Motorola Lapdock DIY HDMI Display

There was an interesting article posted on this blog a few weeks ago about using a Motorola Lapdock as a DIY external HDMI display for your DSLR camera. There's a bunch of comments about how to go about doing this here:

Currently these Lapdocks are running for about $80 dollars on Amazon (seen here), but if you were curious and wanted to grab one at a better price, today 1saleaday has listed them for $59.99 via eBay (Click Here).

Motorola Lapdock Sale
find-price-button Motorola Lapdock HDMI Display

3 thoughts on “Motorola Lapdock DIY HDMI Display

  1. Thanks for the tip! I have a question... I finally got the Lapdock you linked to on Amazon (Lapdock for Atrix) and I ordered all the adapters mentioned via ebay. It doesn;t seem to work unless I am missing something. I just read about this particular Atrix Lapdock and they say it is powered by the phone. So when the phone is plugged into it, it will automatically power it on. So when I plug in my T3i it doesn't do anything. Anyone out there get this to work with the Atrix Lapdock? I am really jonesing to use this! Thanks, Dan Rollins

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