Mogopod Mark III Monopod Stabilizer + MogoCrane Belt System

Officially available to order, the new MogoPod Mark III is an ultra fast monopod stabilizer that only requires a simple twist to extend to various lengths.

A small and medium sized version of the MogoPod Mark III are available depending on the type of use. The larger version can extend to a full 62" inches and collapse down to just 27". An optional swiveling tripod foot can be added for additional stability. The MogoPod Mark III can be used right side up, or upside down to boom a small camera or an external flash for photographers.


The MogoPod Mark III "S" is a smaller version that extends to a max height of 46" inches and collapses down to just 20" inches. Doesn't sound like enough height, until you match it up with the optional MogoCrane Belt System. The MogoPod Mark III "S" attaches to the MogoCrane Belt System transferring the camera weight to the operator's hips and with a swiveling base can be used in a 'Crane-Like' fashion. The MogoCrane + Mogopod Mark III "S" combination is probably the setup most run-n-gun Videographers will appeal to for it's stability flexibility to achieve creative shots.

Mogopod Mark III S version small Mogocrane

Additional information about the new MogoPod Mark III and MogoCrane Belt System can be found at the product listing page with

MogoPod Mark III
MogoCrane MogoPod Tripod Base Foot

PNCGear MogoPod MogoCrane Stabilizer
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17 thoughts on “Mogopod Mark III Monopod Stabilizer + MogoCrane Belt System

  1. Rob S.

    @Reaver Can you fold the foot up while on the monopod like the Manfrotto version? Seems like it would be convenient if you could just leave it on.

  2. I ordered the foot from PNC the same day the press release hit cheesycam. It shipped out the next day (which was Friday), and was in my mailbox yesterday. Its definitely worth the $55, IMHO.

  3. Rob S.

    @kevin P&C is a completely legit company. I've ordered a number of things from them without incident. Maybe not the best organized company by a long shot but they're still fairly new and offer a lot of rather unique stuff. I never felt like there was any risk.

  4. Emm,
    Thanks but it still does not explain getting an approximate timeframe of shipping before finishing the transaction?
    Is that asking too much when you're putting hundreds of dollars in the hands of someone?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @kevin - My suggestion is that you don't order from the website if you don't feel comfortable, but for the record you should include the entire quote. Then it might make more sense.

    "We attempt to ship items next day after processing and CANNOT CORRECT SHIPPING DESTINATIONS once the items have left our facility.
    We apologize in advance for our efficiency to ship items and get them to our customers as quickly as possible. - PNC"

    Also, i've posted about some items before and they will end up with an 'Out Of Stock' message, so there is some inventory tracking.

  6. P&C does not seem legitimate just by looking at their website and trying to order and get very basic information upfront. There is no phone number to call? My general rule is I don't order online unless a company actually has a phone number in case things go wrong.

    I wanted to order the "big slider" but I could not even get a approximate shipping delivery timeframe unless I finished my transaction.
    Below is their disclaimer, in case it takes a really long time to ship. Which makes you wonder if they even have things in stock?

    "We apologize in advance for our efficiency to ship items and get them to our customers as quickly as possible. - PNC"

  7. Uncle waxy

    Hi Guys.... was about to get the Benro AT48TBS4 then I saw this. one thing concerns me though, is full length only 62 inches ? Im average height and I would not want to lean down all the time... what do you guys think Benro vs Mogopod

  8. Brandon Lee

    The first time I saw you post the original Mogopod Emm I ordered it in a heart beat I loved the concept of a fast monopod. 6 months after that after using the Mogopod on a bunch of different wedding shoots I was very disappointed with how it performed. My lock on mine is starting to have a bit of play and the construction really does feel cheap. I didn't end up finding it that much faster since with manyt other monopods you can often let gravity do the work for you when adjusting height. That isn't quite the case with the mogopod since you have to push and pull a bit to adjust height. This is made especially difficult on a heavier set-up.

    I have since purchased a used Manfrotto MVH-500AH Monopod and it is a lot more solid as a traditional monopod. This new one could be an improvement but for video shooters who use monopods with tripod feet this one may not be ideal since it does not seem to have a fluid base which makes general movement not even just straight panning and tilting more difficult. Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks as always for posting about this stuff Emm

  9. Chris Helton

    Doc. Glad to hear its not just me. I preordered my cage last week too. Expecting shipping to be the 10th or before. I've gotten no word on this. I havn't messaged them but I've also not gotten any kind of message concerning my order being delayed.

  10. Doc Hutch

    Emm here is what they said.

    ME- Hi there. I received an email newsletter saying that the CagePros were now shipping but I have yet to be charged or had any confirmation of the CagePro that I preordered last week.

    P&C-We have not shipped yet. Your item will probably be shipped in 1-2 weeks. But we do not guarantee the time.
    But you will receive your tracking info once your item is shipped.

    ME- Please explain then why it said on the preorder that it would ship on November 10th or before?

    P&C- There is delay of the shipping.
    And we need to check the product quality to make sure you will not receive damaged products.

    Has anyone else had a problem with this company?

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Reaver - I've seen both and as nice as the first version was, once you see and feel the Mark III version, the original will feel pretty cheap. Next time you see them at a show test it out.

  12. I've got the original Mogopod, and absolutely love it. I helped a friend of mine shoot a wedding a couple of months ago, and both the photographer and my friend were amazed at how fast I could adjust to get the shots we needed. It's definitely one of the most versatile tools I own.

  13. Doc Hutch

    Lets hope P&C actually ships these when they say they will. I preordered their CagePro the day Emm posted about it because they said that the cage pros would ship on NOV 10th and when I emailed asking for tracking number they said that the cage pro should ship in 1-2 weeks. P&C's customer service has gone way way down in just the last few months. So sad.

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