Manfrotto 438 Ball Leveler for Fast Fluid Video Head Leveling

Bowl mount tripods are a good solution for fast leveling. You don't have to bend over and fuss with the tripod legs. This is especially helpful when you have a top heavy setup. But if you already have a favorite tripod with telescoping neck, and a favorite 3/8 flat mount Video Head, you can get those fast leveling benefits using a compact leveling head like the Manfrotto 438 Compact Leveling Head.

The Manfrotto 438 Compact Leveling Head fits on a standard 3/8 tripod base between the center column and fluid head of your choice. You can use it also use it under the Fluid Head when mounted on a slider for easy leveling. This Manfrotto compact leveler adds about 2" to your setup, can support up to 33 lbs, an range adjustment of 10ยบ degrees. Check out the options below for some similar products.

find-price-button Manfrotto 438 Compact Leveling Tripod Level

There are a few other options for a Tripod Leveling base starting from $80 dollars upwards to more than $300. The Manfrotto is a nice balance between build quality and price at about $82 dollars. Below are a few other options for a Tripod leveling base.

find-price-button SUNWAYFOTO 66mm Tripod Leveling Base DYH-66 Sunway

find-price-button Acratech Leveling Base, Fits All Standard 3/8-16 Tripod Heads

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  1. krys

    varavon had it before but i dont know what happened =\
    i wanted to get the varavon one but theyre sold out. i saw they had it on ebay recently but now i dont see it anymore =[

    sold my benro tripod with the leveling head too X_X i need this leveling base for a travel tripod

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