My new Mic for Ursa Mini 4.6K Camera – Azden SGM-PDII Professional Shotgun Microphone

After shooting a few projects with the BlackMagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K camera, I found several that I could sometimes get away with just the audio from the built in microphones. But as soon as I threw on my Canon EF-S 17-55mm F/2.8 lens with Image Stabilization (Ursa is not full frame), the camera microphones would pick up all of the IS noise. Once that noise was embedded into the audio, it was no longer usable. So I set out to find a good microphone that I could mount over the handle.

I personally wanted the shortest shotgun microphone, powered over XLR phantom so I didn't have to worry about batteries. I wanted to find the slimmest shock mount so it didn't sit too high (trying to keep the camera clean and simple). It didn't need to be the best microphone in the world, as I was only planning to use it mostly on camera for good scratch audio or sound bites. After reviewing a few options I found the Azden SGM-PDII to be a good fit and has excellent customer reviews. Over at B&H they have an Azden SGM-PDII Shotgun Mic Kit that includes the shock mount, and the microphone already comes with a short XLR lead.

Running through the tests mounted on camera, the SGM-PDII was completely free of any Image Stabilization noise from my lens. So for my on-camera needs it works great. And surprisingly I found the microphone also sounded very good when booming overhead, so it's something I would even use during interviews. If you're working with a camera that has built in XLR inputs (i.e. Sony FS7) and looking for something better than the built in microphones, you may want to take a look at the Azden SGM-PDII Short Shotgun Microphone.

azden sgm-pdii shotgun short microphone xlr ursaazden sgm-pdii microphone shotgun ursa mini
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5 thoughts on “My new Mic for Ursa Mini 4.6K Camera – Azden SGM-PDII Professional Shotgun Microphone

  1. Post author

    @She - Well there's the Ursa Mini, and then there's the Ursa Mini Pro. Because these have different pre-amps sound will be different even if using the same microphone. For the Ursa Mini Pro, I find I can work with the Azden SGM-250CX on camera, and then if I need to boom, I just add an XLR cable and use the same mic. If you are using the Ursa Mini (not pro), and you want a boom mic, you can still use the any Azden shotgun mic, but you'll probably want a better preamp. So possibly adding inline an audio recorder like a Zoom H6.

  2. Juggernaut

    Thanks Emm! Would you mind telling what your typical/average gain setting is with this mic in a normal indoor setting, office or such with Ursa Mini 4.6K? Naturally this changes depending on the location, but for example do you usually use with mic High at around 30-70% gain? I have AT875R and have to crank gain to 100% with mic High, so I'm wondering if the Azden is better, even though AT875R is more sensitive on paper.

  3. Post author

    @krys - It's not a new microphone. Not sure why there is not many reviews, I think it's a great size and price, and also sounds great for my primary use.

  4. krys

    i see a lot of good reviews on b&h. i don't see anything on youtube!!! is this a new microphone??

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