1 wide led panel options. Take a look at the NAB 2015 booth coverage video below.

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  1. krys

    i need to go to the next NAB to check all the lights in person!!! im so indecisive on what to put on shopping list. so many new lights this year.

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