MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank MacBook Pro iPhone iPad

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Learn More MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank with MagSafe

This MAXOAK 36,000mAH High Capacity battery is a beast. This one specifically comes with two different MagSafe power cables to give you extra run time on your MacBook Air or even my (late 2014) MacBook Pro Retina.

The MAXOAK 133Wh Power Bank 16.8V (3.5A) and 14.8V (3.5A) output along with two USB ports (2.1A) for charging other devices like your tablets, phones, etc. I could always use some extra battery life when traveling, editing, or when capturing footage on location so this will work out well. (Keep in mind though, that most airlines may limit the size of batteries you are able to fly with at 98Wh. This is rated at 133Wh.)

There's a ton of high capacity batteries out there, but at least this one comes with the MagSafe cables. Which is strange because I thought the MagSafe cables are Patented and didn't think anyone was able to make them. Maybe that's not a problem anymore, or maybe they just didn't catch this one yet. Check out the many reviews on Amazon

MaxOak 36000 battery
MAXOAK PowerBank Charge Laptop and Two USB Devices Simultaneously

3 thoughts on “MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank MacBook Pro iPhone iPad

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Vic Thomas - Yes. I am using it with my MacBook Retina (very late 2014 model), but my laptop comes with an 85W power adapter. This bank works with my MacBook Retina with the MagSafe cable. Not to be used with Type C stuff.

  2. Vic Thomas

    Hey Emm,

    Do you think this power bank would be good enough to power up and charge my 15in 2015 Macbook Pro Retina that requires 85W?

    I would assume so, but I was worried since most people in the reviews were referencing their macbook pros that only required 60W.

    Keep up the great work. Been a fan since 2009. Thanks again


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