Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Heads

Kevin a.k.a YouTube member BustedToyProductions shares a quick overview of the Linco Flora Fluorescent light head. Flo's are an extremely efficient way of generating a whole lot of light, but not as easy to control if you're trying to spot a narrow area. Fluorescent lights are best used in situations when you need to spill lots of evenly diffused light over a large area i.e. Green Screen, Product Photography, or Beauty Type shots. Dimming for the Linco Flora is controlled by switches that turn off a number of lights at a time. The quick open softbox (almost Brolly type) is pretty cool, and should make break down quick and portable, but just make sure to keep the bulbs safe - these won't take a beating like LED lights. Great stuff though, and unlike Halogen or Tungsten lighting, these will generate less heat for close up use and small areas. [Thanks Kevin]

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4 thoughts on “Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Heads

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Matty G - I don't travel with the regular bags. You have to make sure the bulbs are well protected. LED's are best for traveling.

  2. Matty G

    Emm or anyone, as you all know, it's difficult to travel with the florescent light bulbs. How do you guys travel with them in the bags that are provided with these light kits?

  3. John Pooley

    This is what i use all the time, i have 2 softboxes with 5 bulbs each, and 2 umbrellas with 1 huge one each. keeping the bulbs safe is a hassle tho, so i got a hard case and filled it with foam.

    i want to also get the 500 led as a main travel light

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