NAB 2015 – Aputure DEC Pro Lens Adapter Speedbooster Version

A few months ago, Aputure released the 'DEC' Lens Adapter, which is putting a new spin on Wireless Follow Focus systems. If you're not familiar with what the Aputure DEC Lens Adapter is, take a look at my earlier video below. If you are already familiar, then skip this first video.

The DEC allows you to use a Canon EF or EF-S Autofocus lens and adapt it to a MFT (micro four-thirds) or Sony E-Mount camera. Although the camera itself can't communicate with the lens, a wireless remote will allow you to change iris (aperture) and drive focus.

This is extremely useful when working with Gimbal stabilizers when you can't physically pull focus on the lens by hand. Just clamp the wireless remote to the handle of your gimbal. The exciting news demonstrated for us at NAB 2015 is that they will have a 'DEC PRO' version which will include a 'Focal Reducer' a.k.a 'Speedbooster' optical element offering up a wider field of view and an extra stop.

The DEC PRO version will hopefully be out later this year and will be a huge asset to small sensor cameras like the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema or Micro Cinema cameras. For cameras like the the Sony A7s which already offers a full frame the speedbooster is not required.

With lens adapters, being able to change the iris on EF autofocus lenses are key. For a price even cheaper than Metabones smart adapters, there's a lot of functionality in the Aputure DEC and you can already purchase the original DEC Lens Adapter for Canon EF/EF-s to MFT or Sony E-Mount following the links below.

aputure dec lens adapter canon mft e-mount wireless follow focus
find-price-button Aputure DEC Lens Adapter + Wireless Follow Focus - via Amazon

Aputure DEC Lens Adapter wireless follow focus
find-price-button Aputure DEC Lens Adapter + Wireless Follow Focus - via eBay

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19 thoughts on “NAB 2015 – Aputure DEC Pro Lens Adapter Speedbooster Version

  1. John Stockton

    I agree with "Dan K" I also am a GH4 owner and would welcome a DEC grip that can talk to my camera wirelessly using the existing tech that the app currently uses. Now that would be usefull.

  2. John

    Arno "Will it be able to control I.S. of Canon lenses ? that would be great…"

    I have asked the same question direct to Aputure and they responded saying YES and more over if you come across a lens that doesn't respond just drop them a line in an email and they will add that lens to the next available firmware update. Very nice to know.

  3. Jef

    Release date???? I also brought the GH4 and Sigma 18-35mm EF but didn't buy a speed booster because this sounds more enticing so when is it coming out??

  4. Andre

    Hey there,

    Currently in the process of ordering my gh4 with the sigma 18-35 lens.... With the speed booster, but I had to stop everything because I stumble this video, and now I am in love with this DEC/speedbooster.... So... Let's talk release date. Haha, will it at least be release before November 30?

  5. covadonga

    When will the PRo version with the speedbooster be released?
    i havent seen it in amazon o ebay

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Kevin - That would not work because you are moving the Canon lens away from the body and the image will not focus correctly. Think of using a magnifying glass over a newspaper. As you move it forward and back the image will be clear or out of focus.

    In smaller sensor cameras, the lens 'has to be moved away further' so that it can focus the image properly. Because these smaller sensor cameras need adapters, they can offer these types of products.

  7. Kevin

    Perhaps a dumb question and addressed elsewhere, but is there a version that goes Canon lens to Canon body?

  8. I did purchase this after reading this post and the thing is actually amazing!

    As for the DEC, it seems really accurate. I have tested with Canon's 50 f1.8 (old version), 24-70 f2.8 (both Mark 1 & 11) and the 70-200 Mark 11. I also tested the Tokina 12-24 f4 and they are very accurate when using the A/B focus pulling, at least much more accurate than I could ever be. And it's repeatable.

    As for the image stabilization... I think it works. I tried it with the 70-200 and It seemed stable, but I didn't test that much.

    @Emm first off, great blog... so many great posts here. I did email them this question and they said no to both, but maybe talking to them you know more. Are they planning, or do you know of a Rosette that works with their handle that mounts to a 15mm rail. The clamp is nice for oddball mounting, but a standard rail mount would be great. Do you know of anything? Also as feedback it would be great if they sold the back lens mount, so I could purchase a sony mount and buy a MFT mount for versatility.

  9. VillageBoi

    This is really great. Was going to get the normal version but def waiting for the 'speedbooster' version.
    @ Emm, any idea on ETA? Thanks.

  10. Lev

    Looks like a great product. Hey Emm, any word if other lenses/mounts versions of this adapter are gonna be made available? Nikon?


  11. Dan K

    I have all kinds of autofocus lenses, just none by Canon.

    I can remotely control focus on my GH4 -- sort of -- with my iPhone using the Panasonic app, but it's really slow (not nearly responsive enough, and it loses connection easily) and cannot hit specific focus points.

    I know the camera can control focus. It would be great to have the DEC wireless controller talk to my existing GH4/lens combo.

  12. This would be a great option for shooting with the pocket cinema camera. I'm currently looking for a solution shooting a show on a black magic pocket on the nebula 4000 with a canon 24mm pancake, and I this I just found my solution.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris Knight - Well that is two different cameras, so you would have to get one for mft and one for e-mount. One adapter does not work on both.

  14. Chris Knight

    Will the focal reducer be removable? This is a great option for my GH4, but I would love to use my full a7R frame for stills.

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