Libec Latest HFMP Hands Free Video Monopod vs Manfrotto XPRO

The Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopod is currently a top seller, but when you compare it to the Libec HFMP Video Monopod product, I've found several reasons why I would prefer to switch over.

First big reason is stability. You can't beat the size of Libec's HFMP Video Monopod Feet. Second reason why I would choose the HFMP over the XPRO is because you can quickly Lock / Unlock the base with a simple stepping motion.

Now if you were to purchase the Libec HFMP Combo which includes the TH-X Dual Mount Video Head, you're getting a fully operating head with Pan and Tilt controls, whereas Manfrotto's kit will not have a fully functional head. With the TH-X Head you can then use it on a Slider (as seen here), on a set of Tripod Sticks with a flat 3/8" base, or even on a Tripod with 65mm half bowl.

The feet on the HFMP Monopod is removable along with the Fluid Head, so you can separate it if you have to break it down. The Libec HFMP Monopod KIT not only includes a video head and carrying case, it also includes a bowl clamp for 65mm tripod usage and a hexagon wrench for preferred adjustments.

It's possible to purchase each of the Libec HFMP or Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopods without a head and you can add your own. The benefit to Manfrotto's is that it collapses 5" shorter, extends about 5" taller, and is about 1.2lbs lighter. But if you're looking for optimum stability nothing currently compares to the HFMP. Libec is also bringing better value at cheaper retail pricing than the XPRO system.

You can find Libec's new HFMP Video Monopod (here).
libec hfmp video monopod th-x headlibec hfmp video monopod
Learn-More-sm Libec HFMP Video Monopod TH-X Head

More info on Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopod (here)
manfrotto xpro headxpro-feet
Learn-More-sm Manfrotto XPRO Video Monopods

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13 thoughts on “Libec Latest HFMP Hands Free Video Monopod vs Manfrotto XPRO

  1. Chris Knight

    Been using mine a while now. Excellent footie video monopod (thanks Em for the review) and I kinda got it also to get a decent video head, which this is. Head should perform like a champ at an event I'm shooting, later this week.

    I may be doing a documentary shoot in June where this may get a lot of use (although it's at a convention, I'd be worried about someone knocking my cam to the ground accidentally.)

    I'll also see about getting a bowl mount handle/bolt/whatever it'd be called so I can use this head on my bowl tripods.

    Two minor nits:

    It's difficult to pan the head because the foot wants to rotate, even when locked. Grabbing/holding the monopod while panning is the only way I can get the fluid pan to work. Grabbing the pod will likely introduce shake, so I'd have to keep ahold of it for the entire shot or be extra-careful when grabbing/releasing.

    When the foot's locked, rarely is the head level. A mini-bowl on top of the monopod would be keen, but don't know how that'd work. Or a foot that lets you lock it at a (slight) angle to correct for level would be neat.

  2. Post author

    @Victor - The iFootage is pretty cool, but it feels really heavy. I tried it at NAB. I'll see if I can get one to compare.

  3. Victor

    Maybe you should do a monopod comparison/battle, I know there can't be the best one, everything depends on what the users need. I believe the best monopods right now are Sirui, Libec, Manfrotto and iFootage.
    Please review the newest iFootage monopod, it has a quick release for the fluid head and feet, and there's a model that can expand from short to long with only a twist, maybe you'll like it.

  4. Marq

    @Takuma Oh, that's great, thanks for the info. So what's the length of the main monopod at it shortest, without head and feet?

  5. Marq

    Nice review. Probably the one thing the Sirui has going for it though is that you can break it down to such a small size (removing the feet too) that it will fit inside a (cabin) bag, which I don't see happen with the Libec, right?

  6. Post author

    @krys - I don't know. I really dig the Libec. Being able to step on the base to lock and unlock is already worth it for me. Then there's the flip locks as opposed to twist locks. The feet are larger than the Sirui too. Yeah I don't think I would run a comparison.

  7. Rob S.

    The Libec looks like a nice improvement over the Manfrotto. I've had the latter and it's dependable, if nothing else. But it really hasn't changed much since it came out. What these companies need to do is come up with a way to put the height controls higher up and make it quicker to use than flip locks. I'd buy that in a second.

  8. Wout

    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for the great review, not from behind a table but from the couch! This makes sense.

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