Mitakon Lens Turbo Focal Reducer MFT M43 Micro Four Thirds Adapter Review Samples

Here's a side by side video test showing samples from a Panasonic GH3 with and without the new Lens Turbo Focal Reducer. We used a newer Rokinon 85mm T/1.5 Cine Lens [Nikon Mount] + and old Nikon 50mm Pancake. With the Lens Turbo adapter we were able to achieve a wider field of view and an increase in exposure.

Obviously YouTube has added compression to the video, but if you want to be a pixel peeper, you can download a better version of this edited video from my Vimeo Channel (here).

I think the image quality achieved from this (Speedbooster alternative) adapter delivered decent results for the price. The Metabones Speedbooster will run about $489 dollars (here), versus this Lens Turbo which can now be found under $139 US (here).

Of course we're just using a consumer grade Rokinon Cine Lens, and an old $50 dollar lens from eBay. There's no doubt this adapter won't match up to the quality of the Metabones products. Anyone using serious glass worth thousands of dollars might as well pony up the extra cash for the Metabones MFT M43 Speedbooster (found here).

Metabones Speed Booster MFT M43 Nikon Adapter
find-price-button Metabones SpeedBooster Nikon to M43 MFT

If you're a casual video shooter looking to get a wider field of view and increased light through your common glass, I think you'll be happy with the Lens Turbo. I'll probably go out and take a bunch of high resolution still images on the next outing, but for now let's hear a few comments about these first video test results. What did you guys think so far? [Comment]

For more info, you can find the Lens Turbo MFT Focal Reducer adapter available now via eBay (click here).

find-price-button Lens Turbo Focal Reducer Nikon to MFT Micro Four Thirds Adapter

26 thoughts on “Mitakon Lens Turbo Focal Reducer MFT M43 Micro Four Thirds Adapter Review Samples

  1. By the way, @Emm, would you be so kind as to try the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 on the GH2 using the Speed Booster (or the Lens Turbo) and post a screenshot at 18mm?
    Several of us are wondering whether the "speedboosterized" lens would cover the sensor in that camera or not (the GH3 is actually a more popular concern from what I've read, but I think it's more likely that sensor will be covered, since it's a true 2x crop sensor unlike the GH2's 1.86x in video).

    Thanks again for answering about the Rokinon lenses!

  2. Thanks, @Emm. That's a shame (to me, of course; I'd guess Nikon people would actually expect a Nikon mount to have the focus ring rotating in the direction they're comfortable with).

    I guess it's the same with the Tokina 11-16mm.

    @Johnny: how would you control the aperture on the Sigma if you used this Lens Turbo adapter? I tried it with a dumb Fotodiox adapter and I can't even fix it in one place, it's stays set at f22.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Ernesto - I have confirmed the Rokinon Nikon Mount focuses in the opposite direction of the Rokinon Canon Mount.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnny - Sorry no access to a Nikon mount Sigma 18-35mm. I'll do another test with this adapter 'out of the sun' and on some charts in a more controlled environment.

  5. Johnny

    Man, I really want to buy this for my Sigma 18-35 F1.8 (Nikon mount), but that blue flare in the middle has me worried...Emm, any chance you can do a correctly exposed test with lens hood? Just to see if that helps get rid of the flare? Would me much appreciated 🙂

    P.S. Emm, do you have access to the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 in Nikon mount?

  6. Nice head to head, @Emm! Nice quality for the price. Looking forward to watching more tests from you.
    I've got a GH2 and I think I'm going to give the Lens Turbo a try, and I was thinking about using it with Rokinon lenses.
    I have the same doubt as @Teemu and no one has been able to clear it for me: do the Nikon mount Rokinon lenses have the focus ring turning like Nikon or Canon? I'm used to the Canon way (from my MFT and Minolta MD lenses) and it'd be a real pain to have to get used to that.

    I have a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Nikon mount (which I bought to use with the Speed Booster) and it does turn like Canon, not like Nikon lenses. So that's great (the only issue is I miscalculated and the 0.71x factor would turn my GH2 into a 1.32x crop factor camera so it'll vignette!)

  7. Peter Kent

    I agree, thanks for doing this, it's nice to see the transmission gains from this adapter but a proper test with the right exposure is needed too.

    @Emm, have you done any specific tests for blooming, loss of detail or odd bokeh yet? I think these were issues with the previous models (even Metabones) especially wide open.


  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter Kent - I may or may not do a side by side, we'll just have to wait until that adapter exists. As far as the #BMPCC, it does not turn, it simply does not work! Unless BlackMagic Design changed something on today's cameras, it does not work on my two.

  9. Are you doing a solid side by side with the RJ? Wasn't the RJ the one with the blooming issue? So the adapter is turning fine on the BmPCC, just not locking?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Brandon - Depends on who's saying this I guess. I'm sure they are selling the RJ version so it would be in their best interest to say it's better. Until someone does a solid side by side test, it's still up for debate.

  11. Brandon

    Hey Emm, There's some mention over on Personal-View that the "RJ Lens Turbo" is better than the Mitakon. Any real opinion on this?

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Ruben - It just doesn't fit, it does't mount, it doesn't attach, it simply won't lock in place - hence it's just doesn't work.

  13. MN

    I actually prefer the look of "common" glass on my own projects. Sometimes clean is good and all, but flaws do offer a certain personality to an image.

  14. Hey @Emm - you forgot to mention WHY the Lens Turbo doesn't work on the BMPCC. We all accept your findings of course, but it does raise the question what bit didn't work. 😉

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Teemu - Hmm, good question. I haven't put much thought into this. Let me check if the focus is backwards.

  16. Teemu

    @Emm, this will be a little off topic but could you tell which way Rokinon lenses focus when those are with Nikon mount?

    Does they focus in different way than normally?

    Been thinking to get these lenses for my m43 body + speedbooster or this mitakon lens turbo. Just want to know if those lenses focus wrong way.


  17. * the standard metabones speedbooster (i.e. not the BMC-specific model) will work on the BMC-4K; it will turn its APS-C sensor into FF-equivalent, just like it does in my current NEX

    * Could somebody post a 100% corner sharpness test with this adapter and the SpeedBooster? Previous SpeedBooster clones had awful performance. The original is designed by one of the best optical engineers in the world, the comparisons I've seen with the first Chinese clones were laughable.

  18. John

    To be honest, I didn't see anything too bad with this at all (read reviews of a weird blue cast). Even at 1080p, i didn't see any discernible loss in resolution (could be because of the difference in exposure making it hard to judge?)

    Definitely worth pairing it with my collection of older nikon lenses.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Telecinese - There's a big piece of glass on the Rokinon 85mm which can easily pick up lens flare. Seeing how the Lens Turbo is now focusing all of the light into their optics, possibly a lens hood could eliminate that bright spot. We also purposely left the image over exposed, which makes it more noticeable (loss in contrast). We'll be doing more test soon, thanks for checking in.

  20. Peter

    Dude the bmcc 4k is an S35 all means buy the meatabones but it won't be of any use to you on that cam 😉

  21. I can't see any discernible loss of quality. I have a lot of FD glass for my GH2s and a few weeks ago I was in a dark church shooting with a 200mm f 2.8 and I was pushing it at ISO 1600, which I generally don't like to shoot at with the GH2. I could have really use that extra stop or so. So, at this price, I'll probably pick up a couple Mitakons when the FD version comes out. When I buy the 4k BMPC WHEN it comes out, I'll buy the Metabones.

  22. kurth

    I sent mitakon an email if and when the m43 to fd would be released. They said soon. I'd like to see how similar exposures and fov's would look with and w/o the turbo. thanx for the review.

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